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Abstract: A Satellite Derived Bouguer Gravity Map of Southeast Asia (Poster 11)

John Savage, Clive Foss

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... compensated for by applying a Bouguer correction using bathymetry data, which simulates replacing the sea water with rock ofa given density. Theresulting...


Mackenzie Delta: A Case of One Residual Gravity Anomaly and 16 Dry Exploration Wells; #10726 (2015)

Serguei Goussev, Robert Charters, John Peirce

Search and

... drift, theoretical gravity, free-air, onshore Bouguer, elevation variations (terrain correction), ocean bottom variations and ice thickness (offshore...


Abstract: The gravity response of reef islands in the Red Sea and their significance to seismic interpretation; #90254 (2016)

Ahmed Alhani

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... the Bouguer correction. This results in having a “remnant” effect of the reef bathymetry that will also create a gravity anomaly. To gauge the island...


Bouguer Gravity Anomalies and Crustal Structure in Northwestern Mexico: Chapter 11: Part III. Regional Geophysics and Geology

Robert Wayne Schellhorn, Carlos L. V. Aiken, Mauricio F. de la Fuente

AAPG Special Volumes

... anomalies without the regional surface due to topography. The Bouguer correction End_Page 201------------------------ formula is then: [EQUATION (1...


Relationship Between Landsat TM Imagery and Geophysical Data of Bintuni Basin as a Guide for Economic and Efficient Hydrocarbon Exploration

Pasca Siburian, Anggi Yuliandus, Jimmy A. Manurung, Jonathan Kristian, Salomo Siahaan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... gravity data – (1) data correction, (2) residual gravity processing and (3) gravity modeling. The gravity data used in this paper is complete Bouguer...


Determination of the Density of Rocks for Gravity Exploration

Z. M. Slepak

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

..., and the height of the stations by geometric levelling. The measurements were worked up according to the Bouguer formula, neglecting a correction...


A Profile of Structural Gravity Survey on the North Sturgeon Lake Field

W. F. Stackler

CSPG Bulletin

... verifies the specific course of the Bouguer profile between the stations, while errors in the latitude correction tend to be eliminated. Any correction...


Hydrocarbon Traps Modeling in Mojokerto Area East Java Region Based on Gravity Data

Ilham Ulil Amri, Tenny Octaviani, Budika Indra

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... after being reduced with drift correction, tide correction, free air correction, Bouguer correction, and terrain correction, and then Bouguer anomaly...


The Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies

E. V. McCollum

Tulsa Geological Society

...: Preparation of a gravity contour map based on a Bouguer type of topographic correction. Determination of a regional correction. Elimination...


Gravity Survey of the Guffey Volcanic Center, Thirtynine Mile Volcanic Field, Park County, Colorado

Gregory A. Wimpey, Mark Andrew Tinker

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

.... The effects of the Bouguer correction on the free-air anomaly can be seen in the accompanying graphs (figures 2 and 3). Figure 2 is a plot of the free...


Section Five: Use of Gravity Methods on Diapiric Structures

New Orleans Geological Society

... the center of the earth). Second, the Bouguer correction accounts for the mass of material between the gravimeter and datum plane. Both the terrain...


Geological modelling using gravity anomaly data: Lumut - Gua Musang transect, Malaysia

Choong Chee Meng, A Previna, Sean Lee Cheong Heng, Ooi Wei Chian, Nik Azfar Azwanis Nik Aziz, Muhammad Noor Amin Bin Zakariah, Khairul Arifin Bin Mohd Noh

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... Gravity data reduced to Bouguer anomaly by applying drift correction, latitude correction, free–air correction, Bouguer correction and terrain correction...


A Study of Altimeter Height Control in a Gravity Survey around Kuala Pilah, Central Malaysia

C. A. Foss

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Bouguer gravity uncertainty of 0.2 milligals. It is suggested that for general applications altimeter controlled surveys are sufficient for del...


Results of a Gravity Survey in the Kuala Lumpur Area

C. A. Foss

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...- 643-652 Results of a gravity survey in the Kuala Lumpur area C.A. Foss Dept of Geology, University of Malaya Abstract: A Bouguer gravity map is presented...


Abstract: Gravity and magnetic surveys of a mafic Proterozoic sill at Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

A. Nurkusuma, A. Leitch

Atlantic Geology

.... These elevations were then used for Free-Air and Bouguer Correction for the gravity data. The Bouguercorrected gravity data show that the sill has higher gravity...


A Regional Geophysical Study of the Chihuahua City Area, Mexico

C. L. V. Aiken, D. L. Garvey, G. R. Keller, P. C. Goodell, Mauricio de la Fuente Duch

AAPG Special Volumes

... correction (Aiken, 1976). This removes the Bouguer anomaly resulting from the gravity effect of compensated topography (Fig. 6). Once a datum...


Target Impedance Resolution within the Lower Cretaceous Reservoirs in KG-OSN-2003/1

GeoGlobal Resources Inc. Exploration Staff

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...-Godavari Basin is a massive basin on the east coast of India. The Ravva Field has produced 800 MMBOE and the Dhirubhai Fields 10–19 TCF. A Bouguer...


A Gravity Survey of Perlis, Kedah and Penang

Alan J. Burley, Jamaluden Othman

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...) it is necessary to determine gravity, height and location as accurately as is practically possible in order to obtain a reliable Bouguer anomaly value...


Micro-Gravimetric Measurements Over a Known Geologic Structure

Stephen Thyssen-Bornemisza, W. F. Stackler

CSPG Bulletin

... and the Bouguer Map of the same area were published still earlier (Thyssen-Bornemisza and Stackler, 1956). Micro-gravity system "A" is shown in detail...


Gravity's Role in a Modern Exploration Program

Gene Greene

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... include salt domes, pillows and ridges. The map resulting from a gravity survey is a Bouguer map. A Bouguer gravity map consists of gravity values...


A New Crustal Model of the Gulf of Mexico … From Seismic and Potential Fields Data; #30658 (2020)

J. Bain, J. Kegel, Cian O’Reilly

Search and

...). This interpretation was extended to the USA seismic data. Gigante multibeam bathymetric data was used to determine the 3-D Bouguer / terrain correction...


A Gravity and Magnetic Survey of the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation, Colorado and New Mexico

Michael W. Webring, Gerda A. Abrams

Utah Geological Association

... mGal is a relatively small contouring interval. Isostatic Correction Bouguer gravity anomalies (Plate 1) contain information that is related...


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