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M. M. Kholief and M. A. Barakat

Journal of Petroleum Geology

... or biphase state. A light hydrocarbon in the form of oil or gas constitutes one of these phases, while the other is a brine. Most of these inclusions...


Geothermal Development at Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal Area Beaver County, Utah 1972 - 1993

Ronald J. Forrest

Utah Geological Association

..., construction began on a demonstration, 1.6-megawatt biphase power generating unit at well No. 54-3. On November 20, 1981, Governor Matheson and officials...


Malossa Field: A Deep Discovery in the Po Valley, Italy

G. Errico, G. Groppi, S. Savelli, G. C. Vaghi

AAPG Special Volumes

... is biphase, with only condensate water as liquid phase. The presence of free water in the system makes the CO2 corrosive. An adustable choke is fitted...


Dolomitization Processes and Their Relationships with the Evolution of an Orogenic Belt (Central Apennines and Peri-Adriatic Foreland, Italy)

M. V. Murgia, P. Ronchi, A. Ceriani

AAPG Special Volumes

... environment; biphase fluid-inclusion measurements established that dolomite 2 occurred at temperatures between 75 and 92C, whereas dolomite 4 points...


Hydrothermal Dolomitization in the Lower Silurian La Vieille Formation in Northern New Brunswick: Geological Context and Significance for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Denis Lavoie, Guoxiang Chi

CSPG Bulletin

... than 87°C. Calcite 2 The fluid inclusions in calcite 2 consist of two types; monophase (all-liquid) and biphase (liquid + vapour), and both occur...


Developments in Geothermal Resources in 1981

Jim Combs , C. W. Berge , John W. Lund , David N. Anderson

AAPG Bulletin

... 1.6 MWe on November 10, 1981, from a wellhead generator developed by Biphase Energy Systems. The mobile 2-phased turbine and generator system...


Developments in Geothermal Resources in 1982

Jim Combs , C. W. Berge , John W. Lund , David N. Anderson , Paul P. Parmentier

AAPG Bulletin

... system from a prototype wellhead generator, the Transamerica Delaval Biphase Rotary Separator Turbine. In July, a contract was awarded to Ben Holt Co...


Multiple Dolomitization Episodes In Deep-Water Limestones of the Triassic Lagonegro Basin (Southern Italy): From Early Reflux To Tectonically Driven Fluid Flow

Tatyana Gabellone,, Alessandro Iannace, Marta Gasparrini

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... (liquid) and biphase (always liquid and vapor) inclusions. The latter are mostly 5–10 µm in length with shape mainly from irregular...


Fault/Fracture Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomitization and Associated Diagenesis of the Upper Devonian Jean Marie Member (Redknife Formation) in the July Lake Area of Northeastern British Columbia

Jack Wendte, Ihsan Al-Aasm, Guoxiang Chi, David Sargent

CSPG Bulletin

... Analysis Primary and pseudosecondary, biphase aqueous inclusions in equant mosaic calcite cements occur in isolation or, less commonly, in small...


Geothermal Resource Development in Utah

Phillip M. Wright, Robert E. Blackett, Howard P. Ross

Utah Geological Association

... of a 1.6 MWe Delaval biphase rotary separator turbine which went on line in late 1981. This unit ran for more than one year with no significant problems...


Dolomitization of the lower St. George Group on the Northern Peninsula in western Newfoundland: implications for lateral distribution of porosity

K. Azmy, J. Conliffe

CSPG Bulletin

...) Biphase inclusions in D2 dolomite rhomb showing an inclusion elongated in the direction of growth of the dolomite rhomb (arrow). The lack of fractures...


Petroleum migration and accumulation: Modeling and applications

Xiaorong Luo, Likuan Zhang, Yuhong Lei, and Wan Yang

AAPG Bulletin

... (Carruthers, 2003; Luo et al., 2007a, b, 2015; Luo, 2011). The most significant advantage of the IP-based technique is that the biphase (water and oil...