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Sequence-Stratigraphic, Petrophysical, and Multicomponent Seismic Analysis of a Shelf-Margin Reservoir: San Andres Formation (Permian), Vacuum Field, New Mexico, United States

Matthew J. Pranter, Neil F. Hurley, Thomas L. Davis

AAPG Special Volumes

... of a San Andres carbonate reservoir using four dimensional multicomponent attribute analysis: Master's thesis, Colo rado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado...


Assessment of Fault Zone Properties for CSG Development Areas

Jim Undershultz, Saswata Mukherjee, Alexandra Wolhuter, Huan Xu, Eddie Banks, Saskia Noorduijn, Jim McCallum

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... previously as continuous faults. However, upon closer examination with the coherency attribute many of these faults are seen to be discontinuous along...


An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging Through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... techniques such as stacking velocity inversion and coherency inversion are equally applicable to depth conversion projects as they are to pre-stack...


An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of model building or refinement. Velocity estimation techniques such as stacking velocity inversion and coherency inversion are equally applicable...


3D VSP Finite-Difference Acoustic Modeling to Address Advance Seismic Imaging Challenges in Bintuni Bay … Irian Jaya Barat

Angke Nuraeni, Greg J. Schurter, Yayat Supriyatna, Supriyono, Brian Hornby, Cemal Erdemir

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... reflectivity of channel. Some addition attribute such as coherency was run but didn’t give clear imaging of channel due to limited coverage area. Ultimetly, 3D...


Abstract: Kinematic Structural Forward Modeling for Fault Trajectory Prediction in Seismic Interpretation; #90224 (2015)

Mohammed Alarfaj and Don C. Lawton

Search and

... on semblance and variance algorithms were helpful in delineating the shallow fault surfaces, but not the deeper poorly imaged sections. The computed attribute...


Advanced Reservoir Modeling in Poor Seismic; October Field, Northern Gulf of Suez, Egypt, #40872 (2012)

William J. Sercombe, Leon Thurmon, James Morse

Search and

... processing, Seismic Sequence Attribute Mapping (SSAM), and coherency studies suggested east-west faulting in this area. GEODES evaluations of the dip...


The Reservoir Architecture of Turbidite Channels: Models and Mysteries, #51044 (2014).

Tim McHargue

Search and

... Dip Attribute display by Julian Clark 1km Maier et al., 2012 Chirp profiles (16 kHz) D D C C 2 B 2 B A 2 ~25 m A ~100 m 500 m Maier et al...


The Geophysicists' Bane: Multiple Suppression on the North West Shelf

C. R. T. Ramsden, M. R. Hobson, R. Cooper

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... operator. Application of weighted stacks and inner trace mutes, which bias the stack towards the far offsets, can improve the stacking of primary events...


Three-Dimensional Hydrogeologic Characterization of Fractured Carbonate Aquifers Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

Georgios P. Tsoflias, John M. Sharp, Jr.

GCAGS Transactions

... separation, 64 trace stacks, 600 ns record length and 0.8 ns sampling interval. Optimal Figure 3. Southeast view of Bissen Quarry during...


High Impact Exploration Inventory in an Emerging Hydrocarbon Province, Morandava Basin, Offshore Madagascar; #10957 (2017)

Irewole J. Ayodele, Adeleke Orimolade, Samuel Adetola, Glen Penfield, Babafemi Falaye

Search and

... of Variance/Coherency and Spectral Decomposition were used to support structural culminations. The prospectivity of the offshore Madagascar study...


Applying Petroleum Exploration Data to Identify Geothermal Targets in the North Perth Basin, Australia, #80701 (2019).

Mark Ballesteros,

Search and

... and Coherency 5 km Coherency processing helps to highlight discontinuities in the seismic data, such as faults and fractures, providing a much clearer...


South Furious Field, The Evolution of an Interpretation: Subsurface Model Based on Latest Drilling Results

P. E. Heer, H. I. Thio

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

.... In spite of the fair to poor seismic quality, volume attribute processing techniques such as generating coherency time slices (Fig. 12) and detailed...


Fluid Prediction from 3-D Seismic Data in Deepwater Sandstone Reservoirs: Applications from Cocuite Gas Field, Veracruz Basin, Southeastern Mexico

Fouad, Khaled, Jennette, David C., Soto-Cuervo, Arturo

GCAGS Transactions

... and windowed attribute-extraction techniques. Although numerous direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHI's) were delineated and mapped from several...


Pore pressure prediction while drilling: Three-dimensional earth model in the Gulf of Mexico

Fausto Mosca, Obren Djordjevic, Thomas Hantschel, Jim McCarthy, Ana Krueger, Dave Phelps, Tayo Akintokunbo, Thorsten Joppen, Klaas Koster, Michael Schupbach, Kenneth Hampshire, and Andy MacGregor

AAPG Bulletin

... below seismic resolution, an arbitrary thickness of 15 ft (5 m) was assigned. The discontinuity seismic attribute, generated from the near-angle...


Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Pliocene and Miocene Fluvial Systems in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.

Lesli J. Wood

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., Interpretation of incised valleys using new 3-D seismic techniques; a case history using spectral decomposition and coherency: The Leading Edge, v. 17, p. 1294...


Characterization of the Devonian Kharyaga carbonate platform (Russia): Integrated and multiscale approach

Vincenzo Spina, Jean Borgomano, Georges Nely, Natalia Shchukina, Alan Irving, Catherine Neumann, and Valerie Neillo

AAPG Bulletin

.... The analysis of seismic attribute maps (coherency map; gradient coherency cube—a proprietary Total tool for structural analysis) at various...


Seismic geomorphology of offshore Moroccos east margin, Safi Haute Mer area

Dallas B. Dunlap, Lesli J. Wood, Chad Weisenberger, Haddou Jabour

AAPG Bulletin

... (Figure 22a). Coherency attribute extractions confirm the multithread nature of channel complexes preserved within these blocks (Figure 22b).Figure 22...


Abstract: Coherence and Measures of Coherence: An Advanced 3D Interpretive Processing Application

Leong Lap Sau, Ng Tong San

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... spectrum, coefficient of coherency, coherency and coherence spectrum. In the physical sciences coherence is often described as the condition necessary...


Impact of Strike-Slip Faulting on The Reservoirs of Kuwait; #90017 (2003)

Thomas W. Radford, Ian P. Saxby, Hanadi Al-Qallaf, William Sercombe

Search and

..., Barcelona, Spain, September 21-24, 2003 Figure 3. All existing West Kuwait 3D surveys merged into a single cube. This image is a coherency Depth Slice...


A Pliocene–Quaternary analogue for ancient epeiric carbonate settings: The Malita intrashelf basin (Bonaparte Basin, northwest Australia)

Simon Courgeon, Julien Bourget, and Stephan J. Jorry

AAPG Bulletin

...) root-mean-square amplitudes and (2) similarity (equivalent to a coherency attribute). These attributes allowed characterization of the seismic...


Impact of Pre-Stack Depth Migration on the Anama Prospect, Papuan Foreland Basin

K. Bradey

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... these limitations, coherency inversion was employed as the most appropriate method. Following is an account of these methods. For the Dix and stacking...


Abstract: Chemostratigraphy and depositional environment of an Ordovician sedimentary section across the Miramichi Group - Tetagouche Group contact, northeastern New Brunswick

David R. Lentz, Wayne D. Goodfellow, Earnest Brooks

Atlantic Geology

... on the preservation of albite and less coherency of trace-element systematics to phyllosilicate indices (Al203 and K10). They are probably derived...


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