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Characterization of Reservoir Lithologies within Subunconformity Pools: Pekisko Formation, Medicine River Field, Alberta, Canada

John C. Hopkins

AAPG Bulletin

... mudstone succession. Truncation of the Pekisko along an unconformity edge prior to the Jurassic and several periods of incision from Early Jurassic...



Preface Material, Structural Influences on Oil and Gas Reservoirs:Third Annual Technical Symposium

Ohio Geological Society

... of the underlying Pre-Cambrian foundations of the Basin are becoming more apparent. Total Basin models for specific geologic time periods...


Onlap and Strike-Overlap: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Frank A. Melton

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ fundamental, concepts of stratigraphy: (1) the regular and progressive pinching-out of sediments above unconformities, and (2) the regular truncation...


Stratigraphic Convergence Problems in Oil-Finding

Robert M. Swesnik , Robert R. Wheeler

AAPG Bulletin

... convergence is accomplished primarily by means of truncation and onlap may be more generally appreciated than is apparent in the literature...


Style of Deformation in Productive Fairway of Absaroka Plate: Southwest Wyoming and North-Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Judy L. West

AAPG Bulletin

... structures. The western trend (anticline) is associated with truncation of the Paleozoic section against the Absaroka thrust, and the eastern trend (en...


Discontinuity Surfaces and Correlation in the Sierra De El Abra

Charles J. Minero

Dallas Geological Society

... truncation surfaces, calcrete, dolomitized horizons, and brecciated horizons. The location and lateral extent of discontinuities within the measured...


Genesis and Preservation of Antidune Stratification in Modern and Ancient Washover Deposits: ABSTRACT

J. H. Barwis, M. O. Hayes

AAPG Bulletin

... lenses with lower angle backsets, and finally into zones of very low-angle truncation surfaces. Orthoquartzitic washovers in the Carboniferous...


Gas Fields Associated with the Lower Princeton Valley Fill Sacramento Valley, California

P. D. Hacker

Pacific Section of AAPG

... System is a large North to South trending sea valley found in the subsurface of the Northern Sacramento Valley. Truncation, pinchout, and permeability...


Multiple Parallel-Truncation Bedding Planes--A Feature of Wind-Deposited Sandstone Formations

WM. Lee Stokes

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Multiple Parallel-Truncation Bedding Planes--A Feature of Wind-Deposited Sandstone Formations WM. Lee Stokes 1968 Vol. 38 No. 2. (June), All eolian...


Marine Unconformities in the Northwestern Gulf Coast

Max Bornhauser

GCAGS Transactions

... Gulf Coast region are divided into: Non-deposition unconformities (parallel unconformities) Truncation unconformities (angular unconformities...


Abstract: Upper crustal deformation associated with carbonate-rich fluid infiltration, Denali Fault system, Yukon

Joseph Clancy White

Atlantic Geology

... an abrupt truncation of seismicity at about 18 km depth, consistent with a transition to ductile deformation. There is also a suggestion of initiation...


Geology of North-Central and Central Texas: ABSTRACT

M. G. Cheney

AAPG Bulletin

..., and, to a greater degree, the Millsap Lake, Garner, and Mineral Wells beds show both pronounced thinning and some truncation over this broad regional...


Facies Patterns and Oil Accumulation in Pennsylvanian of Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

E. C. Dapples, L. L. Sloss

AAPG Bulletin

... to unconformities, including channel fills, overlapping strand-line sands associated with marine transgression across major structures, truncation traps...


Middle Tertiary Laumontite Isograd Offset 37 Km by Left-Lateral Strike-Slip on Santa Ynez Fault, California: ABSTRACT

Thane H. McCulloh

AAPG Bulletin

... 65 5. (May) The Santa Ynez fault is mappable for 133 km westward from its apparent truncation by the Agua Blanca thrust on the east, nearly to Point...


Holocene and Ancient Hardgrounds: Petrographic Comparison: ABSTRACT

Barbara Rassmann-McLaurin

AAPG Bulletin

...Holocene and Ancient Hardgrounds: Petrographic Comparison: ABSTRACT Barbara Rassmann-McLaurin 1981 975 976 65 5. (May) Subtle diastems or truncation...


Structural Control and Fractured Reservoirs in Relation to Oil Production from Green River Formation, Pleasant Valley-Monument Butte Fields, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

S. Robert Bereskin, David R. Richards

AAPG Bulletin

... post to these fracture systems in that many gilsonite veins parallel fracture traces. Other gilsonites parallel apparent rollovers or open anticlinal...


Lateral Continuity of the Blarney Creek Thrust, Doonerak Window, Central Brooks Range, Alaska: ABSTRACT

C. M. Seidensticker, F. E. Julian, J. C. Phelps, J. S. Oldow, H. G. Ave Lallemant

AAPG Bulletin

... developed in the upper-plate Carboniferous section that sole into the BCT; and (4) truncation of an upper-plate graben structure at the BCT. Lack...


ABSTRACT: Reasons for The Development and Demise of An Isolated Carbonate Platform Complex: The Early Miocene (Burdigalian) of The Mut Basin, Southern Turkey; #90007 (2002)

Philip Bassant, Frans Van Buchem, Andre Strasser

Search and

... erosional truncation and clinoform geometries were preserved at the landward margin. During the ‘give-up’ phase rhodalgal debris accumulated...


ABSTRACT: Syndepositional Tectonism and its Effects on Mississippian (Kinderhookian to Osagean) Lithostratigraphic Architecture: Part 1 … Based on Exposures in the Mid-Continent USA; #90133 (2011)

S. J. Mazzullo, Brian W. Wilhite, Beau T. Morris, and Darwin Boardman II

Search and

... lithostratigraphic and apparent sequence-stratigraphic architecture of this section, the manifestations of which include: (1) periodic uplift...


Application of Diagenetic Principles to Petroleum Exploration

D. N. Miller Jr.

Wyoming Geological Association

... problems have shown that diagenetic parameters can be useful in mapping subtle structural features that are not otherwise apparent. The investigations...


Application of Diagenetic Principles to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

D. N. Miller, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... apparent. The investigations are based on the premise that structural movement alters the primary character of a sediment and that the degree and extent...


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