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Geology of Natural Gas in Arkansas Valley, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

William M. Caplan

AAPG Bulletin

... downthrown toward the north. High-angle reverse faults and low-angle thrusts are the common types in that region. Major faulting in the Arkansas Valley...


Abstract: Constrained 3D VTI Full Waveform Inversion of Wide Azimuth Data from the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia; #90254 (2016)

Young Seo Kim, Constantine Tsingas

Search and

... reverse time migration (RTM) was implemented with the initial and inverted models to verify the VTI FWI results and produce depth images and common angle...


Chapter 8: Amplitude Versus Offset

Tom Wittick

North Texas Geological Society

... in P-wave reflection strength as a function of incidence angle or shot-to-receiver offset. By the use of AVO modeling we can use this information...


Amplitude Versus Offset

Abilene Geological Society

... as a function of incidence angle or shot-to-receiver offset. By the use of AVO modeling we can use this information to determine properties of a rock...


Abstract: Estimating Poisson's Ratio from Elastic Impedance: A Case Study for Hydrocarbon Plays in Malay Basin (Geophysics Poster 3)

Ang Chin Tee, Shaidin Arshad

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia It is now common for a 3D datasets to be processed as partial offset volumes to exploit the AVO information...


Great Falls Lineament, Idaho and Montana: ABSTRACT

J. Michael O'Neill, David A. Lopez

AAPG Bulletin

... geologic mapping has outlined northeast-trending, high-angle faults and shear zones that: (1) extend more than 150 km (93 mi) from near Salmon, Idaho...


Abstract: Maximize the Potential of Seismic Data in Shale Exploration and Production … Examples from the Barnett Shale and the Eagle Ford Shale; #90187 (2014)

Joanne Wang and Duane Dopkin

Search and

... orientation through anisotropic velocity analysis and azimuthal AVO technique. Geomechanical property generation requires input of reflection angle data...


Weatherford International R&D Introduced Zetaflow™ as a New Economical and Easy to Apply Product for Fracture Stimulation

Ron Powell, Frank Zamora

Oklahoma City Geological Society

...™ alters the capillary contact angle leaving the formation neutral wet thus enhancing load recovery and oil and gas production. ZetaFlow™ is based...


Late Cenozoic Imbricate Thrusting in Venezuelan Andes: DISCUSSION

Louis R. Reeder

AAPG Bulletin

..., Colombia, mapa geologico; cuadrangulo G-13, Cucuta (edicion preliminar): Sclae 1:200,000. De Ratmiroff, G., 1969, Low angle thrust faulting on the northern...


Bedding Structures in a Channel Sand Bar of the Ganga River Near Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Indra Bir Singh

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... This bedding is the main constituent of the bar (Fig. 4). However, such low-angle cross-bedding is not a common feature in fluvial environments...


Depositional Environments of Upper Cretaceous Fox Hills Formation, Niobrara and Weston Counties, East-Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Harry W. Dodge, Jr., Thomas M. Crandall

AAPG Bulletin

... sorted upward. Highly bioturbated beds are common throughout the upper shoreface strata. Low-angle planar cross-bedding and some parallel bedding...


Overcoming Seismic Attenuation Caused by Shallow Gas Above at a Gas Field Offshore Indonesia to Quantitatively Characterize the Reservoir Through Simultaneous Inversion

Cecep W. Rudiana, Bambang Irawan, Denny Sulistiono, Mark Sams

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and shales, with common thin coal beds predominantly in the lower part of the Middle Arang. Problem Definition The main objective of this work...


Sparse Layer Inversion for Prestack Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Raisya Noor Pertiwi, Muhammad Alwi, Herlan Setiadi, Khairul Ummah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... CHARACTERIZATION Raisya Noor Pertiwi* Muhammad Alwi** Herlan Setiadi* Khairul Ummah* ABSTRACT The seismic enhancement has become a common practice...


Abstract: AVAZ Inversion for Fracture Orientation and Intensity: a Physical Modeling Study; #90187 (2014)

Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary F. Margrave

Search and

... Jenner (2002) for amplitude inversion of small incident angle data to extract the fracture orientation (direction of isotropic plane of the medium...


Estimation of Gas Reservoir Boundary by AVO Analysis

Alfian D. Santoso, L. Hendrajaya, F. Makhruf, Purwoko, S. Ardisasmita

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

..., but it is correct for a receiver located at the subsurface reflector point and seen by plotting the reflection coefficient to the angle of incident...


Comparative Analysis of Simultaneous Inversion Result with Elastic Inversion and AVO Envelope in Sumandak Field (Geophysics Paper 9)

Yeshpal Singh

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... and its quadrature (the 900 phase shifted version of the recorded signal). It is derived from Hilbert transform of near and far angle stacks...


ABSTRACT: Reverse Time Migration Using CRS Shot Gathers

Alfredo Caballero, Rodolfo Ballesteros, Eliakim Schuenemann, Ekkehard Tessmer, Humberto Salazar

GCAGS Transactions

... Tabasco No. 1203, Col. Lindavista, Torre Empresarial, Piso 07, C.P. 86050, Villahermosa, Tabasco, México ABSTRACT The Common-Reflection-Surface (CRS...


Storm- and Wave-Dominated Sandstones on an Extensive Ordovician Shelf: Abstract

Patrick J. Brenchley

CSPG Special Publications

... km + distant) has beds with only slightly erosional bases, low angle HCS, non-erosional tops, mudstone partings between some beds, but common...


ABSTRACT: Structural Filter

Dong Liu

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... Structural Filter in real seismic data, during this study Structural Filter (SF) was applied to Common Midpoint (CMP) and Common Reflection (CRP...


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