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Bottom Hole Assembly Design Enhancement Successfully Eliminate Hole Problems and Reduce Significant Drilling Time : South S Field Case Study

Yuliawan Dwi Mulia, Hedriawan Anandaputra S, Poultje Haurissa, Borman Subroto, Dwie Hadinata

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is to provide more annulus clearance and limber BHA. The purpose is to reduce the Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD,) less contact area with formation...


Basic Relationships of Well Log Interpretation: Chapter I

George B. Asquith, Charles R. Gibson

AAPG Special Volumes

...-The zone which is invaded by mud filtrate is called the invaded zone. It consists of a flushed zone (Rxo) and a transition or annulus (Ri) zone...


Development and Completion Practices Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Guy G. Ray

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... The lower packer and seal assembly is tested by pumping down the long string and observing the annulus or short string for indications of returns. Once...


Underbalanced, Horizontal Coal Seam Gas Development in Australia … A Case History

Julmar Shaun S. Toralde, Chad H. Wuest

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... surging that might cause the coal to flow into the wellbore. Operations had progressed reasonably well with 600psi of backpressure in the annulus...


Extended Abstract: Hydraulic Jet Pumping at Tintaburra Oilfield

Karl Biederstadt

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... are introduced. The combined power/produced fluid stream is reduced in velocity through the diffuser section and passed into the casing/tubing annulus...


ABSTRACT Use of Microholes in the Development of Improved Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in EGS Reservoirs: Initial Modeling Results, #90128 (2011)

Patrick Dobson, Yingqi Zhang, Lehua Pan, Stefan Finsterle, Ken Oglesby

Search and

... into each microhole (Fig. 1). As the water exits the end of the pipe and enters the annulus, it then comes into contact with the rock, facilitating heat...


Using a Water Flow Log to Identify Flow Behavior in a Horizontal Well and Overcome Production Impairment

Willy Gunary Abadi, Andru Ferdian, Hutami Henning Farinia, Imaduddin Haryo Bimo Kartoatmodjo, Aguslianto Efendy Harahap

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the annulus between the screen and open hole and enter the screen near the heel, in which case it will be falsely concluded that flow comes mainly from...


Requirements for Monitoring of Industrial Deep-Well Waste-Disposal Systems: ABSTRACT

J. S. Talbot

AAPG Bulletin

... measurement of wellhead injection pressure, injection tube-casing annulus pressure, definition of corrosive effects of the waste on the well materials...


Hydrologic Evaluation of Industrial-Waste Injection at Mulberry, Florida: ABSTRACT

W. E. Wilson, J. S. Rosenshein, J. D. Hunn

AAPG Bulletin

.... The injection-well annulus has two monitor wells, one open near the base of the Floridan aquifer from 1,254 to 1,264 ft, and the other open below the Floridan...


Extend Well Life by Optimizing Well Completion and Pumping Operation, #41647 (2015).

Xingjin Wang

Search and

... as a clear linear trend. Experience shows that control on annulus pressure is helpful in protecting fracture from collapse. EXTEND WELL LIFE...


Offshore Evaluation of Hydrogen Sulfide Reservoirs

A. G. Edwards

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., the Full Opening Ball Valve Tester Valve, the Annulus Pressure Responsive (Reverse) Circulating Valve and the Temperature-Pressure Recorder Bundle...


A Software Breakthrough for Tackling Challenging Kick Situations in Indonesia Fields: Sisi Nubi, Tunu and Tambora

Bernard Lopez, Philippe Essel, Patrick Isambourg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... kicks. The aim of the bull heading method is to kill the kick by pumping fluid in the annulus and to re-inject the influx back into the formation...


Century Zn deposit…the worlds largest meteorite impacted orebody

Finbarr Murphy, Terry Lees, Andrew Tomkins, Damian O’Donohue

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... significant occurrence by global standards. The orebody is preserved on the edge of an 18km diameter annulus of highly disturbed Cambrian carbonate...


The Effect of Pressure Cycling on the Development of Micro-Annulus in Cement Sheath

Yuxing Wu, Harsh Patel, Saeed Salehi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...The Effect of Pressure Cycling on the Development of Micro-Annulus in Cement Sheath Yuxing Wu, Harsh Patel, Saeed Salehi URTeC: 2583 The Effect...


Abstract: Optimising Production through Novel PCP Life Enhancement Technologies; #90234 (2015)

Hugo Flores

Search and

.... How it Works PCPDefender™ increases the run lifetime of progressing cavity pumps by diverting settling solids into the annulus during shutdown...


Experiments to Better Understand Pennsylvanias Gas Migration Problem; #41227 (2013)

Anthony Iannacchione, Julie Vandenbossche, and Donald Janssen

Search and

... facilitate the development of gas-flow paths along the wellbore annulus. PA DEP regulations do require operators to ensure an adequate cement bond...


Operating Experience of Gas Lift Macaroni Safety Valves

Soepriyadi, Helderle Geyelin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... through annulus macaroni and tubing is preferable than the reverse. Its performance in the fields has proven that using the GLM DHSV: • Gas lift can...


Pagerungan PGE Development - the Development of High Rate Gas Wells Using Subsea Trees on Mudline Equipment

Kevin E. Wann

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... ie. single bore, a method of bleeding off annulus pressure into the production flowline and of positively sealing the annulus prior to tree removal had...


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