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Camp Creek Oil Field

E. S. Banta, Robert S. Haigh

Wyoming Geological Association

...Camp Creek Oil Field E. S. Banta, Robert S. Haigh 1981 80 81 Field Camp Creek Oil Field Location Secs. 6 and 7-T54N-R70W; S1 and 12-T54N-R71W...


Banta Ridge Field

George F. Coryell, Thomas R. McCarthy, Robert L. Bayless

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

...Banta Ridge Field George F. Coryell, Thomas R. McCarthy, Robert L. Bayless 2014 24 30   LOCATION: T 1 S, R 103-104 W, Rio Blanco County, Colorado...


Camp Creek

Dennis Rehrig

Wyoming Geological Association

...Camp Creek Dennis Rehrig 2000 100 101 Banta, E.S. and Haigh, R.S., 1981, Powder River Oil and Gas Fields, Wyoming Geological Society Symposium...


Memorial: John Francis Rachou (1927-1980)

Frederick S. Johnson

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

..., ings, Montana. John became an independent in 1954, joining with Robert Haigh and William Banta in 1960 to joining with Robert Haigh and William Banta...


Massive U. S. Crude Oil Losses, 1901-1933: Examples from Caddo-Pine Island and Smackover Fields

Mary L. Barrett

GCAGS Transactions

... in the production and utilization of natural gas and means for their prevention: U. S. Bureau of Mines Technical Paper no. 38. Banta, B. M., 1986...


Formation of Heavy Gaseous Hydrocarbons During Anaerobic Decomposition of Organic Matter

E. N. Bokova

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... digestion methods: Indus, and Eng. Chem., v. 20, no. 8. 10. Rawn, A. M., Banta, A. P., and Pomercy, R., 1939, Multiplestage sewage sludge digestion...


Vertical Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements in the Denver Basin, Colorado

Peter E. Barkmann

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... method is not referenced in Robson and Banta (1993); however the source of the data 1s a written communication from Anthony Garcia at the Porous Media...



AAPG Special Volumes

.... Recognition must also be given to the art department of the George Banta Company, for the work done in rendering colored projection slide material...


Airphotos in Environmental Studies

William V. Knight

Tulsa Geological Society

..., Manual of photographic interpretation. Menasha, Wisconsin, George Banta Company. Avery, T. Eugene, 1968, Interpretation of aerial photographs (2nd...


Outcrop Control of Basin-Scale Underpressure in the Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

Philip H. Nelson, Nicholas J. Gianoutsos, Lawrence O. Anna

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.../NonTribGWRaton.aspx (accessed October, 2012). Robson, S.G. and E.R. Banta, 1987, Geology and hydrology of the deep bedrock aquifers of eastern...


The Pawnee Aquifer, Denver-Julesburg Basin, Northeastern Colorado

Theresa Jehn-Dellaport, Tammi Renninger

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... Mountain Association of Geologists Symposium, p. 213–222. Robson, S.G., and Banta, E.R., 1985, Geology and Hydrology of the Deep Bedrock Aquifers...


The Race for the First Louisiana Oil “Discovery”

Jeff A. Spencer

GCAGS Transactions

... resources. Banta, B. M., 1981, The regulation and conservation of petroleum resources in Louisiana 1901–1940: Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State...


Play analysis and leading-edge oil-reservoir development methods in the Permian basin: Increased recovery through advanced technologies

Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, Ronald F. Broadhead, William D. Raatz, Caroline L. Breton, Stephen C. Ruppel, Charles Kerans

AAPG Bulletin

..., tomorrow's technology today: West Texas Geological Society Publication 91-89, p. 3133.Dull, D. W., 1994, Geostatistical method to improve permeability...




Montana Geological Society

..., pp. 63-68. Banta, H. E., 1951, "Faunal studies of the Sappington sandstone, southwestern Montana," Unpublished thesis, Montana...


Bioinfiltration: Irrigation-Driven Transport of Clay Particles Through Bioturbated Sediments

Liam G. Herringshaw,, Duncan McIlroy

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... on feeding of aquatic nematodes and implications for biodegradation and sediment texture: Oecologia, v. 34, p. 75– 88. Riisgård, H.U., and Banta, G.T....


Influence of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Gas-Resource Potential for Geologically Based Infill Drilling, Brooks and I-92 Reservoirs, Frio Formation, South Texas

Mary L. W. Jackson , William A. Ambrose

GCAGS Transactions

... be estimated initially by subtracting gas volumes derived using the material balance (pressure decline) method from volumes derived using a volumetric method...


Marine Microorganisms which Oxidize Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Claude E. ZoBell , Carroll W. Grant , Herbert F. Haas

AAPG Bulletin

... is being investigated. A method of prospecting for subterranean petroleum deposits has been proposed by Blau (1942) in which oxidation products formed...


Reservoir Characterization and the Application of Geostatistics to Three-Dimensional Modeling of a Shallow Ramp Carbonate, Mabee San Andres Field, Andrews and Martin Counties, Texas

Dennis W. Dull

Special Publications of SEPM

... primary, secondary, and tertiary adding 3.8 billion barrels (Tyler and Banta, 1989). The Mabee Field has produced over 100 million barrels of oil...


Ecosystem engineering by bioturbating polychaetes in event bed microcosms

Liam G. Herringshaw, Owen A. Sherwood, Duncan McIlroy


...; Kristensen, 1984, 2001; Banta et al., 1999; Biles et al., 2002; * Corresponding author. Copyright g 2010, SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology...


Variation in burrow-wall micromorphologies of select intertidal invertebrates along the Pacific Northwest coast, USA: Behavioral and diagenetic implications

M.E. Zorn, M.K. Gingras, S.G. Pemberton


..., 1987; Banta, 1999; Lucas et al., 2003). Changes to the overall sediment fabric can create porosity and permeability trends that direct the migration...


References Cited: Part 6. Geological Methods

AAPG Special Volumes

..., Jr., S. P. Dulton, M. L. W. Jackson, N. Banta, V. A. Kuushraa, K. S. McFall, M. Godec, and T. V. Jennings, 1988, The University of Texas Bureau...


Part Played by Bacteria in Petroleum Formation

Claude E. Zobell

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...., 1938. On the origin of petroleum: Science of Petroleum, vol. 1, pp. 39-41. MALIYANTZ, A. A., 1935. Bacteriological method of desulphurizing crude...


Groundwater Flow Model of the Presidio and Redford Bolson Aquifers: Preliminary Calibration Results

Shirley C. Wade

GCAGS Transactions

... Geology Report of Investigations 76, Austin, 45 p. and 1 map. Harbaugh, A. W., E. R. Banta, M. C. Hill, and M. G. McDonald, 2000, MODFLOW-2000...


Biogeochemistry and Origin of a Phosphoritized Coprolite from Anoxic Sediment of the Santa Barbara Basin

Arndt Schimmelmann , Jeffrey D. Schuffert , M. Indira Venkatesan , Jim Leather , Carina B. Lange , Gleb N. Baturin , Alain Simon

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Banta Publishing Co., Menasha, Wisconsin, p. 516-524. PAULL, C.K., CHANTON, J.P., NEUMANN, A.C., COSTON, J.A., AND MARTENS, C.S., 1992, Indicators...


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