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Gravity Anomalies in Gulf of California

J. C. Harrison , S. P. Mathur

AAPG Special Volumes

... OF THE DATA A small correction is applied to the shipboard measurements to reduce them to sea level, and the value given by the International Gravity...


Heat Flow and Tectonics in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica

D. K. Blackman, R. P. Von Herzen, L. A. Lawver

Circum Pacific Council Publications

...., Antarctic earth science: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, p. 5 6 3 . Gleadow, A . J. W., and B . C. McKelvey, 1 9 8 0 , Uplift history...


Paleomagnetism and North Atlantic Paleogeography: Chapter 64: Interpretations of Drift

Ernst R. Deutsch

AAPG Special Volumes

.... 435-444. End_Page 951------------------------ Bullard, E. C., 1949, The magnetic field within the Earth: Royal Soc. [London] Proc., ser. A, v. 147...


Subsurface Structure Interpretation of Eastern South Serayu Basin using GGMPlus (v.2013) Gravity Data Analysis

Novita Triswi Handayani, Sudarmaji, Mochamad Nukman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to calculate bouguer correction based on the following equation [Eq. 1] 𝐶 𝐵 = 2. 𝜋. 𝐺. 𝜌. ℎ 𝑝 [1] With 𝐶 𝐵 is Bouguer Correction, 𝐺 is earth...


Gravity Survey of the Northern Channel Islands

J. D. Rietman, J. K. Aldrich

Pacific Section of AAPG

... and the curvature of the earth are included in the program. The maximum correction was 26 milligals and about ten percent of the stations had corrections...


Abstract: Volcanoes and the Environment

Fred M. Bullard

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...Abstract: Volcanoes and the Environment Fred M. Bullard 1976 2 2...


Grain-Size Variation on Dunes in the Southwest Kalahari, Southern Africa

Ian Livingstone , Joanna E. Bullard , Giles F.S. Wiggs , David S.G. Thomas

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Desert and implications for linear dunefield activity: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 21, p. 263-278. BULLARD, J.E., THOMAS, D.S.G....


Movement Along the Great Glen Fault and Related Problems

T.C. Xu, D.H. Tarling

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... with that of their cratonic North American pole for Devonian time after closing the Atlantic Ocean using the Bullard 155 XU, TARLING B magnetization gives the genuine Late...


A Generalized Inverse Method for Testing Depth-Dependent Extension Models at Highly Extended Continental Margins, #30210 (2011)

Alistair Crosby, Nicky White, Glyn Edwards, Mark Thompson, Richard Corfield, Laura Mackay

Search and

... International Conference and Exhibition, Milan, Italy, October 23-26, 2011 1 BP Exploration, London, United Kingdom ([email protected]) Bullard...


Willis, on Rift Valleys of East Africa: DISCUSSION

Chester W. Washburne

AAPG Bulletin

...), Lake Rudolph Basin; after which are discussions--Vulcanism and Structure, Earthquake Conditions, and Gravity Tests. Among American and a few...


Deformable-Plate Tectonics: Ductile Deformation of Old and New Lithosphere: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Barry Voight

AAPG Bulletin

.... Gronlie, G., and I. B. Ramberg, 1972, Gravity indications of deep sedimentary basins below the Norwegian continental shelf and the Voring plateau: Norsk...


Bullard Field Jones County, Texas

R. Y. Walker

Abilene Geological Society

...Bullard Field Jones County, Texas R. Y. Walker 1952 9 11 Location The Bullard Field is located in the central part of Jones County Texas...


Plate Tectonics and Oil Accumulation

Sir Edward Bullard

CSPG Special Publications

...Plate Tectonics and Oil Accumulation Sir Edward Bullard 1975 1 7 Baker, B. H., Mohr, P. A. and Williams, L. A. J. 1972: Geology of the eastern rift...


Continental Margins: REPLY

Peter A. Rona

AAPG Bulletin

.... Interpretations of the early Paleozoic Atlantic. a. Atlantic open to an undetermined width throughout the early Paleozoic. b. Atlantic closed to Bullard et...


3 Terrestrial Heat Flow

P. E. Gretener

AAPG Special Volumes

... that the temperature increases with depth indicate that heat is flowing out of the earth. This is commonly referred to as the terrestrial heat flow. We may write...


Interrelation between surface and basement heat flow in sedimentary basins

Alban Souche, Daniel Walter Schmid, and Lars Rüpke

AAPG Bulletin

... basins: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 40, p. 25–32, doi:10.1016/0012-821X(78)90071-7. Parsons, B., and J. G. Sclater, 1977, An analysis...


Aspermont Lake Field Stonewall County, Texas

O. H. Richards

Abilene Geological Society

... Production began in the Aspermont Lake Field in May, 1951, with the completion of the DeSoto Oil Company No. 1 V. B. Bullard. At the end of 1951 five wells had...


The Domes of East Texas: Bullard Dome

M.P.A. Jackson and Steven J. Seni

East Texas Geological Society

...The Domes of East Texas: Bullard Dome M.P.A. Jackson and Steven J. Seni 1984 196 199...


A Diapiric Structure Near Sable Island - Scotian Shelf

Lewis H. King, Brian MacLean

Atlantic Geology

... Additional geophysical measurements such as gravity and magnetics were not obtained across the structure. Because of the fact that it is difficult...


Structural Model of Large Part of the Earth

Wallis S. Hamilton

AAPG Bulletin

... the Earth's mechanical properties (b) The partial differential equations of static equilibrium and geometric compatibility (c) The law of gravity (d...


Neovolcanism: A Proposed Replacement for the Concepts of Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift

Lawrence S. Dillon

AAPG Special Volumes

... evolution on the primitive earth: Science, v. 160, p. 729-736. Cox, A., R. R. Doell, and G. B. Dalrymple, 1968, Time scale for geomagnetic reversals, in R...


Memorial: Fred Mason Bullard (1902-1994)

William Fisher, Ernest L. Lundelius Jr., Clark Wilson

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

...Memorial: Fred Mason Bullard (1902-1994) William Fisher, Ernest L. Lundelius Jr., Clark Wilson Memorials limited to 800 words (2-3 typewritten double...


Crustal Structure, From Gravity Data, Of A Collision Zone in the Central New Hebrides Island Arc

Jean-Yves Collot, Michael A. Fisher

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... th e gravit y dat a b y loca l depression s i n th e wester n gravity high . Acros s th e Easter n Belt , a n asymmetri c thic k crusta l root...


Toward a global model for correction of bottomhole temperature data: Progress and limitations

Tala Maria Aabø, and Christian Hermanrud

AAPG Bulletin

...Toward a global model for correction of bottomhole temperature data: Progress and limitations Tala Maria Aabø, and Christian Hermanrud 2019 139 155...


Analysis of Temperatures and Thermal Processes in the Uinta Basin

Sean D. Willett, David S. Chapman

CSPG Special Publications

... times after circulation ceased, permitting a Horner Plot correction to be made (Bullard, 1947). In practice, this information is rarely available...


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