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ABSTRACT: Application of 3D GSMP for Water Bottom Multiple Attenuation on Maximo 3D Survey, Perdido Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico

Jeremy D. Browett, Soumya Deep Das

GCAGS Transactions

... is CPU intensive but should be considered a basic prerequisite in any marine data processing project which exhibits strong water bottom multiple...


ABSTRACT: Structural Filter

Dong Liu

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

..., the most powerful noise suppression tool in seismic processing is not available in pre-stack seismic data processing. Focused on Evaluate and analyze...


Microcomputers and the Geoscientist: ABSTRACT

Tedd F. Sperling

AAPG Bulletin

... has not been afforded the professional. To the user, this technology renders a powerful advantage with respect to ease of data access and manipulation...


ABSTRACT: Utilizing Lidar and Hyperspectral Imagery in Oil Exploration; #90106 (2010)

Gerald Boyd, Ryan Stage

Search and

... zones associated with oil seeps. A basic overview of the technology is discussed along with specific analysis techniques required for this type of data...


Exchange Format for Transfer of Geologic and Petroleum Data: AAPG-A: Discussion (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... information could be and needs to be passed with the data. Such items as a description of the processing algorithm used, map projection constants...


Seismic Technology Evolution to Support Prospect Evaluation, Exploration Well, and Geological Appraisal

Frederic J. Billette, Yan Quist

GCAGS Transactions

... and was acquired by WesternGeco. A pre-processing sequence very similar to the one described earlier for the northwest-southeast NATS data was applied. Because...


Practical Use of Borehole Seismic in Exploration; Goals and Shortcomings

F. Sandnes, L. Nustt, S. G. Henry

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of acquisition and processing techniques has made it possible to study Seismic wavetrains in boreholes. With careful acquisition procedures and quantitative data...


Fibre-Optic VSPS: Borehole Seismic Revolution in Australia

Konstantin Galybin, Tsunehisa Kimura, Fargana Exton

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...) and checkshots. This saves significant time, and associated rig cost, whilst providing sufficient data quality for basic interpretation. Schlumberger...


Composition of seismic facies: A case study

Stale Emil Johansen

AAPG Bulletin

... of the processing of this data set in detail, but their processing sequence was different from the ones used in this study. For more details...


AAPG Studies in Geology No. 48 / SEG Geophysical References Series No. 11, Chapter 15: Numerical Identification of Microseeps in Surface Soil Gases of Western Venezuela, and Its Significance for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Francisco Callejon and Hans H. von der Dick

AAPG Special Volumes

... differentiation between background gases and possible seep-gas populations having slightly anomalous hydrocarbon-gas concentrations. Further data processing...


Amplitude Recovery of Digitally Recorded Data

Roy O. Lindseth

Pacific Section of AAPG

... method is often discarded in the initial stages of data processing. Correct and incorrect methods are discussed together with the problems...


Seismic Imaging of Sturctural, Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Plays - Workshop Summary

Bruce Hart


... of hydrocarbon resources. A survey of various techniques currently used for acquiring, processing and interpreting seismic data included a review...


Aspects to the Resolving Power of 3D Seismic Surveys

Wolfgang Houba

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... procedure in any 3D data processing sequence. It corrects for events reflected from outside the plane of stacked data and thus provides true geological...


Geophysics: Target Shooting for the Drill

A. Easton Wren

CSPG Special Publications

... structural data and maps stratigraphic traps as well as generating information relative to lithology and the pore-filling medium. The basic principles...


Deep Sea Stratigraphy: Erosion and Progradation in the Deep Sea--Examples from the Western South Atlantic

L. A. P. Gamboa, P. Ganey, and R. T. Buffler

AAPG Special Volumes

..., and S. Thompson, III, 1977, Seismic stratigraphy and global changes of sea level. Part 2: The depositional sequence as a basic unit for stratigraphic analysis...


A Development Geology Workstation: Part 8. Integrated Computer Methods

Tom C. Anderson

AAPG Special Volumes

... by PCs running terminal emulation programs instead. INTEGRATION The time-honored sequence for computing is Data input Processing Output...


The Computer and the Subsurface Geologist: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Anderson

AAPG Bulletin

... with how he will use the data than how he will retrieve it. The geologist relies on a variety of sources for his basic information. Probably the most...


Application of Traveltime Tomography and Kirchhoff Migration Methods to Improve the Seismic Cross-Section Resolution on 2D Land Seismic Data

Harmita Lestari, Nur Ayu Anas, Muh. Resky Ariansyah, Sabrianto Aswad, Heri Winarto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in the form of shot gather was acquired by PT. Jaya Energy Buana and seismic data processing has been carried out using Geotomo software. Most...


Principles and Techniques of VSP Data Processing

A.A. Tabakov, V.N. Ferentsi, H.Garvini

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

...Principles and Techniques of VSP Data Processing A.A. Tabakov, V.N. Ferentsi, H.Garvini Principles and Techniques of VSP Data Processing A.A. TABAKOV...


Australian R V Rig Seismic Survey of Philippines - A Precursor to Renewed Exploration?

Malcolm C. Galloway, Chao-Shing Lee, Freddie G. Rillera

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... until completion of the survey and processing of the data. For Ragay Gulf, this is until March 1993 and for Tayabas Bay, Cuyo Platform and NE Palawan...


Abstract: Some Workstation Techniques for Defining Reservoirs in Difficult Data Areas; #90171 (2013)

Norm Kalmanovitch, Dennis Meisinger, and Randi Christiansen

Search and

... filtering and basic well ties that provide linear phase and amplitude corrections up to the equivalent of wavelet processing with such facilities...


Improved Subsurface Imaging and Interpretability Through Broadband Reprocessing of Legacy Seismic Data: Examples from North West Shelf Australia

Stephen Malajczuk, Rajesh Saklani, Dean Clark, David Eastwell

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... insights into how the improved data benefit the interpretation and understanding of subsurface geology. Key words: Broadband Seismic, Processing, Deghosting...


Australian Insights into Streamer Technology Innovations

Andrew Long

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... reamer always Introduction he evolution of towed seismic sensor data processing perfectly recovers all data at the cost of reduced lower frequencies...


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