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Paleozoic Rocks of Grand Canyon

Edwin D. McKee

Four Corners Geological Society

... in Grand Canyon, Arizona. Numbers 1 through 5 beside each curve represent stages characterized largely by aphanitic or very fine grained texture. Numbers...


Deltaic Evolution During a Major Transgression

Timothy L. Eckard, Miles O. Hayes, Walter J. Sexton

Special Publications of SEPM

... Channel Fill 1 1Beta - 13109 Beta _ 13109 SVC-58 6,570 + ~ 70 70 6.96 - 7.06 Rooted Peat Rooted Freshwater Peat Swamp Freshwater Peat Swamp 1Beta...


Interpretation of Gamma-Ray Logs

James K. Hallenburg

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

...Interpretation of Gamma-Ray Logs James K. Hallenburg 1973 19 32 Vol. 6 (1973) No. 3. (September) The area under a gamma-ray log curve is a function...


Late Proterozoic Orange-Weathering Stromatolite Biostrome Mackenzie Mountains and Western Arctic Canada

C. W. Jefferson, G. M. Young

CSPG Special Publications

...-beta parallel, infrequently slightly divergent and gamma-parallel (Fig. 2). Lateral and vertical variations in form of individual columns...


South Makassar Basin: 3D Thermal Modeling … Implication for Future Exploration

Mathieu Rousseau, Virginie Guérin, François Sapin, Depi Restiadi, Caroline Malla-Meidianna, Jean-Michel Gaulier

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...: (1) Geometric Beta factor = 1 - 3.5 (thinning of the Continental Crust), and (2) Thermal Beta factor = 1.5 - 5.25 (thinning of the Upper Mantle...


Thermoluminescence Ages of Estuarine Deposits Associated With Quaternary Marine Terraces, South-Central California

Glenn W. Berger, Kathryn L. Hanson

Special Publications of SEPM

... upon depositional condi tions After burial ionizing radiation mainly alpha beta and gamma from ambient U Th and K will replace the electrons in emptied...


Facies Reconstruction of a Late Pleistocene Cypress Forest Discovered on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf

Suyapa Gonzalez, Samuel J. Bentley, Sr., Kristine L. DeLong, Kehui Xu, Jeffrey Obelcz, Jonathan Truong, Grant L. Harley, Carl A. Reese, Alicia Caporaso

GCAGS Transactions

..., 4.24 m, 4.56 m, 4.07 m, and a second sample at 4.14 m. All samples were sent to Beta Analytic Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory in Miami, Florida...


How To Interpret, Understand, and Predict Stratal Geometries Using Stratal-Control Spaces and Stratal-Control-Space Trajectories

Peter M. Burgess, Ron J. Steel

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... curve can show how often a rate of 10 m of rise per 100 ky occurs, and analysis of a curve of subsidence and uplift can do the same. Meaningful...


Surficial sediments and post-glacial relative sea-level history, Hamilton Sound, Newfoundland

J. Shaw, K. A. Edwardson

Atlantic Geology

... include dunes, iceberg furrows and pits. The regional relative scalevel curve is constrained by two types of morphological evidence: rounded drumlin...


Was That Last Project a "Near Miss" or "Miles Wide of the Target"?

Peter Adam, Lindawati Kusuma, Geodi Naim

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by weird and wonderful parameters such as mean, standard deviation, alpha, beta and v. Very few people have a feel for these parameters, and therefore...


Modeling Heterogeneity in a Low-Permeability Gas Reservoir Using Geostatistical Techniques, Hyde Field, Southern North Sea

M. L. Sweet , C. J. Blewden , A. M. Carter , C. A. Mills

AAPG Bulletin

... (Table 1). Higher proportions of fluvial facies occur toward the top of the unit. The beta unit comprises the middle of the reservoir section...


Memorial: Noah C. Adams (1891-1927)

William D. Gray

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

..., Tulsa Lumber Company, and Page Bros. Oil Company, and was vice-president of the Adkay Petroleum Company. He was a member of Tau Beta Phi, honorary...


Abstract: Natural Radionuclide Contamination of Potable Groundwater Supplies

Henry M. Wise

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... concentrations of several radionuclides, including gross alpha (including uranium and radon) and beta particle activities. As a result, numerous wells...


Memorial: Alvin L. Frericks (1915-1982)

William C. Johnson

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... Beta Kappa honorary society. After graduation, he went to work for Harrison & Abercrombie in Houston and remained with them until he joined the U.S....


Memorial: Horace Chesterfield Davis (1917-1987)

Mrs. H. C. Davis

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... graduated from the University of Texas in 1940. He was a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon and Phi Beta Kappa. After graduating as a geologist, he served...


Memorial: Fred Bates (1911-1988)

Marc Bates

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

.... and was a member of AAPG, Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, Honorary Life Member of the Lafayette Geological Society, Society of Sigma XI, and Tku Beta...


Memorial: Elliott Baird Elfrink (1919-1990)

Zelphia K. Elfrink

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... in chemical engineering and was elected to Tau Beta Pi. He joined Magnolia Petroleum Company's (later Mobil Oil Corporation) research department in Dallas...


Memorial: William Edmund Wallis (1908-1995)

Thomas A. Manhart

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

.... He was a member of the ATO social fraternity and Tau Beta Pi honorary fraternity. After graduation, Bill worked in Mexico for an affiliate...


Memorial: James E. Hooks (1937-2002)

Jayne L. Sieverding

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

...Memorial: James E. Hooks (1937-2002) Jayne L. Sieverding State. A generous loan from t h e Beta Sigma Phi sorority allowed him t h e financial means...


Upper Silurian Conodonts from Welsh Borderland: ABSTRACT

Charles Collinson, E. C. Druce

AAPG Bulletin

... essentially with the top of the Bohemian Budnany (E-beta-two) and implies that the Ludlow and Budnany are approximately equivalent. In terms of graptolite...


Anomalous Orebody Within Ambrosia Lake Trend at Sandstone Mine: ABSTRACT

John F. Foster, Robert J. Quintanar

AAPG Bulletin

... be sampled to become aware of any equilibrium imbalances. An established sampling program coupled with more sophisticated beta-gamma instrumentation should...


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