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Dipole-Dipole Electrical Resistivity Surveys of Waste Disposal Study Sites at Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Howard P. Ross, Phillip M. Wright, Claron E. Mackleprang

Utah Geological Association

.... Figure 3 shows computed numerical model solutions and the computed apparent resistivity values for lines BP-1 and BP-3. The numerical models illustrate...


Quick Look Techniques

Richard H. Merkel

AAPG Special Volumes

... into the formation factor, the above equation can be rewritten as: [EQUATION] where Fr is the apparent formation resistivity factor. Similarly, in the flushed zone...


Old Electrical Log Interpretation [Pre-1958], Chapter 3: The Normal Curve

Hilchie, D.W.

AAPG Special Volumes

... and bottom) are found by finding the inflection point on the curve and moving AM distance away from the higher resistivity. The apparent resistivity...


Low Contrast, Low Resistivity Reservoirs - Causes, Pitfalls, Environments of Deposition

Lee M. Etnyre, James C. Mullarkey

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... to thin bed effects from adjacent low resistivity beds should be considered to be a potential LCLR interval. The apparent resistivity of such zones can...



C. W. Denney

Panhandle (Texas) Geological Society

... Filtrate Resistivity, ohm-meters Ra--Apparent Resistivity, ohm-meters Rxo--Resistivity of the zone flushed with mud filtrate, ohm-meters Rt--True...


A new method to estimate resistivity distribution of shaly sand reservoirs using new seismic attributes

Nur Farhana Salleh, Maman Hermana, Deva Prasad Ghosh

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...A new method to estimate resistivity distribution of shaly sand reservoirs using new seismic attributes Nur Farhana Salleh, Maman Hermana, Deva...


Extended Abstract: Variation in Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) among Semi-Arid Depositional Environments

Nicholas Spalt, Dorina Murgulet, Audrey Douglas

GCAGS Transactions

... the interfluve and paleovalley (34.4 ± 3.4 and 32.2 ± 3.3, respectively) (Fig. 1). Additionally, apparent resistivity changes, which are linked to changes...


Advanced Particle Shape Analysis in Conglomerate Reservoir From Borehole Resistivity Image, #42172 (2018).

Shiduo Yang, Weidong Huang, Chaofeng Chen, Isabelle Le Nir, Junyi Yuan, Shenzhuan Li, Heike Delius, Krishna Pokhriya

Search and

..., gamma ray with baseline display; track 2, gap filled dynamic borehole resistivity image; track 3, bedding boundary dips; track 4, apparent dips of long...


Determination of the Volumes of Reservoirs that Differ in Lithologic-Physical Properties

A. A. Valuyskiy, M. Ye. Simonov, V. M. Shakhunov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... that showed peaks on the apparent resistivity logs were considered as being reservoirs; no quantitative criteria existed. In some cases only strata...


A. Factors Affecting Spontaneous Potential and Resistivity

New Orleans Geological Society

.... This is the measure of whether or not a formation contains productive hydrocarbons. End_Page 2-------------------------- Apparent resistivity...


Log Interpretation of the Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous of Wyoming and Surrounding Areas

J. G. Patchett

Wyoming Geological Association

..., "The Electrical Resistivity Log as an Aid in Determining Some Reservoir Characteristics," Trans. AIME, Vol. 146, p. 54. deWHITTE, L., 1955, "A Study of Electric...


The Resource Potential of the G. Patuha Geothermal Area, West Java

Idrus Alhamid

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...) anomaly centered NE of G. Patuha. This data was derived using the Schlumberger technique for determining apparent resistivity and the results further...


Quantitative Geophysical Study of the Cleveland Sand Reservoir (Pennsylvanian) in the Eastern Part of Logan County, Oklahoma

Dimitrious Kousparis

Oklahoma City Geological Society

..., are corrected for the bore hole effect by the use of K. The procedure for correcting the apparent resistivities is as follows: The value of the resistivity...


Analysis of the Goose Point area near Lacombe, Louisiana, Validates New Geophysical Data Type—Natural Sourced Electromagnetism (NSEM)—for Detection of Lineaments Associated with Faults and Sedimentary Features

Kathleen S. Haggar, Les R. Denham, Louis J. Berent

GCAGS Transactions

... of the capacitor, the deeper the rocks involved. With reasonable assumptions about the resistivity and capacitor model, apparent resistivity values can...


Shaly Sand Analysis: Chapter 3

George B. Asquith

AAPG Special Volumes

... permeability. End_Page 23------------------------- tsh = total porosity of adjacent shale 7. Calculate apparent water resistivity (Rwa) in the shaly sand...


Application of Real-Time Reservoir Navigation and High-Definition Electrical Imaging Services for Enhanced Well Placement and Optimal Completion Design

Mark G. Thomas, Rajdeep Gupta, Shane D. Hammons, Stephen J. Martin

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... to parallel apparent dip. Fig. 6b shows the well crossing the first down-thrown fault at 9,444 ft MD, with resistivity indicating the well is very...


Optimization of well Placement and Drilling Time by the Use of Azimuthal Measurements in Directional Bottom Hole Assemblies

G. Whiteley, A. Douglas, C. Brown

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., C. Brown 2000 1 12 It was determined that the use of an azimuthal resistivity logging while drilling (LWD) tool in conjunction with a geosteering...


Improved Interpretation of Formation Productivity by Combined Use of Core Analysis and Electric Log Data

Raymond J. Granberry , Richard C. Wilshusen

GCAGS Transactions

... or porosity, formation water resistivity, and formation water saturation. In the past, these two formation evaluation tools have been used more or less...


High Resolution Seismic Reflection and Geoelectrical Resistivity Imaging at Pengkalan School Teacher's Quarters Pegoh, Ipoh, Malaysia

Mohammed Ismael Abu Shariah, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Umar Hamzah, Abdul Ghani Refak

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...> SKm Figure 1. The geological map of Kinta Valley and the location of the study area. Arrangement of Model Blocks, Apparent Resistivity Datum Points...


Geological and Petrophysical Evaluation of Thin Bed Laminated Shaly Sandstones in Peragam Field, Offshore Brunei, With NMR and Tensor Resistivity Measurements

A. Manescu, A. Bal, I. Donaldson, Z. Ahmad, R. Krishnan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., the apparent resistivity of hydrocarbon bearing sandstone will be reduced and may result in underestimating the true hydrocarbon saturation or even...


Some Results of Investigation of Penetration of Mud Filtrate into Oil-Water Strata

V. I. Azamatov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of resistivity, becoming sharper, shifted to the top of the stratum. With the second log the value of the apparent resistivity of the stratum decreased...


Niobrara Maturity Goes Up, Resistivity Goes Down; What's Going On?

Stephen Cumella, Mohammed Al Duhailan

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...Niobrara Maturity Goes Up, Resistivity Goes Down; What's Going On? Stephen Cumella, Mohammed Al Duhailan URTeC: 1922820 Niobrara Maturity Goes Up...


Quantitative Electric Log Interpretation of "D" and "J" Sands-Denver Basin

J. Grynberg

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... These equations are various Bessel functions, which will not be discussed in this paper. However, we can define the short normal apparent resistivity, R...


Advanced Horizontal Technologies Improve Drilling Performance in the Barnett Shale

Sandeep Janwadkar

Search and

... to be controlled below 50 ft/hr to ensure good image quality. To overcome this challenge state-of-the art resistivity imaging LWD tools were developed...


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