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Well Spacing and the Identification of Subsurface Drainage Systems

J.E. Robinson

CSPG Bulletin

... systems. Blackman, R.B. and Tukey, J.W., The Measurement of Power Spectra: New York, Dover Publications, 190p. Harbaugh, J.W. and Merriam, D.F., 1968...


Structural Analysis Using Spatial Filtering in Interior Plains of South-Central Alberta

J. E. Robinson , H. A. K. Charlesworth , M. J. Ellis

AAPG Bulletin

... a digital computer and involves (1) determining the spatial frequencies in the input map and in the desired undulations, (2) designing a spatial filter...


Spectral Analysis of the Middle Triassic Latemar Limestone

Linda A. Hinnov, Robert K. Goldhammer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... selected the following spectral estimators: 1) classical harmonic analysis, 2) the smoothed periodogram, 3) Blackman-Tukey spectral density, 4...


Abstract: A New Look at the Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of the Shallow Herrera Sands in Penal-Wilson-Barrackpore Field; #90238 (2015)

Lennon Blackman

Search and

...) Lennon Blackman AAPG Datapages/Search and Discovery Article #90238 © 2015 Latin America & Caribbean Region, 20th Caribbean Geological Conference...


Evaluation of oxygen isotope and Sr/Ca ratios from a Maldivian scleractinian coral for reconstruction of climate variability in the northwestern Indian Ocean

David Storz, Eberhard Gischler, Jens Fiebig, Anton Eisenhauer, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg


... variance. The Blackman Tukey coherence and cross-phase methods were used (Blackman and Tukey, 1958), which are classical methods for spectral analyses...


Pownall Ranch

John D. Williamson

Wyoming Geological Association

...(s) Minnelusa Author John D. Williamson Affiliation Coquina Oil Corporation, Denver, Colorado Date May 1979 DISCOVERY WELL Name Wayne Blackman #1 Govt...


Telluric Currents and Their Use in Petroleum Exploration

K. Vozoff , R. M. Ellis , M. D. Burke

AAPG Bulletin

... measurements in areas of well known geology show that reasonable information can be obtained by rather brute-force techniques. Blackman, R. B., and J. W...


Comparison of Bed Form Variance Spectra Within a Meander Bend During Flood and Average Discharge

Raymond A. Levey, Bjorn Kjerfve, Rufus T. Getzen

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., P. C., 1970, Comparing power spectra computed by Blackman-Tukey and fast Fourier transform: Water Resources Res., v. 6, p. 1601-1610. JAIN, S. C...


Pownall Ranch, Pownall Ranch South

Ralph W. Specht

Wyoming Geological Association

... Date September, 1999 DISCOVERY WELL Name Wayne Blackman, 1 Government Location SWSW (515 FSL, 634 FWL) 12-53N-70W Date of Completion October 30...


Early Miocene Cyclostratigraphy and Sea-Level Changes from the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea; #50463 (2011)

Shi-Feng Tian

Search and

..., 2004) Multi-taper method Blackman-tukey method Multi-taper Method Well A Well B Phase relationships Result of astronomical tuning Depth(m...


A New Look at the Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of the Shallow Herrera Sands in Penal-Wilson-Barrackpore Field, #20323 (2015).

Lennon Blackman

Search and

... Blackman PS A New Look at the Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of the Shallow Herrera Sands in Penal-Wilson-Barrackpore Field* Lennon Blackman1 Search...


Heat Flow and Tectonics in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica

D. K. Blackman, R. P. Von Herzen, L. A. Lawver

Circum Pacific Council Publications

...Heat Flow and Tectonics in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica D. K. Blackman, R. P. Von Herzen, L. A. Lawver © CircumPacific Council for Energy...


FRONTMATTER: The Antarctic Continental Margin Geology and Geophysics of the Western Ross Sea

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... John C. Behrendt Geophysicist USGS-D Donna K. Blackman Geophysicist MIT Shawn V. Dadisman Geologist-Navigator USGS Brian D. Edwards...


An Application of the Theory of Sediment Transport by Turbidity Currents to the Dredging of Navigable Channels

John S. Bradley

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of density currents in Shaver Lake: Am. Geophys. Union Trans., v. 28, pp. 780-91. BLACKMAN, B., 1951, Dredging inlets on sandy coasts: Proc. First Conf...


Integrated Cyclostratigraphy of a Model Mesozoic Carbonate Platform„The Latemar (Middle Triassic, Italy)

Rainer Zühlke

Special Publications of SEPM

... the only direct indication of external control on cyclic deposition. Blackman–Tukey spectral, multi-taper spectral, and harmonic analyses indicate highly...


Extrapolated Reserve Estimates from Past and Present Production in the Poth Sand Trend of South Texas

Robert W. Hopf

South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

...Extrapolated Reserve Estimates from Past and Present Production in the Poth Sand Trend of South Texas Robert W. Hopf 1986 307 322 Blackman, W.P....


Mississippi Oil-field and Salt-Dome Names: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Mississippi Geological Society

AAPG Bulletin

... southeast of the discovery well. PRENTISS DOME The Prentiss dome was discovered by the Gulf Refining Company's R. V. Blackman No. 1, Sec. 25, T. 7 N...


Oil and Gas Developments in Ohio in 1962

Robert L. Alkire , Warren L. Calvert , Allan W. Johnson

AAPG Bulletin

... Clinton pool End_Page 956------------------------------ discoveries were found in Portage County. East Ohio Gas Company's E. L. Blackman No. 1...


Evidence of precessional and eccentricity orbital cycles in a Tithonian source rock: The mid-outer carbonate ramp of the Vaca Muerta Formation, northern Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Diego A. Kietzmann, Javier Martin-Chivelet, Ricardo M. Palma, Jose Lopez-Gomez, Marina Lescano, Andrea Concheyro

AAPG Bulletin

..., and the Blackman-Tukey method. Advantages and limitations of the different mathematical procedures can be consulted in Pestiaux and Berger (1984...


Calcareous Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy and Stratigraphic Correlation of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sequences in Central, Southern, and Eastern Taiwan

Wen-Rong Chi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...), Cyclococcolithina macintyrei (Bukry and Bramlette), Cy. leptopora (Murray and Blackman), Reticulofenestra sp., Reticulofenestra of R. pseudoumbilica...


Miocene Calcareous Plankton, Reliz Canyon, California

Jere H. Lipps

Pacific Section SEPM

... Martini and Bramlette Cyclococcolithus lepto~arus (Murray and Blackman Kamptner 55 PLATE 1 Selected planktonic foraminifera from the California...


Near-Shore Ripples: Some Hydraulic Relationships

A. S. Trenhaile

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... ripple marks and orbital diameter: Geol. Soc. America Bull., v. 81, p. 1589-1590. BLACKMAN, R. B. AND TUKEY, J. W., 1959, The measurement of power...


Formation of Peloids in Plant Rootlets, Grand Cayman, British West Indies

Brian Jones, Cheryl A. Squair

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...: Oxford, Oxford Univ. Press, 207 p. BLACKMAN, E., AND PARRY, D. W., 1968, Opaline silica deposition in rye (Secale cereale L.): Ann. Botany, v. 32, p...


Genesis of Recent Lime Mud in Southern British Honduras

R. K. Matthews

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of Southern British Honduras. Such organisms include porcelaneous Foraminifera (table 4 and Blackman and Todd, 1959), some radial hyaline Foraminifera...


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