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Abstract: Seismic Attributes for Regional Reconnaissance: Deep Gas Interval, Gulf of Mexico Shelf: Abstract

H. Truman Holcombe

GCAGS Transactions

... (2005) Regional reconnaissance analyses of seismic data for potential prospects on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf is common practice when preparing...


Greybull Sandstone Pool (Lower Cretaceous) on Elk Basin Thrust-Fold Complex, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Stone

AAPG Bulletin

... a Paleozoic common pool. Abundant well data and seismic information have been used in a stratigraphic and structural study focusing on the Greybull...


Shelf Sedimentation Above Storm Wave Base in Upper Ordovician Reedsville Formation in Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

John A. Conrad

AAPG Bulletin

... deposited by occasional storm-generated currents. Storm facies exhibit (1) abundant winnowed shell lags coupled with low-angle cross-stratified finer...


Abstract: Converted Wave Shot Profile Wave Equation Migration Toolbox Kit; #90224 (2015)

Mark Ng

Search and

.... Biondi and P. Sava, 2008, wave-equation angle-domain common-image gathers for converted waves, Geophysics, 73, no.1, S17-S26. Datapages/Search...


Abstract: Physical Testing of the Effect of Tilting on the Reflection Coefficient in an Anisotropic Material; #90172 (2014)

Miryam Ortiz-Osornio, Douglas R. Schmitt

Search and

... more notable at the critical angle vicinity. Those results support former theoretical work. Introduction The effect of tilting in AVO is an important...


Dip and Azimuth Determination in 3D CRS-Stack

A. Hendriyana, M. Jaya, R. Sule, A.D. Guntara

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Guntara*** ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Common-Reflection-Surface (CRS) stack collects all the energy reflected from a subsurface interface defined by its...


Application OF AVO Seismofacies Technique to Detect Undrained Prospects in Handil Shallow and Upper Zones, Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan

Sung Yuh, Ahmad Anshariy, Savanto Ariawan, Hilfan Khairy, Cepi M. Adam

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... indicators (DHI), which uses near- and far-angle stacks of seismic data to compute the amplitude anomalies standing out from the background trends of water...


Low-Angle Eolian Deposits in Coastal Settings: Significant Rocky Mountain Exploration Targets

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, Donald L. Gautier, Talat A. Bader

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... Low-angle eolian deposits as much as 10 m thick within the Nebraska barchanoid- ' ridge dunes are very common within many such dunes studied...


Abstract: Mechanical Stratigraphy and Normal Faulting; #90289 (2017)

David Ferrill

Search and

... displacement is accommodated by distributed shear or slip on a system of low angle faults. With increasing extension and displacement, this may develop...


Quantitative Interpretation in the Bedout Sub-basin: The value of seismic inversion in areas of sub-optimal seismic data quality

M. Kongawoin, A. Pauli, A. Locke, L. Hansen

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

.... Postmigration processing included spectral balancing to improve the bandwidth on far angle ranges. Through each iteration, the latest techniques were...


Abstract: The geometrical relationship between the stretching lineation and the movement direction of shear zones

S. Lin, P. F. Williams

Atlantic Geology

... lineation pitching 58° (plunging 52°) on a foliation dipping 69°, if the angle between S and C is 30°. Shear zones with such a geometry may be common...


Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy — A Current Assessment: Abstract

J. F. Sarg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., indicative of sediment bypassing, is a common pattern found below sequence boundaries in areas of rapid progradation. Generally, the bulk of carbonate...


ABSTRACT: Rift-Basin Inversion: Evidence from Small-Scale Structures; #90013 (2003)

Jennifer A. Elder Brady, Roy W. Schlische, Martha Oliver Withjack

Search and

... structures from ten field areas in the Fundy rift basin of Maritime Canada provide strong evidence of a common extensional history. Structures studied...


ABSTRACT: Lower Cretaceous Incised Valley Complexes, Northern British Columbia, Canada; #90013 (2003)

Murray Gingras, Barton Blakney, John-Paul Zonneveld

Search and

.... In their northernmost (upstream) reaches, the incised valleys are dominated by unbioturbated, high-angle cross-bedded and current-ripple laminated upper...


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