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Shallow Structure of Black Sea: Structure

David A. Ross, Elazar Uchupi, C. O. Bowin

AAPG Special Volumes

... Bouguer anomalies were calculated on the basis of an infinite slab correction, a crustal density of 2.67 g/cm3, and a water density of 1.03 g/cm3...


A Discussion of the Application of the Gravitational and Magnetic Methods of Exploration to the Powder River Basin

Willis H. Fenwick

Wyoming Geological Association

... in gravity with elevation; the Bouguer effect, or the effect due to the mass of rock between datum and the point of observation; the terrain effect...


Oil and Gas Possibilities of the Ouachita Province

J. V. Howell, Paul L. Lyons

Ardmore Geological Society

... help lead to the ultimate proper interpretation of the province. Geophysics Gravity. - A regional Bouguer gravity map of the Ouachitas is shown...


Possible Upper Mantle Convection Current System in the U.S. Cordillera

William H. Curry III

Wyoming Geological Association

..., R. W., Godson, R. H., Kane, M. F., 1982, Digital Colored Residual and Regional Bouguer Gravity Maps of the Coterminous United States with cut-off...


Recent Developments in Gravity Prospecting on Gulf Coast

Olaf F. Sundt

AAPG Bulletin

... of elevation, and (4) Bouguer correction on the pendulum, it was decided that none of these was consistent enough to cause such differences. It was finally...


Integration of Magnetotelluric, Gravity and Seismic Data for Sub-Volcanic Imaging

Jeremy Gohitua MacArthur, Muhammad Fikri Putra, Nuha Malihati, Husnia Nur Annisa

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... pre-processing) and density model to get calculated Bouguer anomaly by means of forward modelling method. Data processing is done by conventional...


Abstract: Enhancing the understanding of the 3D architecture of the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick

Neil Rogers, Bogdan Nitescu, Steve McCutcheon, Cees van Staal, Anastasia Vandermost, Hernan Ugalde, William Morris, Mike Parkhill, Mike Thomas

Atlantic Geology

... assuming a mean crustal density of 2.67 g/cm3 to produce Bouguer anomalies. Terrain corrections were determined and applied to the Bouguer anomalies...


Some Thoughts on the Crustal Structure of Peninsular Malaysia„Results of a Gravity Traverse

Patrick J. C. Ryall

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Selangor. After Bouguer and terrain corrections, the major features o f the profile are a gravity minimum over the granite of the Main Range...


Abstract: The Bouguer Gravity Variation over South East Asia as Derived from Satellite Altimeter Data (Paper 19)

Clive A. Foss, John Savage

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: The Bouguer Gravity Variation over South East Asia as Derived from Satellite Altimeter Data (Paper 19) Clive A. Foss, John Savage 266...


Abstract: Using Gravity Data to Help Identify and Differentiate Mobile Shale Bodies, Offshore Sabah (Poster 8)

S. J. Campbell, M. Lennane, S. E. Pisapia

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... by the use of the Bouguer gravity anomaly. The mobile shale bodies manifest themselves on seismic data as disturbed zones, often with a distinct high...


ABSTRACT: Gravity Signatures of the Deep-Water Reservoirs of Offshore Nigeria, West Africa; #90115 (2010)

A. A. Adepelumi and O. O. Folarin

Search and

... hundred satellite-gravity data were processed by applying latitude, free-air, elevation and bouguer corrections.The resulting Bouguer gravity anomaly...


Abstract: Gravity Constraints on the Geometry of the Big Bend of the San Andreas Fault in the Southern Carrizo Plains and Pine Mountain Region; #90255 (2017)

Ali Can Altintas, David Farris

Search and

... have an ≈-70 mgal Bouguer anomaly. The SAF has a strike of ≈315° near these transects. The northern transects are characterized by multiple fault...


Bouguer Gravity Map of Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Craig Ferris

Tulsa Geological Society

...Bouguer Gravity Map of Tulsa County, Oklahoma Craig Ferris 1972 118 124 McCollum, E. V., 1944, Personal Communication. Greene, F. C., 1925, Granite...


Gravity Measurements East of Black Hills and along a Line from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Daniel Lum

AAPG Bulletin

... which is being supported by a National Science Foundation grant. A simple Bouguer gravity anomaly map was compiled from data of more than 500 stations...


Structure and Stratigraphy of the Lake Albert Rift, East Africa: Observations from Seismic Reflection and Gravity Data

Tobias Karp, Christopher A. Scholz, Michael M. McGlue

AAPG Special Volumes

... ms.Seismic data processing involved standard procedures, including spike and predictive deconvolution, bandpass filtering, normal move-out correction...


Anomalous Crust Beneath West Florida Shelf

Harold L. Krivoy , Thomas E. Pyle

AAPG Bulletin

...Anomalous Crust Beneath West Florida Shelf Harold L. Krivoy , Thomas E. Pyle 1972 107 113 56 1. (January) A new Bouguer gravity anomaly map...


Gravity and Geodynamic Modeling of the Gulf of California; #30361 (2014)

Rediet Abera, Jolante van Wijk, Paul Mann, Dale Bird, Michael Murphy

Search and

... in the continentocean boundary. The transitions in this basin also look long and symmmetrical, having a width of about 300 km. km Summary Free Air Offshore-Bouguer...


Structure: PART 1

K. O. Emery, Elazar Uchupi

AAPG Special Volumes

... disappears if the Bouguer correction is applied. Bouguer values range from +350 mgal on the flanks to about +200 mg l on the crest of the ridge...


The Gravity Field of Borneo and Its Region

John Milsom

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Bouguer correction, by adding to the free-air gravity values the effect of replacing the water layer by a layer of rock. Although the theoretical...


4D Microgravity Monitoring in a Mature Waterflood Field: A Case History at Minas Field, Central Sumatra

Afifudin, Wing B. Yudhiarto, Susanti Alawiyah, Syarkowi, Wawan G. A. Kadir

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by the discrepancy between the two measurements at the base station after correction for tidal effects. The observed discrepancy is called the drift value...


Gravity Modelling of Extensional Basins in Southeast Asia

Steven H. Harder, Steven J. Mauri, Susan Marshall-Arrazola

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... on Figure 1. The freeair anomaly is used incorporating the water column as part of the gravity model rather than making a Bouguer correction...


Abstract: Gravity Anomalies and Structure of the Cascade Range in Northern Oregon

Dave E. Braman

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... between 44°15′ and 45°45′N latitude and 121° and 122°40′W longitude, when reduced to complete Bouguer anomalies exhibit an east-southeast dipping regional...


Kinematic Gravity Modeling of the Crustal-Scale Evolution of the Central Brooks Range and Colville Basin - Abstract

J. D. Williams, Robert J. Lillie, Catherine L. Hanks, Wesley K. Wallace

Alaska Geological Society

... of gravity anomalies and topography during ocean basin closure and subsequent arc-continent collision and post-collisional contraction. The Bouguer gravity low...


Abstract: Gravity in central Nova Scotia south from the Liscomb Complex

P. J. C. Ryall, E. Pearson

Atlantic Geology

... resolution of features not seen in earlier gravity surveys of the area. Two general comments apply: (1) Bouguer gravity lows coincide with mapped granite...


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