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Abstract: Sedimentological Criteria for Distinguishing Stacked Dune-trough Muds from Muds in Inclined Heterolithic Strata in the Subsurface … Insights from McMurray Formation Outcrops and Modern Analogues; #90187 (2014)

Milovan Fustic, Robert Dalrymple, Rudy Strobl, Bryce Jablonski, Eirik Vik, and Allard Martinius

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...Abstract: Sedimentological Criteria for Distinguishing Stacked Dune-trough Muds from Muds in Inclined Heterolithic Strata in the Subsurface...


A Predictive Model of Reservoir Continuity in Fluvial Sandstone Bodies of a Lacustrine Deltaic System, Colton Formation, Utah

Thomas H. Morris, Dean R. Richmond

Utah Geological Association

... differences in vertical verses horizontal permeabilities. Directional permeability analysis from cored plugs became an important criterion in distinguishing...


Electric and Electromagnetic Prospecting for Oil

W. P. Jenny

AAPG Bulletin

.... For the vertical and the horizontal components of the resulting electromagnetic field we obtain the following formulas. Fig. 1. I is the current...


Regularities of Distribution of Different Types of Oils in Devonian Sediments of West Bashkir and Adjacent Regions

A. K. Karimov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... to horizontal migration, there may have been simultaneous vertical migration; more exactly, gradual penetration of regionally migrating oils from lower Devonian...


Assessing Compositional Variability and Migration of Natural Gas in Antrim Shale in the Michigan Basin Using Noble Gas Geochemistry; #10780 (2015)

Tao Wen, M. Clara Castro, Brian Ellis, Chris Hall, Kyger Lohmann, Laura Bouvier

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... of crustal origin, atmospheric 21Ne (not shown), 40Ar and 136Xe largely dominate  High horizontal and vertical variability in noble gas signatures...


The Wasatch Fault Zone in North Central Utah

Ray E. Marsell

Utah Geological Association

..., as the movement along faults is called, may be either in a horizontal or a vertical direction or a combination of both, and may be anything from a fraction...


Deepwater (Turbidite) Sandstone Elements of the Jackfork Group in Arkansas: Application to Exploration and Development in Eastern Oklahoma

Roger M. Slatt, Charles G. Stone

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... truck and with a hand-held gamma ray scintillometer of the Jackfork elements reveal a lack of distinguishing features. This is a common trait...


Allostratigraphic Subdivision of the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan, Shaftesbury, and Kaskapau Formations in the Northwestern Alberta Subsurface

Janok Bhattacharya,, Roger G. Walker

CSPG Bulletin

... allomembers (from youngest to oldest, A to G). The bounding discontinuities that are used to define the successive allomembers are represented by major marine...


Classification of Bedforms and Cross-Bedding

David M. Rubin

Special Publications of SEPM

... and vertical sections, column 5 bedform morphology and vertical sections, column 5 shows block diagrams with horizontal and vertical shows block...


Discontinuity-Bounded Alluvial Sequences of the Southern Gangetic Plains, India: Aggradation and Degradation in Response to Monsoonal Strength

M.R. Gibling, S.K. Tandon, R. Sinha, M. Jain

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... masses, and the fill is capped by a thin, near-horizontal brown mud. Gully Fill 2 has a similar vertical relief, whereas Gully Fill 3 is thinner...


Clays and Oil Exploration

B. N. Rolfe

Tulsa Geological Society

.... The illite group belongs to the 2:1 layer minerals and has not been subdivided as yet. The distinguishing characteristics of this group are generally...


ABSTRACT: The Value of Core Description in Characterizing Coalbed Methane Reservoirs; #90007 (2002)

C. D. Jenkins, W. C. Riese, R. A. Lamarre

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... of inertinite and exinite macerals. Density logs are not useful in distinguishing between maceral types because all three have a similar density. Figure 6...


Some Machine Learning Applications in Seismic Interpretation; #42270 (2018)

Satinder Chopra, David Lubo-Robles, Kurt J. Marfurt

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... on vertical, horizontal or horizon slices. These latter structural and spectral patterns are measured by seismic attributes. Rather, in unsupervised learning...


Trishear: A Review of Kinematics, Mechanics, and Applications

Stuart Hardy, Richard W. Allmendinger

AAPG Special Volumes

... velocity description of deformation that contained explicit terms for the horizontal and vertical velocities within the shear zone (Figure 4...


Seal bypass systems

Joe Cartwright, Mads Huuse, Andrew Aplin

AAPG Bulletin

... observations of sealing sequences in which geological discontinuities are embedded within the seal and breach it by acting as highly focused, vertical...


Interpreting Sedimentary Growth Structures from Well Log and Seismic Data (With Examples)

Richard E. Bischke

AAPG Bulletin

... the vertical separation on unc nformities. Also, faults of a similar size are likely to correlate. However, problems often exist in distinguishing...


Advances in Technique and Application of Resistivity and Potential-Drop-Ratio Methods in Oil Prospecting

C. A. Heiland

AAPG Bulletin

... can modify the electrical characteristics of formations in both horizontal and vertical direction (such as pore volume and electrolytic conductivity...


Storm-Surge-Ebb Origin of Hummocky Cross-Stratified Units of the Andrews Mountain Member, Campito Formation (Lower Cambrian), White-Inyo Mountains, Eastern California

Jeffrey F. Mount

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... penecontemporaneous deformation, and internal channels and discontinuities; 3) these free sands grade into silts and very fine sands containing climbing...


Abstract: Distinguishing between geogenic and anthropogenic sources of arsenic in soils in the North Brookfield Gold District, Nova Scotia

Lori A. Wrye, Heather E. Jamieson, Michael B. Parsons, Stephen R. Walker

Atlantic Geology

...Abstract: Distinguishing between geogenic and anthropogenic sources of arsenic in soils in the North Brookfield Gold District, Nova Scotia Lori...


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