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ABSTRACT: Land Surface Waves: a Quantitative Geophysical Tool; #90051 (2006)

ADAMY Jerome, MOUTON Edouard, DURAND Gregory

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... data are typically recorded with 24 to 72 geophones equally spaced (typically from 1 to 3 meters). Representative examples and results are shown...


Abstract: Borehole Vibration Response to Hydraulic Fracture Pressure; #90187 (2014)

Andy St-Onge, David W. Eaton, and Adam Pidlisecky

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... have emerged as an important tool for hydraulic fracture monitoring (HFM). Microseismic data can be recorded using three component geophones clamped...


Defining a Steeply-Dipping Salt Flank in Mississippi with a New High-Certainty 3D Method

Nicholas Brooks, Pat Donais, Werner Heigl, Jakob Haldorsen, Fred Li

GCAGS Transactions

... inclined and complex boundaries. Steep boundaries are difficult to image directly with the surface seismic method because reflections from...


Abstract: Evidence of Two Alpine Orthogonal Deformations in the Northwestern Rif Chain: Implications on the Convergence of Iberian, Afri

A. Chalouan, Kh. El Kadiri, A. El Mrihi, A. Bahmad, F. Salhi

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...Abstract: Evidence of Two Alpine Orthogonal Deformations in the Northwestern Rif Chain: Implications on the Convergence of Iberian, Afri A. Chalouan...


Abstract: Towards Using Seismic Moment Tensor Inversions to Infer Reservoir Rock Properties; #90174 (2014)

Adam M. Baig, Ted I. Urbancic, Eric von Lunen, and Jason Hendrick

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... across a well-distributed array of geophones samples each of these waveform’s radiation patterns after back-projecting these observations...


Determination of Paleocurrent Direction from Oblique Sections of Trough Cross-Stratification--A Precise Approach: RESEARCH METHODS PAPER

Prabir Dasgupta

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...-inclined sections can be subject to a deviation of about 25° or so from the true direction (DeCelles et al. 1983, p. 641). This lack of accuracy limits...


Abstract: Seismic Array Response in the Presence of Intra-Array Variations in Element Weights, Elevations, and Positions; #90319 (2018)

Ryan Adhi Putra, Abdullatif Al-Shuhail

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... Seismic arrays are systematic arrangements of seismic receivers, sources or both. Seismic receiver array response is the sum of outputs of the geophones...


Some Applications and Problems of the Seismic Refraction Technique in Civil Engineering Projects in Malaysia

B. K. Lim, S. J. Jones

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of regularly spaced geophones which are planted on to the ground. Alternatively, a single seismometer can be used to monitor seismic returns from successive...


Experimental Patterns in Superposed Similar Folding

E. S. O'Driscoll

CSPG Bulletin

... and their mutual interference. Where such interference profiles are imposed through vertical axes on a succession of mutually inclined surfaces...


Extending the Resolution of Seismic Reflection Exploration

L. R. Denham

Pacific Section of AAPG

... is not the one designed; even if the ground is perfectly level and the geophones are spaced by the jug hustlers exactly as planned, there is no way...


Interpretation of Down Hole Microseismic Data

Mark Boyd, Brent Riley, Davis Tolman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... geometries. Downhole monitoring uses a few geophones (10-30) placed in a monitoring wellbore close to the events being observed for optimal...


Field Technique Design for Seismic Reflection Exploration

L. R. Denham

Dallas Geological Society

.... Array theory considers geophones to be equally spaced and at the same elevation. Figure 7b. In reality, both spacing and elevation vary significantly...


Abstract: Which Curvature is Right for You? Part - 1; #90174 (2014)

Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt

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... at an angle ψ in the dipping plane tangent to the analysis point (where the vectors corresponding to ψ1 and ψ2 are orthogonal) is given as kψ = k1cos2(ψ- ψ2...


Joint and Fracture Patterns in Basement and Sedimentary Rocks in the Sudetes Mountains

Tomasz Jerzykiewicz, Michal Mierzejewski, Andrzej Zelazniewicz

Utah Geological Association

... orthogonal, or nearly orthogonal. The development of joint patterns in each of the areas was, however, completely different and highly complicated...


Drilling Induced Petal Fractures in Coal Core: A Simple Method of Using These Features in Conjunction with Bore-Wall Breakout to Determine the Angular Relationship between Cleat and Maximum Horizontal Stress as Well as Cleat Azimuth in Vertical Drill-Holes

David Titheridge

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... relationships and azimuths The state of tectonic stress in rocks can be described by three orthogonal principal stress directions. The maximum...


Three-Dimensional Depth Imaging of Seismic Data to Assess Subsurface Geology in Northern Utah and Southwestern Wyoming

Alvin K. Benson

Utah Geological Association

... changes, and this reflected energy is detected by geophones placed on or near the earth’s surface. Resulting seismic sections are composed...


3D Seismic Acquisition Design in a Volcanic Environment Using Simple 2D Dynamic and 3D Static Seismic Acquisition Method Analysis in the North West Java Basin

Adib Banuboro, Gilang Wiranda, Agung Adi Susanto, Alpius Dwi Guntara, Dwa Desa W, Firman Syaifuddin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... size. (Figure 10). Full fold migration area has equally offset distribution untill 1965 meters. The far offset will determine the depth target . So...


Three-Dimensional Depth Imaging of Seismic Data, with Examples from the Overthrust Belt of Southwestern Wyoming

Alvin K. Benson

Wyoming Geological Association

... by geophones placed on or near the earth's surface. Resulting seismic sections are composed of unfocused energy, and the associated events...


The Tetrahedron as a Facies Mapping Device

W. C. Krumbein

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... The intersection of line and face is called the orthogonal point, OR, and its coordinates on the BCD face are ([b+a]/[3]), ([c+a]/[3]), and ([d+a]/[3]). Orthogonals...


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