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Boxcar Butte Field, McKenzie Co. North Dakota


Montana Geological Society

...Boxcar Butte Field, McKenzie Co. North Dakota RONALD W. MARTENS 1978 327 341 Boxcar Butte field is located in T.-148-N, R-102-W, McKenzie...


ABSTRACT: Kinematic and Dynamic Models for Earthquake Source Characterization; #90118 (2011)

Arjun Tiwari and Rahul Singh

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... these motions on the fault. Kinematic source models are described on the basis of constant rise time, rupture velocity, boxcar slipvelocity function...


ABSTRACT: Scaling-up Diagenesis : Petrographic Micro-samples to Engineering Macro-simulations; #90007 (2002)

Gavin L England, R Stuart Haszeldine, Stuart A Barclay, Patrick Corbett, Helen Lewis, David Potter, Colin M. Graham, Tony Fallick, Andrew Cavanagh, A. Bhullar, A. C. Aplin, B. W. D. Yardley, Q. Fisher

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... controls in the reduction on reservoir quality are quartz cement, and fibrous illite. From "channelised lobe" boxcar sands in a deepwater gravity-flow...


ABSTRACT: The Use of New Laser-Induced Fluorescence Indicators in Determining Thermal Maturation of Vitrinite-Free Source Rock and Oil-Source Correlation

Jin Kuili, Fang Jiahu, Guo Yingting, Zhao Changyi, Qui Nansheng

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... is that the.fluorescence lifetime at , the different peak localities may be measured by means of Boxcar averager. The results are shown as follows: Table I. The fl...


Memorial: Robert A. Bieberman (1923-1998)

Ronald F. Broadhead, Robert Eveleth, Frank E. Kottlowski

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... from the Big Band era and western music. Sons of the Pioneers, Boxcar Willie, Dick Haymes, Bing Crosby, and the orchestras of Orrin Tucker, Jan Garber...


Chapter 8-part 2: Spectral Decomposition

Gregory A. Partyka, Michael D. Bush, Paul G. A. Garossino, Paul R. Gutowski

AAPG Special Volumes

... layer in the subsurface can be thought of as a “boxcar” in time. A boxcar in one domain transforms to a sinc function in the other domain. For example...


Abstract: Recovering Low Frequencies for Impedance Inversion by Frequency Domain Deconvolution; #90224 (2015)

Sina Esmaeili and Gary Frank

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... is achieved by convolving the spectrum with a boxcar function. This process naturally results in a smoother signal. In this study, we investigate...




Williston Basin Symposium

... Geological Society, p. 7-36. Martens, R.W., 1978, Boxcar Butte, North Dakota: in D. Estelle and R. Miller, eds., The economic...


Comparison of Data Sources to Constrain Fracture Intensity in Static Fracture Models

R. A. Nelson

GCAGS Transactions

...) calculated by a boxcar moving average of fracture occurrence for all units in one structural area for 12 wells is plotted from highest to lowest...


Outcrop Analog for Cyclic-Shelf Reservoirs, San Andres Formation of Permian Basin: Stratigraphic Framework, Permeability Distribution, Geostatistics, and Fluid-Flow Modeling

C. W. Grant, D. J. Goggin, P. M. Harris

AAPG Bulletin

... measurements: (A) single-point MFP transect vs. mean pad measurements, (B) single-point MFP vs. mean boxcar measurements, and (C) comparison...


Abstract: Spectral Decomposition with Real Seismic Wavelet; #90187 (2014)

Rongfeng Zhang

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... shift. In STFT , , where W is the window function, can be boxcar, Hanning, Gaussian etc. In S-transform[2], | | . √ (2) (3) In CWT[3], √ , (4...


Workflow for Pore Pressure and Horizontal Stress Field Estimation in Vertical Wells Using Well Data in the XŽ Field in South Sumatra

Mohammad Zulfikar Simatupang, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Ramadhana Aristya, Niko Pratama Purba

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... These filter methods assumed that equal weight for all data points. The boxcar filter is an average of a number of points which have been specified either side...


Luminescence Petrography and Spectroscopic Studies of Diagenetic Minerals

Grahame Walker, Stuart Burley

Special Publications of SEPM

... at 77K(but uncorrected/or spectralresponse). The spectrum obtained using a boxcar detector with a gate window ofSps was obtained using a boxcar detector...


Development of Rheological Heterogeneity in Clay-Rich High-Density Turbidity Currents: Aptian Britannia Sandstone Member, U.K. Continental Shelf

Simon P. Barker, Peter D.W. Haughton, William D. McCaffrey, Stuart G. Archer, Bill Hakes

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... correlations of these beds is impossible. However, together, this remobilized interval has a distinctive boxcar log signature in all the wells. Bed 58 below...


Natural and Hydraulic Fracture Density Prediction and Identification of Controllers

Whitney Campbell, Joe Wicker, James Courtier

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., Poisson’s ratio, stress gradient, and density (Figure 6a). A boxcar function (Weisstein, 2013) is applied to the fracture logs to calculate a 10’ moving...


A Preliminary Analysis of Geothermal Resources in the Central Raton Basin, Colorado, from Bottom-Hole Temperature Data; #80065 (2009)

Paul Morgan

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... Plains. 9 Geothermal Gradient versus Surface Elevation Data were passed through a “boxcar” filter to give a uniform distribution of data on nodal points...


Induced Seismicity Indicated by Cross Correlation; #41318 (2014)

Ivo Oprsal and Leo Eisner

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... with boxcar distribution in <0,1> (μ=1/2), Figure 1A. The random realization of these two variables (the upper two rows of panels) is the same...


Improving AVO Fidelity by NMO Stretching and Offset Dependent Tuning Corrections, #41574 (2015).

Yong Xu, Satinder Chopra

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... the wavelet does not have a boxcar spectral shape, wavelets need to be estimated first. Amplitude ratio of non-stretched wavelet to the stretched wavelet...


Comparison of Seismic Reconvolution and Gabor Deconvolution in Improving Seismic Images to Detect Local Fluid Trapping

Madaniya Oktariena, Wahyu Triyoso

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the real subsurface reflectivity. The condition is even filtered more during Post-Stack Seismic data processing. The boxcar convolution and utilized...


Abstract: Seismic Attenuation (Q) Estimation from VSP Data; #90211 (2015)

Chuandong (Richard) Xu and Robert Stewart

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..., this calculation suggests that a reasonable interval QP can be estimated from 450m to 1050m. To avoid an oscillatory Qint, different sizes of boxcar...


The Playa Lake Depositional Model for the Three Forks Formation, #51278 (2016).

Beatriz Garcia-Fresca, Daniel Pinkston

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... 1st Bench 2nd Bench 3rd Bench 4th Bench 14 Mariana Trust Anderson S CCU Boxcar Debrecen Sirp George Evans E 15 Quartz Calcite Dolomite...


The Densmore Brothers and America's First Successful Railway Oil Tank Car, 1865

Samuel T. Pees, Richard Senges

Petroleum History Institute

... of Pittsburgh, PA, was PA, was granted a patent for a container-like structure issued a patent for a combination tank/boxcar. measuring about 29...


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