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Curvature of Low-Angle Faults at Las Mercedes, Venezuela: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

M. Kamen-Kaye

AAPG Bulletin

...Curvature of Low-Angle Faults at Las Mercedes, Venezuela: GEOLOGICAL NOTES M. Kamen-Kaye 1953 2178 2182 37 9. (September) : During the years...


Geology of the Tecoma Disseminated Gold and Silver Deposit

Ian H. Douglas, William M. Oriel

Utah Geological Association

...-angle, younger-over-older fault zone between the Devonian Guilmette Formation and the Mississippian Chainman Formation. Ore is predominantly...


Abstract: Reflection Full Traveltime Inversion in the Image Domain; #90319 (2018)

Yue Ma, Tong W. Fei, Yan Wu, Yi Luo

Search and

... or kinematic information in seismic data or migrated gathers for smooth velocities, suffer a common and severe problem ---- the inversion...


Seismic Interpretation Methodology for Fluvial Sandstone Reservoirs in Widuri Field, Offshore Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia

D. C. Carter, W. E. Harmony, L. Harvidya, G. Juniarto, S. Lestari, A. Purba

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... sandstone reservoirs closely above or below coal seams. Both range-limited and finite-angle stacks are used for 3-D AVO interpretation. In addition...


Fluid and Petrophysical Prediction in the Elastic Impedance Domain Using Neural Network Technique; #41066 (2012)

M. Hermana, M. Najmi, Z.Z.T. Harith, and C.W. Sum

Search and

... and petrophysical log to determine the optimum chi angle; 2) Construction of seismic equivalent from AVO attribute and Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) projection...


Abstract: Structural Geology of Teton Pass, Wyoming

Sandra Dunn

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... overturning, was severe enough to break this anticline along two major faults. These high-angle reverse faults die out westward into the overturned anticline...


Abstract: Seismic Amplitude Measurement for Primary Lithology Estimation (SAMPLE): Case Histories From Tertiary Western Basins

G. S. Gassaway

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... 101b 102 Vol. 17 (1984) No. 1. (Annual) Amplitude variations within a common depth point (CDP) gather can be interpreted to yield shear wave velocities...


Possible Sub-Sea Anticlines, Gulf of Paria. Trinidad-Venezuela: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Lewis C. Chapman

AAPG Bulletin

...° west. The anticlines are generally asymmetrical, the south flank having the lesser angle of dip. The Admiralty map mentioned indicates sixteen...


Abstract: Seismic Expression of Normal Faults and Associated Structures

Martha O. Withjack

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... are common features in continental rifts. Fault dip and displacement stratal dip, and fold position and size vary considerably. Synthetic seismic...


Estimating Subsurface Fracture Spacing with Data from Near-Vertical Wells: Abstract

Wayne N'Arr

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... data into a common, comparative, and geologically meaningful format, and the average fracture spacing satisfies these requirements. For example, thick...


Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Facies on an Incised Carbonate Platform, Phar Lap Member (Middle Devonian), Graveyard Creek Basin, Northeastern Australia: Abstract

Simon C. Lang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Limestone clasts, cannibalised from the underlying limestone platform, are common throughout, whereas in situ coralline and stromatoporoid buildups...


Tectonics of Northern Cordillera in Canada: ABSTRACT

L. J. Martin

AAPG Bulletin

... part of this area. Intrusive bodies are common near the Rocky Mountain trench. Farther east simple folds are the predominant structural type. The eastern...


Structural Features of North Tejon-Wheeler Ridge Area: ABSTRACT

Archer H. Warne

AAPG Bulletin

... faulting common to the other anticlinal folds. Development of the North Tejon field showed the presence of numerous high-angle faults and revealed...


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