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Pinnacle Reefs, Their Gravity Response

Edward F. Haye

Tulsa Geological Society

... is an example provided by Mr. Dick Pohly. It is of the Weaver field in Clark County, Illinois. This shows the Bouguer and Residual Map. A positive...


A Gravity and Magnetic Survey of the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation, Colorado and New Mexico

Michael W. Webring, Gerda A. Abrams

Utah Geological Association

... mGal is a relatively small contouring interval. Isostatic Correction Bouguer gravity anomalies (Plate 1) contain information that is related...


Imaging a mafic underplate in 3D: an example from the east Albany…Fraser Orogen and Yilgarn Craton margin

Lucy Brisbout, Ruth Murdie

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...-dominated Fraser Zone of the east Albany–Fraser Orogen (Figure 1a). Another is the Rason Gravity Low, a long wavelength, low amplitude Bouguer gravity...


Abstract: Gravity and Magnetic Surveys of a Proterozoic Mafic Sill in Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

Aldila Nurkusuma, Tammy Perry, Alison Leitch

Atlantic Geology

... determined the UTM coordinates for the stations and their elevations. These elevations were then used for Free-Air and Bouguer Correction for the gravity...



The Klias Peninsula and Padas River: NW Borneo: An Example of Drainage Capture in an Active Tropical Foreland Basin, #50294 (2010)

Andrew B. Cullen

Search and

..., as well as a prominent negative Bouguer gravity anomaly under Brunei Bay, point to a tectonic driving force for drainage reorganization (Figure 5). Thus...


Geophysical Evidence for Thin-Skinned Structural Deformation in the Norman Range, Northwest Territories

DON C. Lawton, J. Helen Isaac

CSPG Bulletin

... residual Bouguer gravity anomaly across the structure because of the negative density contrast of salt with respect to limestone and dolomite. Seismic...


Correlation of Sedimentary Basins Across the North Atlantic as Obtained from Gravity and Magnetic Data, and Its Relation to the Early Evolution of the North Atlantic: Chapter 9: North Atlantic Perspectives

J. Verhoef, S. P. Srivastava

AAPG Special Volumes

... applying a correction for the effect of the water layer and the material above sea level, using a simple slab formula. These Bouguer anomalies were...


Bouguer Gravity Data and a North South Gravity and Magnetic Profile from the Wiseman Area, Brooks Range, Alaska

D. T. Smith, D. B. Stone, J. T. Dillon

Pacific Section SEPM

... to that used in the Bouguer correction (2670 k g / m ) would also tend to smooth the gravity contours. The lack of station coverage in the northeastern...


Front Matter

H. G. Collier, Jr.

New Orleans Geological Society

... Louisiana (v. 2), by New Orleans Geological Society End_Page 5-------------------------- Figure. Bouguer gravity map of SE Louisiana End_Page 6...


Broadband (Seismic) Experiment Across the Alaska Range (BEAAR) - Abstract

E. V. Meyers, D. Christensen, R. Hansen

Alaska Geological Society

... wide array positioned over the Bouguer gravity low to enhance resolution of this area, also deployed in 2000. This configuration allows us to examine...


Abstract: Regional Gravity Anomalies in the Ouachita System and Adjacent Areas

Joseph M. Kruger

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... data base of over 40,000 stations was used to generate regional simple Bouguer anomaly maps, polynomial surface and residual gravity maps, and strike...


Target Impedance Resolution within the Lower Cretaceous Reservoirs in KG-OSN-2003/1

GeoGlobal Resources Inc. Exploration Staff

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...-Godavari Basin is a massive basin on the east coast of India. The Ravva Field has produced 800 MMBOE and the Dhirubhai Fields 10–19 TCF. A Bouguer...


Abstract: Gravity modeling of a mafic, ultramafic association, Darvel Bay, East Sabah, N. Borneo

D. Beattie

Atlantic Geology

... of a gravity survey In 1975 conducted by Dr. P.J.C. Ryal I. The results of the survey are summarized In a Bouguer contour map of the area which shows...


Abstract: Polymetallic Vein-Type Uranium Deposits, Long Lake Area Victoria County, North-Central New Brunswick

Hassan Hassan

Atlantic Geology

... with coincident high airborne radiometric eU, eTh and K anomalies and a strong negative (<-48 mgls) Bouguer gravity anomaly. The high-level, post-tectonic...


Regional Cross Section - Churchill Province, Saskatchewan, Canada to Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA

Arthur G. Randall

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of the Eastern and Western Cordillera. Subsurface data from selected boreholes, surface geology, topography, and BoUguer gravity were utilized...


Borehole gravity in Horizontal Wells

Andrew J. Black, Jennifer Hare

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... gravity measurements in near vertical wells could ignore latitude corrections and use simpler terrain correction, surveys in highly deviated wells...


Computer-Assisted Regional Mapping for Petroleum Exploration Modelling in the Western Canada Sedimentary Province [Abstract]

Lyatsky, V.B.

CSPG Bulletin

...; for geophysics - Bouguer gravity and total magnetic intensity and derived third-order residual and horizontal gradient maps. The horizonal gradient maps...


Abstract: Gravity, salt and gas

Ken Howells, Alan Ruffman

Atlantic Geology

... which was designed to infill areas of sparse older data coverage. The resulting Bouguer gravity contour map has defined a northeast to east-northeast...


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