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Andaman Basin

Gary Scaife, Andy Billings

GEO ExPro Magazine

..., reservoir and seal intervals as well as structural and stratigraphic trapping geometries and Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHIs) such as gas clouds...


Hybrid Method: Surface Geochemical and CWT Gamp for Reducing the Risk of Exploration in the Sanga Sanga Area, Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Asnanto Multa Putranto, Afzalurrahman Assalam, Ridha Santika Riadi, Robhy Cahya Permana, Teguh Surino Setiawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is a transformation method of seismic attribute frequency by comparing low frequency anomalies as Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators in seismic data. This method has...


Geochemical Indicators of Migration of Hydrocarbons in Bottom Waters of Marine and Intra-Continental Basins

V. P. Astaf’yev, V. V. Gribkov, V. F. Kozlov, S. D. Tali’yev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...Geochemical Indicators of Migration of Hydrocarbons in Bottom Waters of Marine and Intra-Continental Basins V. P. Astaf’yev, V. V. Gribkov, V. F...


Newly Acquired 2D Seismic Data Gives Insights into Prospectivity and Play Types of the Pegasus and East Coast Basins, New Zealand

M. Uzcategui Salazar, M. Francis, G. Brink, I. Guerra, K. Hayo

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... crystallization and disappear where the rocks are unable to retain them. Numerous potential direct hydrocarbon indicators are manifest as gas chimneys, flat...


Integrating Geological Attributes with a Multiple Linear Regression of Geophysical Well Logs to Estimate the Permeability of Carbonate Reservoirs in Campos Basin, Southeastern Brazil; #10930 (2017)

Paula Almeida, Abel Carrasquilla

Search and

... LENEP/UENF, Macaé - RJ, Brazil ([email protected]) Abstract The knowledge of petrophysical properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs...


ABSTRACT: Assessment of Hydrocarbon Seepage on Fort Peck Reservation, Northeast Montana: A comparison of surface exploration techniques; #90013 (2003)


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... AAPG Annual Convention May 11-14, 2003 Table 1: Surface Hydrocarbon Exploration Methods Employed Technique Direct Head Space Gas Acid Extract Thermal...


Vacuum desorption of light hydrocarbons adsorbed on soil particles: A new method in geochemical exploration for petroleum

Liuping Zhang

AAPG Bulletin

... 1 Light hydrocarbons in soils are the most important indicators in geochemical hydrocarbon exploration. However, the methods ac tually used to detect...


Preliminary Interpretation of Soil-Gas Data and Relationships to other Hydrocarbon Microseepage Indicators, Four Corners Platform - San Juan Basin Transitional Area, Southwest Colorado and Northwest New Mexico

Kimberley I. Cunningham

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

...Preliminary Interpretation of Soil-Gas Data and Relationships to other Hydrocarbon Microseepage Indicators, Four Corners Platform - San Juan Basin...


Surface Hydrocarbon Detection Shows Promise - Workshop Summary

Deet Schumaker, Joel Gervitz, Gary Rice, Paul Harrington, Richard Wyman


... with strong hydrocarbon anomalies. This allows operators to high-grade their prospects on the basis of hydrocarbon indicators. For development projects...


A Re-Evaluation of Vintage Andaman Offshore Seismic Datasets, #10322 (2011)

Gary Scaife, Andy Billings, Richard Spoors

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... an example of a limestone build up). Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI’s) are observed which include gas clouds, bright and flat spots, seabed pock...


Tidal Indicators in Gravel-Dominated Marginal-Marine Depositional Environments: Examples from the Megatidal Bay of Fundy, Canada

Search and

..., particularly in transgressive syst ems. The only direct sedimentological indicators of tides are bidirectional bedf orms developed where on shore...


Machine-Learning Based Analytics Applied to Stimulation Performance in the Utica Shale: Case Study and Lessons Learned

Sebastien Perrier, Arnaud Delpeint, Zulibukaer Shawuti, Ashis Shrestha

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...), and that this prediction accuracy is mostly gained on the estimation of the influence of the controllable factors (factors upon which the operator has direct control...


Carbonates in Clastic Sequences: Mesozoic and Recent of Canada: Abstract

L. S. Eliuk

CSPG Special Publications

... subsequently. (5) Surprisingly, they may also be direct indicators of hydrocarbon accumulations. Methane in seeps forms the food base of certain Recent...


Abstract: Developing an Exploration Tool in a Mature Trend: a 3-D AVO Case Study in South Texas

Mark E. Gregg and Charles T. Bukowski, Jr.

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... subsurface geology and structural mapping based on conventional seismic data. There is a scarcity of direct hydrocarbon indicators such as bright spots...


Abstract: AVO Depth Modelling (Paper 2)

Leong Lap Sau, Ng Tong San

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... promising direct hydrocarbon indicators. The method is analytic and lends itself Warta Geologi, Vol. 22, No.6, Nov-Dec 1996 Warta Geologi...


Geophysical Programs for Regonal and Local Prediction of Hydrocarbons in the Near-Ural Region of the West Siberian Platform

Yu. Z. Segal’, N. N. Yaitskiy, L. A. Zerchaninova, V. V. Khoronzhin

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... and gas pools, which was inexplicable fully as a direct effect of the presence of the pool. The dimensions of an anomaly approximated the dimensions...


Vertical and Lateral Fluid Flow Related to a Large Growth Fault, South Eugene Island Block 330 Field, Offshore Louisiana

Steven Losh, Lorraine Eglinton, Martin Schoell, and James Wood

AAPG Bulletin

... elevated vitrinite reflectance in fault intercepts relative to sediments outside the fault zone. Overall, indicators of mass and heat flux indicate the main...


The Truth Behind Microbes and Ooids

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