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A Critical Review of Data Quality and Content Applied to FWS and Similar Tools

M. Wiltshire

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... between various logging contractors in terms of the integrity of the data presented to clients, whether due to differences in basic acquisition techniques...


Mini Seismic Processing System for Training and Research Purposes

Suprajitno Munadi, Bambang Triharjanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...). During the seismic data processing steps, the same thing happens. The geophysicist has to select the most appropriate processing parameters in order...


The Multi-Information Stack Method for the Prediction of the Hydrocarbon Distribution in China

Zhao Xudong

Circum Pacific Council Publications

.... The combined geologic factors can be given in tabular form (Table 1). The second step involves processing each basic geologic data set...


Integrated In-House Fuel and Flare Prediction Practical Tool for Predicting Short and Long Term Fuel and Flare Needs of E&P Production Facilities to Identify Savings and Improve Gas Production Forecast

Dwi Riyanto, Moncef Attia

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... processing such as averaging and filtering is introduced in order to remove the outliers and to aligning a data trend (Figure 6). Fuel and Flare Modeling Gas...


Abstract: Integrated Open-Source Geophysical Processing and Visualization; #90211 (2015)

Glenn Chubak and Igor Morozov

Search and

... is entirely controlled by the processing flows and is able to render a variety of basic data types including: 1) Seismic traces with adjustable settings...


Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - A Project Perspective [Abstract]

Mossop, G.D., Shetsen, I.

CSPG Bulletin

... information, with associated data processing capability; and 2) to produce a printed volume, published jointly by the Canadian Society of Petroleum...


Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

David J. Taylor

Wyoming Geological Association

...Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming David J. Taylor 1998 179 196 Mitchum, R.M., Jr., Vail, P.R....


High-Speed Digital Computers in Stratigraphic and Facies Analysis

W. C. Krumbein , L. L. Sloss

AAPG Bulletin

..., "Electronic Data Processing as a Means of Determining Fossil Communities," Soc. Econ. Paleon. and Mineralogists, Program for 32d Annual Meeting, p. 80 (Abstract...


Abstract: High-resolution Reservoir Mapping by Simultaneous Vibratory Sources; #90172 (2014)

Stephen K. Chiu, Peter M. Eick, Joel Brewer

Search and

.... However, the increase of productivity also adds more complexity in field acquisition and data processing. Understanding the practical challenges...


Current Trends in Geophysics

H. E. Stommel, J. M. Graul

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... contractors. In the sequence of figures (11a-e), we see first the area to be 3-dimensionally covered, with CDP data required along the indicated lines...


Case Study - Advanced Seismic Acquisitions and Processing Results in Indonesia

Michele Buia, Bakhrudin Mansyur, Herastya Iman Priyonggo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... PSTM cube. The processing sequence was an innovative one, aimed at taking maximum advantage from the multi-azimuth acquisition technique: a full 3D...


The Global Offset Seismic Approach: Improving Seismic Imaging In Complex Geological Settings

Paolo Dell'Aversana

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... was performed in order to optimize the G lobal Offset CMP gathers. Th e basic processing sequence applied to our data is the following: Fig . 2. PESA news...


Time-Lapse Geophysics for Mapping Fluid Flow in Near Real Time: Results from a Controlled Mesoscale Experiment

Roelof Versteeg

Special Publications of SEPM

... at high enough frequencies so that one avoids temporal aliasing, and second, processing the data at such a rate that the information extracted from...


Multiple Diffractions

Search and


Alberta Energy Resources Data – Past, Present and Future: Abstract

Emile J. Morin, Joan M. Ethier

CSPG Special Publications

... of the methods of acquiring, processing and disseminating basic energy resource data within the Province of Alberta. For many years, the Alberta Government...


Abstract: Application Of Fuzzy Logic And Mineral Modelling For Source Rock Evaluation Using Basic Well Log Data; #90315 (2017)

Himanshu Sachdeva

Search and

...Abstract: Application Of Fuzzy Logic And Mineral Modelling For Source Rock Evaluation Using Basic Well Log Data; #90315 (2017) Himanshu Sachdeva AAPG...


Three-Dimensional Seismic-Reflection Techniques

Hermann Buchholtz

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... the sequence of the three main processing steps. These phases are classed as: (1) pre-stack processing, which includes data organization, parameter...


Databases: Basic Considerations Using Well History Data: Chapter 14: Part III. Economic Aspects of the Business

Robert W. Meader

AAPG Special Volumes

... redundancy, as well as differentiate basic and computed data, can be very helpful. These identification and processing variations must then be further...


3D Seismic Proves Its Value in Bakken Geosteering, #41435 (2014).

Angie Southcott

Search and

... is in part attributable to the use of advanced processing of 3D seismic data. Using 3D seismic for geosteering applications requires (1) resolving the Bakken...


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