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Abstract: Relative Impedance Inversion of Seismic Traces by Means of Complex Trace Attributes; #90310 (2017)

Kurt Grubbe, Sean McQuaid

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...Abstract: Relative Impedance Inversion of Seismic Traces by Means of Complex Trace Attributes; #90310 (2017) Kurt Grubbe, Sean McQuaid AAPG Datapages...


ABSTRACT: Integrated Seismic Texture Segmentation and SOM Cluster Analysis for Channel Delineation

Malleswar Yenugu

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

..., 3D volumetric attributes have gained wide acceptance by seismic interpreters. The early of the single-trace complex trace attribute was quickly...


Three-Dimensional Seismic Monitoring of Enhanced Oil Recovery Project: ABSTRACT

R. J. Greaves, T. J. Fulp, P. L. Head

AAPG Bulletin

.... The predicted changes in reflection character are primarily due to changes in density caused by increased gas saturation. Complex trace attributes were...


Seismic Meta-Attributes and the Illumination of the Internal Reservoir Architecture of a Deepwater Synthetic Channel Model, #41267 (2014)

Staffan Van Dyke, Renjun Wen

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... a single  , p trace, but more complex attributes are calculated across  multiple traces within a defined window. Instantaneous Attributes Instantaneous...




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... true for the complex trace seismic attributes, and its possible relationships with petrophysical parameters. From a recent 3D seismic survey, which...


Abstract: Inversion Approach to Calculate Instantaneous Frequency; #90174 (2014)

Jiajun Han and Mirko van der Baan

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... revisits complex trace analysis and proposes an inversion approach to calculate instantaneous frequency. Computed frequencies tend to be smooth...


Relative Impedance Inversion of Seismic Traces by Means of Complex Trace Attributes (CTA Inversion) … 40 Years On!, #42179 (2018).

Kurt Grubbe, Sean McQuaid

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..., Tulsa, 516 p. Robertson, J.D., and H.H. Nogami, 1984, Complex Seismic Trace Analysis of Thin Beds: Geophysics, v. 49/4, p. 344-352. Robertson, J.D....


Abstract: Geophysical evaluation on the late miocene rocks in offshore Nile Delta, Egypt, #90099 (2009), #90099 (2009)

Moataz kh. Barakat

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... and stratigraphic features in the area. The complex trace analysis of the seismic data and interpretation of the seismic attribute are helpful...


Abstract: Defining Sweet SpotsŽ of the Upper Jurassic Unconventional Hydrocarbon System in Central Part of the Mid-Polish Trough Using Seismic Inversion, Seismic Attribute Analysis and Seismic Stratigraphic Modelling; #90255 (2017)

Lukasz Slonka, Piotr Krzywiec, Marta Mulinska, Tomasz Rosowski, Michal Malinowski, Marta Cyz, Paulina Krakowska

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... inversion. Lithology prediction was deployed using model-based post-stack seismic inversion algorithm. Complex trace attributes were analyzed in order...


Abstract: Attribute-Assisted Stratigraphic Interpretation; #90172 (2014)

Fred M. Peterson

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... data sets. Post-migration, interpretive workstation-based attribute analysis such as spectral decomposition, complex trace analysis and volume...


Time Frequency Gathers: An Optimal Spectral Decomposition Analysis Approach

Badsha Basu Roy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for the first frequency from which complex trace attributes are constructed. In this process, input traces are filtered with each filtered wavelet...


Seismic Imaging of Sturctural, Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Plays - Workshop Summary

Bruce Hart


... can be used to show faulting between multiple horizons, through changes in lithology, fluid continent, porosity or bed thickness. Complex trace...


AVO Analysis for Direct Hydrocarbon Detection in Field X in the Persian Gulf (Paper 5)

Mohammad Ali Riahi, Mohammad Emami Niri

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... interpretation, using complex trace analysis introduced by Taner et af. (1979), as visual signatures for these DHIs. More recently, other techniques have been...


Seismic Modelling to Support the Interpretation of Seismic Data, Northeast Jambi Block 'B', South Sumatra

J. A. Harwijanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., M.T., Koehler, F., and Sheriff, R.E. 1979. Complex Seismic Trace Analysis. Geophysics 44, 1041-1063. Seismic reflection data allow the interpretation...


High Frequency Borehole Seismic Acquisition and Its Applications for Reservoir Delineation of the Bunyu Field, Onshore Kalimantan, Indonesia

Adriansyah, Patricius Sembiring, Mohammed Badri, Azhar Akhtar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to remove mode-converted shear waves. To enhance the interpretation of the offset VSP image, complex trace attributes analysis, such as quadrature...


Correlation Mapping Technique, a Powerful Tool to Minimize Risk and to Guide Future Development Plans

Gertjan van Mechelen, Jurgen Meyer, Roopa Gir

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... defined specific time intervals guided by structural interpretation). Furthermore the technique of complex trace analysis as preprocessor for attribute...


Abstract: Rank-Reduction-Based Trace Interpolation; #90172 (2014)

Stewart Trickett, Lynn Burroughs, Andrew Milton, Larry Walton, Rob Dack

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... the signal band... { 1. Place the complex trace values for this frequency into a matrix A (somehow). 2. Reduce the matrix to rank k. 3. Recover each trace...


Detection of Fluvial Systems Using Spectral Decomposition (Continuous Wavelet Transformation) and Seismic Multi-Attribute Analysis … A New Potential Stratigraphic Trap in the Carbonera Formation, Llanos Foothills, Colombia; #42281 (2018)

Essam Saeid, James Kellogg, Christopher Kendall, Ibraheem Hafiz, Zyaid Albesher

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... trace by mean Hilbert transforms, that is used to transform a seismic trace to a complex trace. A complex seismic trace can be generated either...


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