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Bouguer Gravity Data and a North South Gravity and Magnetic Profile from the Wiseman Area, Brooks Range, Alaska

D. T. Smith, D. B. Stone, J. T. Dillon

Pacific Section SEPM

... to that used in the Bouguer correction (2670 k g / m ) would also tend to smooth the gravity contours. The lack of station coverage in the northeastern...


Vertical Movements and Isostasy in Western Wyoming Overthrust Belt

Gary W. Crosby

AAPG Bulletin

..., the Bouguer anomaly for areas in isostatic balance becomes more negative. An additional reduction, the isostatic correction, adjusts for the mass...


Palaeo-Rift Controls on Mechanisms of Isostatic Compensation in the Papuan Fold Belt

D. Harrison, J. Milsom

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... the Kubor continental frag­ ment, the change in support mechanism across the margin has led to very different Bouguer and free-air gravity patterns...


Geophysical Investigations of the Hot Spring Occurrences in the Sungei Serai and Kampung Dusun Tua Areas, Hulu Langat, Selangor

Mohd Anuar Md. Razali

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... gravity data were reduced to the bouguer anomaly using available software. A reduction density of 2.67 gm/cc was used for the bouguer plate correction...


Extended Abstract: Crustal Interpretation by Gravity, Magnetics, and Seismic Data over the Gulf of Mexico

John Bain, Jason Kegel, Cian O’Reilly

GCAGS Transactions

... bathymetric data was used to determine the 3D Bouguer / terrain correction to the gravity data in the MGOM. Public domain bathymetry data was used to compute...


Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic Data at the Krishna-Godavari Basin, East Coast India; #10390 (2012)

John Alfred Protacio, Naina Gupta, Abhishek Chandra, Raj Yadav, Rabi Bastia, and Pranaya Sangvai

Search and

... and Smith, 2009). 2.2 g/cc Bouguer correction. Band pass filtered 40-300 km. Red to blue colors are high to low values. Survey area is at the edge...


Newly-recognised Continental Fragments Rifted from the West Australian Margin

S. E. Williams, J. M. Whittaker, R. D. Müller

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...) to calculate the Bouguer correction, with bathymetry taken from version 15.1 of the Smith & Sandwell (2009) grid, and 2.67 g/cc used for the Bouguer reduction...


Gravity and Magnetic Studies of the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

Robert P. Kucks

Wyoming Geological Association

... into an elevation correction error for the Bouguer gravity anomaly of +0.18 milligal. Magnetic data are derived from existing digital aeromagnetic profile data...


Geologic Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies of Northeastern Utah

James T. Smith, Kenneth L. Cook

Utah Geological Association

... stations in northeastern Utah were used to construct simple Bouguer, free-air, and residual gravity anomaly maps. The area covered by the gravity maps...


Hydrocarbon Prospect Mapping Using Balanced Cross-Sections and Gravity Modelling, Onin and Kumawa Peninsulas, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

M. Untung, Sardjono, I. Budiman, J. Nasution, E. Mirnanda, L. F. Henage, E. G. Sirodj

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... The readings were reduced to Bouguer anomalies using 2.4 g/cm 3 Nettleton density. Terrain correction was done for the near zones Band C and also...


Gravity Field of Kuwait and its Relevance to Major Geological Structures (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... to its topography (Figure 4). The anomaly is completely accounted for when the Bouguer correction is applied (Figure 5). The ridge marks a shallow...


Abstract: Contribution of Gravimetric and Magnetic Data for Making 3D Modelling of the Geological Structures and Formations in Eastern M

A. Abdelouafi, L. Ait Brahim, B. Tadili, A. Manar, A. Bouaza

Search and

... to elaborate a database of an Excel table format (coordinated, value of G, etc). Then, to obtain the values of the Bouguer anomaly, some corrections...


Geophysical Studies of Large Blind Thrust, Valley and Ridge Province, Central Appalachians

Thomas H. Wilson

AAPG Bulletin

... differences between the replacement density used for the Bouguer plate correction and actual densities. These density variations produc significant...



David M. Carpenter and Phillip A. Armstrong

Search and

... across southern Cadiz Valley. From the west side of the valley, adjacent to the Calumet Mountains, Bouguer anomalies (non-terrain corrected) decrease...


A Gravity Map of the United States

Paul L. Lyons

Tulsa Geological Society

... according to the well known Bouguer correction. A density of 2.67 is assumed for rocks above sea level. The contour interval is 10 milligals, or 100...


The Gunung Wayang-Windu Geothermal Area in West Java

S. Sudarman, R. Pujianto, B. Budiarjo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Geothermal Prospect, MT Conductance Figure 6. Wayang-Windu Geothermal Prospect, Bouguer Gravity Figure 7. Wayang-Windu Geothermal Prospect, Exploration...


The South East Asia Gravity Project: Papua New Guinea

D. C. Manton, J. D. Fairhead

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... adding to the database. Each survey has been reprocessed using the WGS84 ellipsoid formula, the IGSN’71 datum and a Bouguer reduction density of 2.67 g...


The Banda Sea: Continental Collision at the Eastern End of Tethys

John Milsom

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., are concentrated within 30 km of the coasts facing the volcanic arc. In offshore work it is usual to omit the rather artificial Bouguer correction...


Geophysical and Petrological Study of Precambrian of Central Alberta, Canada

G. D. Garland , R. A. Burwash

AAPG Bulletin

... that the major part of the Bouguer gravity anomaly field over central Alberta must be attributed to lithological changes in the Precambrian basement...


Geophysical Contributions to the COASTPLAN Project, Lae Area, Papua New Guinea, 1998

John Milsom

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... correction had been overlooked. Whatever the reason, it has to be admitted that the Bouguer gravity value which provided the main impetus for the 1998 gravity...


Gravity Traverse across Northern Peninsular Malaysia - Preliminary Results

G. Van Klinken, Ho Choon Seng

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... applied except the terrain correction which will be applied later. Stations were projected onto a straight line (Fig. 2). Interp~etat10n of gravity data...


Use of SEASAT-Derived Free-Air Gravity to Interpret the Crustal Structure of Southeast Asia

M. T. Angelich

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... field are not masked by the contribution from the ocean-water bottom contact. We investigated the possibility of applying a Bouguer correction...


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