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Implication of Clay-Provenance Studies in Two Georgia Estuaries: DISCUSSION

Raymond A. Scheinfeld, John K. Adams

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., p. 1244-1254. SCHEINFELD, R. A., 1979, The effects of an amphipod crustacean, Ampelisca abdita, on modern sedimentation [Masters thesis...


ABSTRACT: Recent Advances in Carbon Dioxide Capture and Separation Techniques at the National Energy Technology Laboratory; #90007 (2002)

H. W. Pennline, J. S. Hoffman, M. L. Gray, R. V. Siriwardane, E. J. Granite

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.../combust fossil fuels. These point sources are likely targets for removal of carbon dioxide if regulation of carbon dioxide is deemed necessary in the future...


Effect of Subsurface Waste-Disposal Practice on Groundwater Resources in Hawaiian Islands: Hydrogeology

F. L. Peterson , K. J. Takasaki

AAPG Special Volumes

... to as "high-level groundwater," in contrast to "basal groundwater," which occurs at or near sea level. Rainfall is the principal source of the recharge...


Estimation of Hydraulic Fracture Height and Pressure Deflation Using a Pulsed Vertical Seismic Profile and a DAS Fiber in the Midland Basin

Robert Meek, Robert Hull, Kevin Woller, Brian Wright, Mike Martin, Hector Bello, James Bailey

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... intervals using single source point seismic recordings. A distributed acoustic sensor (DAS) and pressure gauges were installed in a vertical well...


Designing Coal-Bed Methane Seismic Acquisition Survey Parameters Using Finite Difference Modeling

Abdul Haris, Befriko Murdianto, Adriansyah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... 10 depicts the corresponding CDP gather when the source is located at five meters below surface. We can see that the AVO response suffers from near...


Abnormal Pressures Produced by Hydrocarbon Generation and Maturation and Their Relation to Processes of Migration and Accumulation: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner

AAPG Bulletin

..." fracture-type reservoir. The process may also create far-reaching fractures which propagate upward or downward from the source rocks and control vertical...


The National Conference on Earth Science, Banff, September 12-16, 1983: "Petroleum Source Rocks: Maturation and Migration": CONFERENCE REPORT

Peter E. Gretener

CSPG Bulletin

... as an important source for liquid hydrocarbons (so much for uniformitarianism). Needless to say that this change of view has obvious and far reaching...


Petroleum Geochemistry, With a Brief Introduction to Applications to Exploration and Production in Oklahoma

R. Paul Philp

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... note This paper includes minimal to the field, in order to get directly to an overview of applications of organic geochemistry as it applies...


Modern Marine 3D Seismic Acquisition - Technical Considerations

Chris Walker

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...:Source performance - strength, primary/bubble ratio, operating depth Shot point interval, record length Streamer configuration - group interval, cable...


Low-temperature thermochronological constraints on the timing and mechanisms behind the multi-stage exhumation history of the Alaska Range - Abstract

Jeff Benowitz, Phil Armstrong, Paul Layer, Peter Haeussler, Paul Fitzgerald, Stephanie Perry

Alaska Geological Society

... Alaska and the Alaska Range offers insight into geologic processes inland of a subduction zone, such as the effects of plate motion changes, far-field...


Stratigraphic Response to Structural Evolution in a Tensional Back-Arc Setting and Its Exploratory Significance: Sunda Basin, West Java Sea

A. Wight, Sudarmono, Imron A

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with those at Cinta field. The area is distal from source, and fluviatile deposits consist of thin, point bar and channel sandstones, which occur...


Development and Applications of Light-Hydrocarbon-Based Star Diagrams

Henry I. Halpern

AAPG Bulletin

... Q-1 and Q-2) track closely with the produced oils from the field, showing that they are derived from the same source rock. Figure 9 is the C7OTSD...


Pulsed Power Plasma Stimulation Technique … Experimental Study on Single Pulse Test for Fractures Initiation

Yue Xiao, Waylon House, Ebru Unal, Mohamed Soliman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... current operate on microsecond time scales. In both laboratory and near zone field applications where transient magnetic effects dominate...


ABSTRACT: The Utility of the Stable Isotopic Composition of Severely Biodegraded Oils as Petroleum System Correlation Parameters; #90108 (2010)

Norka I. Marcano, Steve Larter, and Bernhard Mayer

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... Centre for In Situ Energy, Calgary, AB, Canada. Oil-source rock or oil-oil correlation is one of the most challenging steps in the analysis of complex...


Abstracts: Attenuating 2D Noise in a 3D World; #90173 (2015)

David C. Henley

Search and

..., not only is coherent noise stronger than most reflection energy near the source, but its relative strength dies out less rapidly with distance (or travel...


Interpretation of Neutron Well Logs

William L. Russell

AAPG Bulletin

..., just like the atoms of a gas. There is thus at each point near the source a certain concentration of thermal neutrons, which varies...


Time-Lapse WAW VSP Imaging of an Unconventional Reservoir Using DAS Fiber Optics

J. Andres Chavarria, Dan Kahn, David Langton, Steve Cole, Xinyang Li

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... effects The far offset data (i.e. Figure 3) was processed with a simplified workflow. The 4D seismic residuals in the horizontal well data were located...


Geochemical Inversion – A Modern Approach to Inferring Source-Rock Identity from Characteristics of Accumulated Oil and Gas

K. K. Bissada, L. W. Elrod, L. M. Darnell, H. M. Szymczyk, J. L. Trostle

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., indicates proximity of the original depositional system to a source of terrestrial plant detritus; i.e., a near-shore facies. Figure 6-b shows an example...


Limitations of Reflection Seismograph

L. E. Nugent, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... energy that has come from a considerable area of the reflecting horizon rather than from a restricted or point source, there is some question...


Latest Advances in Research on Nonmarine Oil Generation in China

Huang Difan, Shang Huiyun, Li Jinchao

Circum Pacific Council Publications

..., they also paid close attention to the characteristics and regularity of develop­ ment of continental source rocks and their effects on the distribution...


Abstract: Shear Wave Splitting Parameter Estimation Using a Regular Distribution of Azimuths; #90187 (2014)

A. Stanton and M. D. Sacchi

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... in Alberta, Canada that displays the effects of shear wave splitting. Source and receiver coordinates are shown for a single ACP gather in Figure (1...


Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Entrapment in the Kampar Block, Central Sumatra

Kevin Martin Robinson, Asril Kamal

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Merbau Trend oils and Group 3, Parum oils apparently the least migrated. (This fits with the source/migration model proposed). Effects of migration...


Notes on the Quadrant Formation of East-Central Montana

A. A. Hammer, A. M. Lloyd

AAPG Bulletin

... of the basin is a matter of speculation, as shown by Plate 35. The most easterly point where data are available is at the east end of the Cat Creek field...


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