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ABSTRACT: Deriving Fracture Attributes from Seismic Anisotropy: A Case Study; #90051 (2006)


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... correlation was observed between the extracted fracture intensity and orientation, the seismic coherency maps and the fault interpretation...


-- no title --


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... the coherency of the surface wave. The signal-to-noise ratio constraint on the noise model minimizes the removal of primary energy and the use...


Fracture Control of P-wave Azimuthal Anisotropy in a Laramide Basement-cored Anticline at Casper Arch, Wyoming: Insights from Correlations with Surface Analogs and Curvature Analyses

Duke Cooley, Eric Erslev

AAPG Special Volumes

... orientations are visible in coherency extractions at the Frontier and Madison horizons (Figure 6). The NW-SE striking thrust curves into a NE-SW...


Current Trends in Geophysics

H. E. Stommel, J. M. Graul

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... processing, wavelet processing, coherency enhancement, attenuation analysis, multi-parameter color displays, forward and inverse modeling...


Statistical Relations Between Borehole and Surface Data

Dale G. Stone

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... data can be derived from the logs in lieu of simple exponentials. Time variant coherency measure quantifies the degree of similarity between...


Velocity Analyses of Near Seafloor Strata Based on Multichannel Seismic Data from the Tonga Platform

Jeffrey E. Cole, Dennis M. Mann

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... were produced of reflector coherency as a function of stacking velocity and two-way travel time (Figure 6). These coherency plots were used...


Abstract: Correlation Data as an Aid in Fault Interpretation: A Case Study

E. R. Telatovich

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of these, of course, is the use of correlation, or coherency attributes. While companies may have experimented with the technology earlier, correlation...


Statistical Relations Between Borehole and Surface Data: ABSTRACT

Dale G. Stone

AAPG Bulletin

... scaling curves for seismic data can be derived from the log instead of simple exponential. Time variant coherency measure quantifies the degree...


Abstract: Discovery and Development of the Trenton/Black River Napoleon Field, Jackson County, Michigan; #90262 (2016)

Matt Johnston

Search and

... and positioning of detailed 3D seismic surveys. Various attributes of the 3D surveys; such as time maps, amplitudes, coherency, and others were used...


Slip sliding away: Enigma of large sandy blocks within a gas-bearing mass transport deposit, offshore northwestern Greenland

David R. Cox, Mads Huuse, Andrew M. W. Newton, Paul Gannon, and John Clayburn

AAPG Bulletin

..., subvertical low-amplitude zones (Figures 3, 9A). Coherency and variance attribute time slices from within mega-unit D1 (Figure 9B) show how these zones...


Fracture Patterns within Mudstones on the Flanks of a Salt Dome: Syneresis or Slumping?

Morenike O. Coker, Janok P. Bhattacharya, and Kurt J. Marfurt

GCAGS Transactions

... Sea and from Cretaceous strata in Alberta but have never been described from the Gulf of Mexico. Well control and modern seismic attribute analyses...


Poststack Acoustic Impedance Characterization of a Mississippian Tripolitic Chert Reservoir, Osage County, Oklahoma

Benjamin L. Dowdell, Henry White, Kurt J. Marfurt

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... seismic inversion to predict acoustic impedance away from the well. The result is a 3D acoustic impedance attribute volume that we can use...


Seismic Damage Zones and Their Impact within Thrust and Fault Systems; #41017 (2012)

David Iacopini and Rob W. H. Butler

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... in seismic Fault? Original Amplitude cube Iacopini,D, Butler, R, 2011 Coherency cube Deformation? Coherency geobodies draped on original volume...


Machine learning applications to seismic structural interpretation: Philosophy, progress, pitfalls, and potential

Kellen L. Gunderson, Zhao Zhang, Barton Payne, Shuxing Cheng, Ziyu Jiang, and Atlas Wang

AAPG Bulletin

... semiautomated techniques such as horizon autopicking and seismic attribute-based fault interpretation (semblance, coherency, etc.) (Bahorich and Farmer...


Normal faults and gas migration in an active plate boundary, southern Taranaki Basin, offshore New Zealand

Bradley R. Ilg, Samuel Hemmings-Sykes, Andrew Nicol, Jan Baur, Miko Fohrmann, Rob Funnell, Mike Milner

AAPG Bulletin

... faults. (B) Coherency attribute and (C) meta-attribute images of migrated seismic line hzt82a-136 showing inferred gas chimneys as steeply inclined...


Outcrop and Seismic Analysis of Natural Fractures, Faults and Structure at Teapot Dome, Wyoming

Scott P. Cooper, Bruce Hart, John C. Lorenz, Laurel B. Goodwin, Mark Milliken

Wyoming Geological Association

.... Timeslices through a coherency volume in the Paleozoic section (e.g., Figure 8a), combined with examination of vertical transects through...


Application of Zero Offset 2D CRS-Stack Method for Low Fold Data: Synthetic and Real Data Examples

R. Sule, A. Hendriyana, P. D. Anggraini, Fatkhan, Alfian, Sardjito, Waluyo, Adriansyah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and choose one that lead to highest coherency value. Coherency is calculated as follow (Taner and Koehler, 1969), THE ZO CRS-STACK METHOD 1. CMP stack ZO...


3D Driven Rock Quality Mapping and Landing Target Selection in the Wolfcamp Formation: A Case Study on How to Combine Geologic, Geophysical, and Engineering Data to Produce Better Well Results, Midland Basin, Texas

Aaron Fisher, F.X. O'Keefe, Chris Niedz, Brian Wehner, Nick Kramer, Paul Heuermann, Scott Patrick

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... consultants applied an amplitude and phase preserving data conditioning workflow to prepare the data for a variety of inversion and attribute volume...


Integration of 2D Analog and 3D High Resolution Seismic Data for Regional Shallow Overburden Description in Tangguh Field, Indonesia

M.R. Husni Sahidu, Sarah Anzaita Putri, Christopher S. Birt, Rini Apriani

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the shallow geology of the Late Miocene-Pliocene Steenkool formation and the Quaternary Sele formation. Coherency and Spectral Decomposition attributes...


The Challenge of Applying New Technologies to Exploration in a Sub Andean Basins

Marcelo Benabentos, Pedro Muñoz, Juan Uribe, Francisco Ortigosa, Dewi Jones

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... image was of poor quality. Even with an image of good quality, based on the coherency of seismic horizons criteria, structural interpretation often...


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