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Introduction: Part 5. Laboratory Methods

AAPG Special Volumes

... and Kersey), core--log transformations and porosity--permeability relationships (Nagel and Byerley), wettability (Funk), capillary pressure (Vavra, Kaldi...


Core-Log Transformations and Porosity-Permeability Relationships: Part 5. Laboratory Methods

Walter A. Nagel , Keith A. Byerley

AAPG Special Volumes

...Core-Log Transformations and Porosity-Permeability Relationships: Part 5. Laboratory Methods Walter A. Nagel , Keith A. Byerley 1992 214 217 ME 10...


Permeability: Part 5. Laboratory Methods

Henry A. Ohen, David G. Kersey

AAPG Special Volumes

... and permeability within units with the same hydraulic properties (Amaefule et al., 1988). (For more on porosity, see the chapters on "Porosity" and "Core-Log...


Core Description: Part 5. Laboratory Methods

Frank G. Ethridge

AAPG Special Volumes

... on "Preprocessing of Logging Data" in Part 4 and "Core--Log Transformations and Porosity--Permeability Relationships" in Part 5. For information...


ABSTRACT: Facies-Based Rock Physics in the Nelson Field, United Kingdom Central North Sea … Part II: Rock Properties; #90061 (2006)

Mark G. Kittridge and Irene S. Espejo

Search and

... ‘seismic petrophysics’, including core-log calibration, fluid acoustic properties modeling, and quantitative shaly sand evaluation. In this workflow...



F. X. Jian, C. Y. Chork and I. J. Taggart, D. M. McKay and R. M. Bartlett

Journal of Petroleum Geology

... units on the basis of core and log data...


Modern Techniques in Wireline Logging - Multiple Workshop Summary

Bill Guy, John Doveton, Raj Kumar, David K. Davies, Bruce Stubbs


... the traditional reservoir-wide scatter plotting of core porosity vs. permeability. This includes looking at porosity-permeability relationships within...


Advanced Applications of Wireline Logging for Improved Oil Recovery - Workshop Summary

Bill Guy, David K. Davies, Raj Kumar, Bruce Stubbs


... than the traditional reservoir-wide scatter plotting of core porosity vs. permeability. This includes looking at porosity-permeability relationships...


An Intelligent Rock Physics Approach for Predicting Permeability Distribution

Bambang Widarsono, Fakhriyadi Saptono, Patrick M. Wong, Suprajitno Munadi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...., and Saptono, F., 2000b. A new approach in processing core and log data for assisting seismic-based mapping of porosity and water saturation...


ABSTRACT: Integrated 3-D Reservoir Modeling Using Neural Networks: Weyburn Field, Williston Basin, Saskatchewan; #90007 (2002)

Anna Stafford, Nancy House

Search and

...), enabled better integration of seismic scale observations with sub-seismic scale rock properties from core and log data. An initial geologic model...


ABSTRACT: Heterogeneous Carbonate Buildups in the Colorado Portion of the Blanding Sub-Basin of the Paradox Basin, Colorado and Utah: Possible Targets for Increased Oil Production Using Horizontal Drilling Techniques; #90007 (2002)

Laura L. Wray, Neal DeShazo, David E. Eby

Search and

... has an average porosity and permeability respectively of 8 percent and 4.5 millidarcies. These averages are for all the cored intervals...


Subsurface Maps: Part 6. Geological Methods

K. W. Weissenburger

AAPG Special Volumes

... be mapped and contoured (see the chapters on "Permeability" and "Core-Log Transformations and Porosity-Permeability Relationships" in Part 5...


Evaluating Tight Gas Reservoirs: Part 6. Geological Methods

Thomas F. Moslow

AAPG Special Volumes

... Average core analysis values for porosity, permeability, oil, gas, and water saturation should be determined for each facies recognized to identify those...


Stratigraphic well correlations for 3-D static modeling of carbonate reservoirs

Jean R. F. Borgomano, Francois Fournier, Sophie Viseur, Lex Rijkels

AAPG Bulletin

.... Keelan, 1993, Enhanced reservoir description: Using core and log data to identify hydraulic (flow) units and predict permeability in uncored intervals...


Controls on Permeability for Unconsolidated Sands from Conventional Core Data Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Michael S. Marzano

GCAGS Transactions

... an analyst without conventional core data can estimate permeability using wireline log porosity and grain size from sidewall core data. The data set is based...


A New Method of Evaluating Tight Sandstone Reservoir Pore Structure from Conventional Logs

Liang Xiao, Chang-chun Zou, Xiu-hong Xie

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... that reflect rock pore structure. For core samples with better pore structure, the corresponding porosity and permeability are relative high, and vice versa...


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