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Real-Time Hydraulic Fracture Optimization Based on the Integration of Fracture Diagnostics and Reservoir Geomechanics

Panagiotis Dalamarinis, Paul Mueller, Dale Logan, Jason Glascock, Stephen Broll

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... purposes. The result was the development of a uniform fracture system, in terms of both its extension as well as its near- and far-field conductivity...


Possible Origins for Low Thermal Maturity, High-Nitrogen Natural Gases; #42065 (2017)

Alton A. Brown

Search and

... example, if insufficient helium could be generated in sediments near the field, a larger source volume such as the crust must be considered for both...


Formation Conditions of Three Oil Fields in the Jizhong Depression, China

Wu Huayuan, Liang Digang

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... spectrograms (Figure 8). The matured source rocks near this oil field are more than 500 m thick, have a total organic carbon (TOC) content...


Geologic Evolution of the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast Areas-A Plate Tectonics View

William J. Burgess

GCAGS Transactions

.... Source of the terrigenous sediments may have been from both continents, i.e. from the north and south, at this point. The margins of both plates were...


Wave Equation Shot Migration as a Ground Roll Filter.

Francisco Ortigosa, Pedro Muñoz

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... be achieved while cheaper seismic can be acquired in rugged topographic Foothill areas. The effects suffered by Ground Roll under the migration process can...


Effects of Underground Storage Conditions on Characteristics of Petroleum

Paul W. Prutzman

AAPG Bulletin

...Effects of Underground Storage Conditions on Characteristics of Petroleum Paul W. Prutzman 1931 455 464 15 4. (April) This paper describes certain...


Low-Energy Seismic Survey of Quaternary Materials, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

William W. Locke

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... than the distance between the signal source and the receiver (1-5 m), a secondary arrival must be recognized. Varyng the point of impact and summlng...


The Wave Equation Applied to Migration

D. Loewenthal, L. Lu, R. Roberson, J. Sherwood

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... and is the seismic wave field that would be observed if the point source and detector combinations were positioned along the dashed line rather...




Williston Basin Symposium

... Research, Part B, Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 86-1B, p. 647-651. Peters, K.E., and Moldowan, J.M., 1991, Effects of source, thermal...


Compositional Changes to Gas Migrating through Water-Saturated Rock, #41391 (2014).

Alton A. Brown

Search and

... the gas source (Figure 24). Gas samples from near the inlet point to the migration pathway will have characteristics of the gas source unaltered by water...


Regulation of Subsurface Disposal in Texas: Discussion

David M. Evans

AAPG Special Volumes

... We've heard today that the pressure effects reach out as far as 30 mi away from the well and that the waste has extended a distance of 2 1/2 mi. My...


Deep Water Discharge: Key to Hydrocarbon and Mineral Deposits

W. H. Roberts, III

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... - 19). Important regional focal effects include faults and unconformities, as indicated in Figure 7. The point of these diagrams is that several...


Seismic Velocity Anisotropy in Chimore Area, Bolivia

Michael Fry, Eloy Martinez, James Baker, Mark Wallace

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... comparisons of the near and far offset stacks at the reservoir formation level, suggested that the seismic data quality might be adversely affected...


Hydrocarbon system analysis in a rift basin with mixed marine and nonmarine source rocks: The South Viking Graben, North Sea

G. H. Isaksen, R. Patience, G. van Graas, A. I. Jenssen

AAPG Bulletin

... pathways from different source rock facies enables the explorer to place possible field extensions or near-field wildcats in a risked seriatim. Furthermore...


New Aspects on the Oil and Gas Potential of the Bengal Basin (Bangladesh)

Jurgen Lietz, Jahangir Kabir

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... far. If we can now assume that oil and gas were generated together from suitable marine source rocks, the question of age and structural position...


Abstract: Statics or Statistics?„The Near-Surface Revisited; #90211 (2015)

David Henley

Search and

... for compensating seismic data for the effects of the highly variable near-surface weathered layer, usually classified as “statics” methods...


Eustatic Controls on Clastic Deposition II„sequence and Systems Tract Models

H. W. Posamentier, P. R. Vail

Special Publications of SEPM

..., Nebraska (from Simons and Senturk, 1977). Some modern studies suggest that the upstream effects of a basinward shift of the point to which stream profiles...


A new system for efficiently acquiring vertical seismic profile surveys

Tim Dean, Nghia Nguyen, Brenton Armitage, Huw Rossiter

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... ±3,400 m/s (the true value should be 0). Even if the source timing is known there might be small time difference introduced by variations in the near...


Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Cooper Basin, Australia

Lisa S. Hall, Tehani J. Palu, Andrew P. Murray, Christopher J. Boreham, Dianne S. Edwards, Anthony J. Hill, and Alison Troup

AAPG Bulletin

..., and the volume remaining in or near the source beds for potential stimulated production. This study used petroleum systems analysis (PSA) to quantify...


An Integrated View of Hydraulic Induced Fracture Geometry in Hydraulic Fracture Test Site 2

Gustavo A. Ugueto, Magdalena Wojtaszek, Paul T. Huckabee, Alexei A. Savitski, Artur Guzik, Ge Jin, J. Andres Chavarria, Kyle Haustveit

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... are hydraulic. This information together with the observations of discrete frac-zonedomains both in the near and far-field, allows us to interpret SRVs...


ABSTRACT: Local site effect evaluation through Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR) in Johor Bahru

Siti Noor Shafiqah Badrolhisham, Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... that Malaysia have yet to be prepared for such occurrence again. The possibility of experiencing tremors due to far-field earthquake also should...


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