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Abstract: Integrated Interpretation of Potential Field and Reflection Seismic Data from the Orsa Area of the Siljan Impact Crater, Central Sweden; #90255 (2017)

Harbe Muhamad, Christopher Juhlin, Alireza Malehmir

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.... In addition to the main previous processing steps, cross-dip corrections were also applied. Cross-dip angles ranging between +85° to -85° were tested...


Integration of Geological Data on Seismic Sections: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

L. F. Ivanhoe

AAPG Bulletin

..., approximately at 90° to the bedding. Seismic sections are therefore "tilted" at approximately the complement of the angle of the cross dip. Many...


Geometric Analysis of Seismic Fault Evidence: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

L. F. Ivanhoe

AAPG Bulletin

... of the cross dip. Many of the most common interpretive errors are due to basic misunderstanding of the geometric complications introduced when...


Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing in the Midway-Sunset Oil Field

C. R. Willingham, A. S. Wylie Jr., D. J. Underwood

Pacific Section of AAPG

... to obtain good imaging. This is particularly true in the presence of high ambient noise levels. The cross dip components created by the source...


Rotary Steerable System Performance in Tangara-1 ST3-ST4 Exploratory Well , Piedemonte, Llanos Orientales, Colombia

E. Zapata, M. Arevalo, G. Grillo, J. Chialvo

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... tendency to the well to navigate by natural tendency cross dip and the stand pipe pressure and mud properties limitations did not allow to the power drive...


Application of Amplitude, Frequency, and Other Attributes to Stratigraphic and Hydrocarbon Determination: Section 2. Application of Seismic Reflection Configuration to Stratigraphic Interpretation

M. T. Taner, R. E. Sheriff

AAPG Special Volumes

... such as dip, rate of change of dip, or cross-dip have also been displayed. EXAMPLES AND GEOLOGIC MEANING Geologic interpretation of color-coded displays...


Stratigraphic Traps for Petroleum in Wind-Laid Rocks

Steven G. Fryberger

AAPG Bulletin

...-bed dip angles and wide scatter in cross-bed dip direction. However, porous reservoir rock at Edsel field is associated with steep dip angles...


Anisotropic Depth Migration Applied in an Area of the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a Tool for Understanding the Structure in Depth

Isabel Cristina Florez, Rob Vestrum

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... in the fast direction and rays from the western or cross-dip side of the structure will travel in the slow direction. The least-time raypath will have a longer...


3.2 Basement Involved: 3.2.1 Crustal Profiles: The Moine and Outer Isles Seismic Traverse (MOIST)

J. A. Brewer and D. K. Smythe

AAPG Special Volumes

... from SP 3400, between 5.0 and 6.0 secs, to about SP 2300 at 14.0 secs (over 40 km; 25 mi depth). Because of the lack of adequate cross-dip information...


Anisotropic depth migration in the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a key to understanding the structure in depth


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... or updip side of the structure will travel at a higher velocity than rays from the western or cross-dip side of the structure. The least-time raypath...


Extraction and Interpretation of the Complex Seismic Trace

R. E. Sheriff, M. T. Taner, F. Koehler, D. Frye

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the direction of cross dip and in other ways. Most of the uses of color on seismic sections have been either very simple, using very few colors, or else very...


Dynamic Significance of Primary Structures in the Middle Jurassic Great Oolite Series, Southern England

George Devries Klein

Special Publications of SEPM

... and wavy beds The cross strata show two dip directional maxima which are 1800 apart possess a high dip angle 240 average and contain thin 1 to 1 t inches...


Three Dimensional Exploration in California — A Case History

E. T. Selby

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by the input time section. This is only true if there are no cross line dip components. This means that we assume that all the reflector travel paths...


Geosteering Using True Stratigraphic Thickness

Charles R. Berg, Andrew C. Newson

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of vertical sections is that if the borehole strays laterally from the plane of section and there is cross dip, then points will appear out of place...


II. Migration to Remedy Geometric Distortions

Robert E. Sheriff

AAPG Special Volumes

... to the seismic line, are not available. Where we do know the cross dip (which is usually only at line intersections unless we did three-dimensional recording...


Preliminary Results from the TriCarb Deep Stratigraphic Well drilled into the Newark Rift Basin, Rockland County, New York; #80303 (2013)

Brian E. Slater, Langhorne Smith, Matthew P. Tymchak, and Daniel J. Collins

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... other; cross-dip (east-west) and along basin strike (north-south). Source points were spaced at 36.5 m (120-ft) intervals and geophone accelerometers...


Stratification Styles in Eolian Sandstones: Some Pennsylvanian to Jurassic Examples from the Western Interior U.S.A.

Ralph E. Hunter

Special Publications of SEPM

... to the wind direction and the reasons for the typically low dip angles of eolian cross strata in the lower parts of sets BASIC INTRODUCTION types...


Controls on Stratigraphic Architecture of Icehouse Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems: A Case Study From the Holder Formation (Pennsylvanian, Virgillan), Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

Eugene C. Rankey, Steven L. Bachtel, Jonathan Kaufman

Special Publications of SEPM

... Mexico. Data include only 6 this transect lies upThis cross dip because of approximately plunge ofin a Luz anti Figs 5 outcrop descriptions...


Holocene Stratigraphic Architecture of a Sand-Rich Shelf and the Origin of Linear Shoals: Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Randolph A. Mcbride, Laurie C. Anderson, Andrei Tudoran, Harry H. Roberts

Special Publications of SEPM

... boundary between the Apalachicola and Mobile HOLOCENE STRATIGRAPHIC ARCHITECTURE AND THE ORIGIN OF LINEAR SHOALS NE GULF OFMEXICO sections B Cross Dip...


Eolian Environments their Characteristics Recognition and Importance

João José Bigarella

Special Publications of SEPM

... and dip direction for cross Duarte 1969 strata from the several cross sections after Bigarella Becker 21 EOLIAN ENVIRONMENTS f I IV FIG 6 Diagram...