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Abstract: Characterizing Fractured Reservoirs Using Sonic Measurements (Paper 8)

Aung Than Oo, Amri Amdan, Rokiah Esa

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... fractures, which are the ones from which most of the production occurs. The Stoneley (or tube) wave is a borehole fluid mode that propagates as a pressure...


Full Waveform Acoustic Logging: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

C. H. Cheng

AAPG Special Volumes

... a pressure pulse. Seismic waves propagating down the borehole are recorded by the receivers. Instead of just the first arrival, the whole wavetrain...


Evaluation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs in Indonesia Using Formation Imaging and Sonic Logs

William H. Borland, Richard E. Netherwood, Sanggam Hutabarat, Dedi Juandi, Leo Anis, Hari Kurniawan, Ramsin Eyvazzadeh

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., M., and El Sheikh, M., 1997. Fracture Evaluation from Dipole Shear Anisotropy and Borehole Stoneley Waves, presented at the 38th Annual Logging...


Abstract: Off-Center Transmitters and Receivers in Acoustic Logging: Modeling and Observations; #90213 (2015)

Denis P. Schmitt and W. Canady

Search and

... be strongly affected. With a dipole source, the interference between the flexural mode and the Stoneley wave can be significant. The effects increase...


Application of Multi-Scale Fracture Detection from Borehole Microresistivity Image and Dipole Shear Wave Reflection Imaging in Shale Gas Horizontal Wells: A Case Study in Changning Gas Field

DE Heng, He Fa Yao, Ran Wen, Bin Lin, Qi Cheng Fan, Yan Hui Fu,

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... along the borehole wall as a small pressure pulse. Stoneley borehole waves are sensitive to open fractures in hard rock environments. They not only...


The Array Sonic .... A New Technique for Acoustic Measurements

A. James

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... another family of waves arriving at the receivers. The Stoneley wave is a special surface wave that travels along the borehole wall at a slower velocity...


The Identification of Natural Fractures in Inclined Highly Fractured Formation

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.... By combining acoustic shear dispersion, shear anisotropy and Stoneley mobility analyses with high resolution borehole images, the fractures can...


The Identification of Natural Fractures in Inclined Highly Fractured Formation

Search and

.... By combining acoustic shear dispersion, shear anisotropy and Stoneley mobility analyses with high resolution borehole images, the fractures can...


Abstract: Integrated Fracture Evaluation of a Malaysian Basement Well Drilled with the Oil-Based Mud (Poster 23)

Edna Malim, Saifon Daungkaew, Steve Hansen, Aung Than Oo, Riasat Hussain, Simon Christian Kurniawan, Zairul Asrah Zulkefli

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... results with dual packer wireline formation tester (WFT), Sonic Scanner reflection imaging and Stoneley data. The borehole image was crucial in selecting...


Imaging of Fractured Reservoirs Using the EVA Tool

P. C. Arditty, F. Schein, Ph. Staron

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... allows location of individual fractures and fractured zones. The propagation of S-waves and Stoneley waves is based on two different physical...


Abstract: Sonic Waveform Signature Analysis for Reservoir Evaluation

Roopa Gir, Gilles Mathieu

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of properties of the sonic waveform such as amplitude, phase, frequency and velocity of the various wave types (compressional, shear and stoneley waves...


Comprehensive Fracture Evaluation Using Wireline Borehole Imager and Array Acoustic Tools

Cahyo Nugroho, Gunawan Sucahyo, Adriaan Bal, Pipin Ariyanto, Wilfred Samosir, Edison Nadeak

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Borehole Stoneley Waves. SPWLA 45th Annual Logging Symposium June 6–9, 2004. Barton, C.A., Hickman, S., Morin, R., Zoback M.D, Benoit, D., (1998...


ABSTRACT: Stress Profile Estimation Using Sonic Logs; #90007 (2002)

Xiaojun Huang, Zhenya Zhu, Daniel R. Burns, M. Nafi Toksoz

Search and

... Experiments have long proved that both P- and S-wave velocities of rocks are functions of applied stresses. Borehole sonic logs then surely carry...


A Fresh Look for Natural Fracture Characterization Using Advance Borehole Acoustics Techniques, #40915 (2012)

Willem Veltman, Edgar Velez, Violeta Lujan

Search and

... with open fractures that may be seen not only in the borehole image but also in the acoustic anisotropy and Stoneley attenuation. A case study of two...


Abstract: Learning From the Past: Experience from Geothermal and Oil Wells in Asia Pacific Region Drilled in the Late 90s; #90295 (2017)

Peter Lloyd

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... Drilled in the Late 90’s Peter Lloyd1 1 Vice President, AAPG Regions, France ABSTRACT This poster will show how electrical borehole images, sometimes...


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