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Deepwater Exploration in the Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan: Abstract

Eko Lumadyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and direct hydrocarbon indicators in this emerging exploration play. Adoption of the SX (saturation exploration) drilling philosophy by Unocal beginning...


The Paleozoic Hudson Bay Basin in Northern Canada: New Insights Into Hydrocarbon Potential of the Last North-America Conventional Frontier Basin, #10817 (2015).

Denis Lavoie, Nicolas Pinet, Jim Dietrich, Zhuoheng Chen

Search and

... are proposed based on seismic and field data; a significant number of « direct hydrocarbon indicators » have been identified on the vintage seismic data. 4...


Son of Crossplot Fights Back

Piers Cooke-Yarborough

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... Hydrocarbon The direct application of the Archie formula, or of more sophisticated shaly-sand equations, to micro-resistivity device data frequently fails...


The Use of Seismic Data in Analyzing Offshore Reservoirs in the Black Sea, #11141 (2018).

Dragos Cristea,

Search and

... in the recognition of direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs) in the exploration phase and even in the development phase. The purpose of the current study...


The Pelotas Basin Oil Province Revealed

Mike Saunders, Scott Bowman, Laurie Geiger, Spectrum, Petrodynamics

GEO ExPro Magazine

... southern sister, the Pelotas Basin, has seen little attention for over ten years, despite displaying clear direct hydrocarbon indicators. However, a new 2D...


Study of Gases Dissolved in Formation Waters of the Fergana Fields

V. E. Narizhnaya

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... their uniformity, particularly those of nitrogen-hydrocarbon composition where oil is absent, and also the non-comparison of casing head gases...


Detailed Hydrocarbon Microseepage Surveys Map Reservoir Heterogeneities and Identify By-passed Compartments, #90110 (2010)

Daniel Hitzman

Search and

...Detailed Hydrocarbon Microseepage Surveys Map Reservoir Heterogeneities and Identify By-passed Compartments, #90110 (2010) Daniel Hitzman AAPG...


Mississippi Canyon 379 #1

Toby A. Roesler

Houston Geological Society

... strong conformance to structure and were considered to be Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators. Pre-drill concerns were that the targets amplitudes were...


Extended Abstract: Frontier Sabah Malaysia – New Exploration Opportunities Unveiled by Latest Regional 3D Seismic

Tad Choi, Jo McArdle

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...-basins, which would have been deposited during the extensional phase of the opening of the South China Sea. Several direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHI...


Abstract: The Development and Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Adjacent Deepwater Pliocene Turbidite Gas-Fields: Taurus and Libra Fields, West Nile Delta, Egypt; #90310 (2017)

Paul D. Woodman, Ajay Chauhan

Search and

... hydrocarbon indicators being used to infer potential gas-water contacts. However, in the WND Pliocene, there remains an irreducible risk...


Exploration and Bid Analysis Gulf of Mexico

David S. Holland, Ronald L. Lewis

GCAGS Transactions

... rock facies. "Bright spots" or hydrocarbon indicators, as interpreted from true-amplitude seismic sections, are recent prospect evaluation aids...


A Calibrated Prospect Appraisal System

H. J. Nijhuis, A. B. Baak

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the depths or depth range of direct hydrocarbon indicators observed on seismic. Conclusion The Shell prospect appraisal system is used to evaluate single...


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