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ABSTRACT: Structural Styles in Central and Eastern Saudi Arabia; #90051 (2006)

Hongbin Xiao, Andrew Knowlton, Martin Rademakers, Doug Cook

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...-lateral transpressional system, with much smaller strike-slip component. Most fault planes are sub-parallel but discontinuous along the strike, as opposed...


3-D Seismic Fault-Plane Images from Offshore Myanmar, Gulf of Thailand, and Lake Maracaibo: Insight into Regional Stresses and Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways; #40892 (2012)

John D. Pigott and Non Prapasanobon

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... direction formed by dextral strike-slip motion in a NE-SW direction. Seismic attribute maps reveal seismic anomaly patterns on the fault planes parallel...



Mohamed Hossny Elzarka and Walid Abdel Majid Ahmed

Journal of Petroleum Geology

... through connected openings and fault planes...


Abstract: Insights Into Polygonal Fault System Termination From Detailed Upper Fault Tip Analysis; #90310 (2017)

James J. King, Joe Cartwright, Bruce Levell

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..., the relationship between further fault propagation and these internal and external controls such as cementation of fault planes and the deposition of coarse...


Western Extension of the Kuala Lumpur Fault Zone

H. D. Tjia

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of twisted and boundinaged metatuff lenses in black mylonite. Relatively straight and vertical fault planes cut through the flasers. Small 30-metre wide zone...


Buried-Hill-Type Oil Fields in Northern Part of China: ABSTRACT

Zhai Guangming

AAPG Bulletin

...-hill oil fields are categorized as follows: (1) hydrocarbons migrated into the reservoir through the unconformity surface and the fault planes, (2...


Abstract: Detailed Fracture Studies of Detachment Folds and Thrust Faults, Moose Mountain, Canadian Foothills; #90225 (2015)

Mathieu Lavoie and Donna Kirkwood

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... recognized as well as numerous small fractures planes that developed approximately subparallel to the thrust fault (N142┬░/32). Fracture densities...


Abstract: The Kisap Thrust is Langkawi Island - Reappraisal of the Evidence

B. K. Tan

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... The opientations and dip dipections of the fault. planes in these localities also show mapked diffepences. The fault tpace proposed by Koopmans (1965) and Jones...


Abstract: Utilizing 3D Seismic Volume Attributes for Fault Identification and Timing on a Large Structure in Saudi Arabia; #90319 (2018)

Bradley Dyck

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... of the faulting. Fault planes were extracted from the volume and plotted on a stereonet. By utilizing satellite imagery, a wadi with agricultural operations...


Abstract: The Structure, Content, and Growth of Fault Zones Within Sedimentary Sequences and Their Effects on Hydrocarbon Flow

John Walsh

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...Abstract: The Structure, Content, and Growth of Fault Zones Within Sedimentary Sequences and Their Effects on Hydrocarbon Flow John Walsh 2010 25 27...


Variations in Fault Planes in South Texas

Richard H. Sams

South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

...Variations in Fault Planes in South Texas Richard H. Sams 1986 380 381 The dip of fault surfaces through a section of strata is commonly known...


Juxtaposition and Seal Diagrams to Help Analyze  Fault Seals in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

R. J. Knipe

AAPG Bulletin

... for detailed three-dimensional mapping of stratigraphic horizons and fault planes, and can be used to contour permeability, sealing capacity...


Abstract: Estimation of Fault Seal: Pitfalls and Best Practice; #90319 (2018)

Lothar Schulte, Jimmy Klinger, Archit Sharma, Bing Wang

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... diagram allows displaying the juxtaposition of geological zones along the fault planes. The result highly depends on the reliability of the fault throw...


Computer Modeling of Multiple Surfaces With Faults: The Ivanhoe Field, Outer Moray Firth Basin, U.K. North Sea: Chapter 12

N. J. Hooper, J. G. M. Raven, M. J. Kilpatrick

AAPG Special Volumes

...), and allows maximum flexibility in terms of varying fault throw and intersections. This approach maps the fault planes and throw from well control...


Abstracts of Theses: The Structure of the Salt Deposit at Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Robert Evans

CSPG Bulletin

... isoclinal folds have been identified. The axial planes and the axes of the folds vary from vertical to horizontal, and the traces of the axial planes...


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