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Applicable Alternative Petroleum Fiscal System in Indonesia

Yosef Parlindungan, Syamsul Irham, Yunan Muzaffar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... common type of fiscal system which is used in Indonesia. Unfortunately, in recent years, cost recovery becomes a critical problem to the PSC itself...


Seismic Activity in the Central Gulf Coast Basin

Eugene R. Brumbaugh

New Orleans Geological Society

..., the widespread use of DMO (dip move out) pre-stacking migration along with the cascade 90 degree migration algorithms has greatly improved structural...


Tectonic Implications of Diapirism on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the United Arab Emirates

A.S. Alsharhan, M.G. Salah

CSPG Bulletin

... of velocity estimates should lead to adequate/reliable imaging of salt structure and related reservoirs. The dip-move-out (DMO) processing, migration...


A New Approach to Pore Pressure Predictions: Generation, Expulsion, and Retention Trio—Case Histories from the Gulf of Mexico

Selim Simon Shaker

GCAGS Transactions

... function. Velocities must be processed for de-multiple, DMO (dip move-out) and pre-stack migration. Converting the time-velocity pairs to depth-velocity...


Charline Field 3D Survey Live Oak County,Texas

Phillip Forney

GCAGS Transactions

... as a measure of selecting optimum parameters for the 3-D survey. The second objective was to evaluate DMO as another tool to get better resolution...


PSC Term and Condition and Its Implementation in South East Asia Region

Rovicky Dwi Putrohari, Anggoro Kasyanto, Heri Suryanto, Ida Marianna Abdul Rashid

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... as Domestic Market Obligation (DMO). Obligation starts 5 years from production start of each field. DMO is calculated based on the following formula: b...


The Elang Oil Discovery Bridges the Gap in the Eastern Timor Sea (Timor Gap Zone of Cooperation)

I. F. Young, T. M. Schmedje, W. F. Muir

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...-stack predictive leconvolution operator and a radon transform (PMult) multiple suppression technique. Careful velocity analysis, DMO (F/K method) and FD...


The Marginal Field: Concepts and Application

Arsegianto, Ludin Tambunan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...), the government requests more bonus. When the return is very tight, the government offers incentives (on terms for DMO - domestic market obligation...


PSC Sliding Scale as a Fiscal Model for Marginal Fields in Indonesia

Trian Hendro Asmoro

Indonesian Petroleum Association



3-D Exploitation of Nod Mex Reservoirs, Phase Four Field, Wharton County, Texas

Mark D. McCuen and Mark A. West

GCAGS Transactions

..., and the source was an explosive charge at 100' hole depth. In addition to the full-offset, DMO migrated volume; near-offset, mid-offset, and far...


Seeking Workable CBM Business Model in Indonesia

Bramastra Lalean

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., in the form of investment tax credits, tax holidays, favorable profit split, minimum FTP First Tranche Petroleum, and less DMO - Domestic Market Obligation...


Validación de Interpretaciones Sísmicas y Modelos de Velocidad en Trampas de Hidrocarburos Relacionadas a Tectónica de Lodo Mediante el Modelado Sísmico. (Noreste de la Cuenca de Maracaibo, Venezuela) [PAPER IN SPANISH] Validation of Seismic Interpretati

E. G. Moreno, J. Gonzalez, A. Páez, A. Benguigui, M. Nuñez, J. Acosta

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... presente se utilizan las velocidades interválicas, provenientes del apilamiento DMO, debido a la escasez de información de pozos. Esta información al...


Evaluation of Indonesian Production Sharing Contract: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach

Hesti Zianofa Cayarani

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., meanwhile in more common terms gas development costs per barrel should be higher than oil field costs. One of the possible reasons for this might...


KSO Contract - Saving the Best Bits for Last

Reva Cipto, Dylan Mair

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of other parameters are common to both KSO models:   A KSO is valid for up to 15 years for a production license, or 20 years for an exploration license...


How to Determine Optimum Split Percentage for Contractors, A Scenario Analysis Based on Current Condition

Aziz Ario Tejo, Iswahyudi Sondi Putra

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Petroleum (FTP) equity share, contractor equity share, Lifting Price Variance (LPV), Domestic Market Obligation (as deduction) and DMO Fee, less...


Growth Architecture, Faulting, and Karstification of a Middle Miocene Carbonate Platform, Luconia Province, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

Volker C. Vahrenkamp, Frank David, Peter Duijndam, Mark Newall, Paul Crevello

AAPG Special Volumes

... with a Kirchhoff 3-D DMO, a two-pass velocity analysis, K-F filtering, and a one-pass finite-difference migration. The data are zero phased. Apart from the gas...


A Comparison of 2-D and 3-D Seismic Interpretation of Monroeville Field, A Frisco City Sand Reservoir, Monroe County, Alabama

Lawrence R. Baria and Robert M. Mink

GCAGS Transactions

... picture of the Monroeville Field reservoir and allowed for strategic selection of offset locations. Five Frisco City wells have been completed...


Full-Life Well Lookbacks in EMP Gelam: a New Simple and Graphical Approcah

Fahrezi Oktaviandi, Suderajat, Aaziz Tarmusi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... zero additional cost recovery from offset wells, as this was the condition at the time. Data Preparation For the pre-drill analysis, the data below...


Success Story from Drilling Program Evaluation of Development Wells in 2018 & 2019, and How to Promote An Effective Drilling Program for 2020 and Beyond for Indonesia

Sayid A. Faisal, Citra Prilyanata

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., government revenue, contractor share, and applicable PSC Contractors provisions are required (FTP, DMO, Share, and depreciation method). OBSERVATIONS...


Incentives Required to Develop Stranded Gas Field: A Case Study - Kerendan Gas Field

Dwi Cahyo M., Firman Yaman, Nurul Hasani, Daday Syarif Hidayat

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Obligation: 25% out of production DMO Fee : 15% of market price Tax Rate : 44% Basic assumptions used for the economic model are as follows: 4. Gas Price...


Offshore Northwest Java Gas Development

D. Heru Pramono, Gema Suria, Rudy Haryoto, Elijas Pujianto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...% of gross revenue, respectively. The Government's take in the form of the value of Pertamina's share gas, DMO oil, and Contractor's taxes constitutes 41...


Indonesia Variety of Business Arrangements and Incentives for Petroleum Upstream Activities: A Strategic Management Perspective

F. X. Sujanto, Pramu Hartoyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... cap, investment credits of 20% and DMO fee of full export price for the initial five years of field life. This modification allowed maximum front -end...


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