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Bound Gas in Near-Surface Sediment … Indication for Thermogenic Hydrocarbons in the Northern Barents Sea?; #42504 (2020)

Philipp Weniger, Martin Blumenberg

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...Bound Gas in Near-Surface Sediment … Indication for Thermogenic Hydrocarbons in the Northern Barents Sea?; #42504 (2020) Philipp Weniger, Martin...


Methods of Determining the True Water Saturation of an Oil-Bearing Stratum

P. K. Gur’ba

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... saturation and 30-50% water saturation. Knowing the mineralization of the bound water and water contained in the pores of the core, it is possible...


Appendix I: Additional Shaly Sand Formulas

George B. Asquith

AAPG Special Volumes

... = shale resistivity Sb = bound water saturation Rb = bound water resistivity tsh = total porosity of shale (see: Dual water method Chapter 3) End_of_Record...


-- no title --


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... sandstone shows more attenuation than pure shale and sandstone. The crossplot between Qp and clay-bound water indicates more attenuation in shaly sandstone...


Abstract: Identification of Low Resistivity Hydrocarbon Bearing Reservoirs in Lower & Middle Indus Basin Using Available Wireline Logs; #90151 (2012)

M. A. Shahid, Sadu ur Rahman, Shabbir Hussain Shah Syed, Muhammad Zea-ul-Haq, and Arshad Hussain Palekar

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... conventional and advanced technologies will be discussed. LRP might be a result of high irreducible water volume (both capillary bound and clay bound...


Abstract: Enhanced Accuracy In The Characterization Of Clay Mineralogy And Partitioning Of Fluid Volumes In Shaly Sand- & Shale Reservoirs Based On Rationalized E-Log Response Parameters: Implications For Reducing Uncertainty & Risk In Prediction Of Reservoir Quality and Reserves: Examples From India& Other Countries; #90315 (2017)

D. Vivek Chitale, R.V. Marathe, N.R. Hazarika, S.S. Deb

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... used to compute fluid volumetric for any given clastic reservoir aim to correct for clay bound water in shaly rocks, typically basing the “correction...


Application of NMR Logging to Reservoir Characterization of Low-Resistivity Sands in the Gulf of Mexico1

M. A. Hodgkins and J. J. Howard

AAPG Bulletin

... on interpreting permeability estimates and effective porosity, including the distinction between bound-water volumes and free-fluid index (Coates et al., 1994...


Abstract: Enhancing Interpretations of NMR Logging with NMR Core Measurements

Dave Marschall and Dwane Weaver

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... (NMR) logging provides a robust measurement from which capillary-bound water and permeability can be derived. In general a profound enhancement...


Formation Evaluation in Fresh Water Shaly Sands of the Malay Basin (Paper 22)

R. Grant Heavysege

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...) and well established surface area concepts can help determine minimum amounts of both clay bound and capillary bound water at irreducible conditions...


Composition, Structure, and Erodability of Subtidal Mats, Abaco, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

A. Conrad Neumann, Conrad D. Gebelein, Terence P. Scoffin

AAPG Bulletin

..., mat communities were examined and described. Mat-bound and unbound sediment surfaces were then subjected in situ to flume-created direct currents...


ABSTRACT: Assessing the Economic Potential of Individual Gas Hydrate Accumulations in the Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope; #90013 (2003)

Alexei V. Milkov, Roger Sassen

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..., structural gas hydrate accumulations have been cored at water depth ranging from F440 m to F2,400 m. Based on available geological, geophysical...


Identify Potential Low-Resistivity Pay Using Visual Rock Analysis

Kathy Stolper

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... of their microporous nature. Conventional logging devices cannot differentiate the "bound" water in the microporous clay structure from the free water...


Heat Flow in Geophysical Exploration of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

William D. Gosnold

AAPG Bulletin

... contain advective signals caused by moving ground water. These problems are superimposed in the Denver and Williston basins where complex geothermal...


Maximising NMR Log Interpretations in Thinly Bedded Reservoirs: An Example from Offshore Egypt; #90017 (2003)

Benjamin D. Lowden, Paul B. Basan, Joachim Strobel

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... constraints on the interpretation: 1. Validation of the T2 cutoff for BVI and BVM 2. Validation of the cutoff for clay-bound water 3. Recognition...


Abstract: Analysis of Unconventional Reservoirs using New and Existing NMR Methods; #90172 (2014)

Derrick P. Green, Dragan Veselinovic

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... that are clay, capillary bound, free and contained within the fractures. Traditional NMR analysis constants for T2 cut-offs yield bound water estimates...


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