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Abstract: The role of hydrogeology in developing effective mine water control programs in fractured porous rocks

John E. Gale, R. MacLeod, G. Bursey

Atlantic Geology

... scale structures such as faults and shear zones, that range in length from tens of metres to kilometres, intermediate to small scale features...



David M. Rubin

Special Publications of SEPM

..., but the structures often are indistinguishable in two-dimensional exposures. Variability of bedforms can result from two processes: flow fluctuations that cause...


Classification of Internal Structures: Lecture 3

Robert J. Weimer

AAPG Special Volumes

... by which sediment is deposited. They are especially useful in determining the energy level and direction of flow of the transporting medium...


Abstract: Foundation Settlement Determination: A Simplified Approach; #90255 (2017)

O. O. Adewoyin, M. Omeje, E. S. Joel, O. T. Kayode

Search and

... of possible settlement in the soil before structures are built on it. This information will help to determining the type of foundation design...



David M. Rubin

Special Publications of SEPM

..., or determining what structures arise from a specific process such as reversing flow or migration of superimposed bedforms. As a result, some common...


Abstract: The Influence Of Paleoceanography In Controlling Diagenetic Pathways In The Phosphoria Rock Complex Of The Bighorn Basin, Wyoming; #90301 (2017)

Edward Matheson, Tracy Frank

Search and

... in determining diagenetic pathways and the modern expression of facies. In the Bighorn Basin the PRC consists predominantly of Park City Formation...


Construction of Base-Level Maps

A. N. Lastochkin

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of exploration for tectonic structures: Izd-vo Saratov. Gos. Univ. 7. Filosofov, V. P., 1963, Some theoretical questions of the morphometric method...


Open Flow Measurement of Gas Wells

Walter Reid

Panhandle (Texas) Geological Society

...Open Flow Measurement of Gas Wells Walter Reid 1956 22 22 Vol. 3 (1956) No. 2. (February) Table. FOR DETERMINING OPEN FLOW OF GAS WELLS WITH PILOT...


Bed Configurations

J. C. Harms, J. B. Southard, D. R. Spearing , R. G. Walker

Special Publications of SEPM

... of different kinds of bed geometries can result, depending on the nature Study of these bed geometries, of the flow and the nature of the sediment...


Sand-Dispersion Patterns Produced by Wave-Current and Tidal-Current Interactions in Nearshore Zone: ABSTRACT

George F. Oertel

AAPG Bulletin

... and tidal flow. Sedimentary processes associated with waves alone or with tidal currents alone are generally insufficient for explaining the distributions...


Experimental and Field Studies on the Genesis of Sandstones

Gerard V. Middleton

Wyoming Geological Association

.... Canadian Jour. Earth Sci., v. 4, in press. Simons, D. B., Richardson, E. V., and Nordin, C. F., Jr., 1965, Sedimentary structures generated by flow...


Flute casts and related structures on moulded silt injection surfaces in continental sandstone of the Boss Point Formation: southeastern New Brunswick, Canada

H. W. van de Poll, I. M. Patel

Atlantic Geology

... structures suggests that they may be the result not of scour (Allen 1968) but of plastic flow-moulding at the interface between two immiscible sediments...


Why Study Cores?

J.C. Harms

Saskatchewan Geological Society

... for defining flow regime and vastly narrowing the range of possible environmental interpretations. Other small-scale primary structures...


ABSTRACT: The Regional Geothermal heat flow regime of the North-Central Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope; #90021 (2003)


Search and

... to diapiric salt structures. High sedimentation rates in the Mississippi submarine fan have suppressed surface heat flow. Salt domes in the upper...


Relation of Geothermal Conditions to Structural-Tectonic Features of Local Structures of the Saratov Area

V. V. Kotrovskiy

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... or less constant crest-flank temperature differential with depth, whereas for the buried structures this differential increases with depth. The nature...


Salinity and Temperature Anomalies over Structural Oil Fields, Carter County, Oklahoma

C. L. McConnell

AAPG Bulletin

... are related to partially flushed, tectonically raised structures. In the absence of upward flow, the temperature anomalies are caused by proximity...


Surface and Subsurface Methods of Investigation and Classification of Fluvial Systems

Frank G. Ethridge

Special Publications of SEPM

... a sedimentary structures are Structures such as channels sense of current flow while cross-stratification and pebble imbrication indicate both...


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