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2.3 Detached Sediments in Extensional Provinces: 2.3.1 Growth Faults: Expansion Fault--Gulf of Mexico

D. C. Johnson, R. G. Fifer, and K. A. McQuillan

AAPG Special Volumes

... is oriented perpendicular to the fault plane in order to obtain the optimum quality data. The interpretation of the regional expansion fault is based...


III. Evidence of Faulting

Robert E. Sheriff

AAPG Special Volumes

... in the other. (5) Cutout of coherent events beneath the fault plane. We normally recognize reflections by seeing the same phase on adjacent seismic traces...


Pickens Pool, Yazoo County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Clarence E. Brehm

AAPG Bulletin

... of an area of structural thinning extending 30 or 40 miles parallel to the Yazoo basin. The break in seismic reflections near the field is interpreted...


Application of Reflection Seismograph

Eugene McDermott

AAPG Bulletin

... it is impossible to get any reflections very close to a fault, due probably to minor fracturing in the proximity of the fault plane. The presence of the Austin...


Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretations Using Diffraction Seismograms

Richard K. Snavely , A.K.M. Sarwar

GCAGS Transactions

... reflector and; (2) the migrated position and strong amplitude of the fault plane reflection. The shadow zones are areas in which the reflections...


I. Relation of Structural Section to Seismic Section

Robert E. Sheriff

AAPG Special Volumes

... not recognize fault plane reflections because we do not look for them in the right place. We also discriminate against them because of the dire...


A Preliminary Report on the Use of Isogons in the Analysis of Inversion Structures

Charles F. Kluth, James C. Phelps

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... point". The "null point" (Williams and others, 1989) is the point on the fault plane at which the beds on either side of the fault have restored...


Diffraction and Refraction on Reflection Seismograph Records as Aids to Fault Interpretation

Miller Quarles, Jr.

GCAGS Transactions

... arc whose center is at the intersection of the reflecting bed and the fault plane. As the wave reaches the surface and is recorded by the seismometers...


Seismic Interpretation of the Casper Arch Thrust, Tepee Flats Field, Wyoming

R. Randy Ray, Charles R. Berg

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... strong reflections from in the plane of the line. An alternate explanation of the Notches Dome fault reflection outlined below shows that it could...


Work Processes to Mitigate Interpretation Pitfalls in Areas of Severe Seismic Multiples

Carl E. Helsing, Jesse Shaw

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... because the fault plane also exists in the same location as a well-documented multiple. Since the synthetic multiples are volume based they can...


Serang Field – Discovery Within a Seismic "Fault Shadow"

Tom Clark, Mike Turk, Joewono Hadiwijoto, Yoseph Partono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..." is indicated at the fault scarp as per the velocity model. Figure 6 is a map of the Serang-Santan Fault Plane with the same axes, fault scarp and time...


Seismicity and Basement Structure Beneath South San Francisco Bay, California

Mary Lou Zoback, Jean A. Olson, Robert C. Jachens

Pacific Section SEPM

... [email protected] Jean A. Olson U. S. Geological Survey, MS 977 Menlo Park, CA 94025 [email protected] ABSTRACT fault plane (-30°), suggestive of seismic...


2.2 Basement Involved: 2.2.1 Crustal Profiles: A COCORP Seismic Reflection Profile in Northeastern Kansas, Pages 7 - 12.

T. Setzer, L. Brown, L. Serpa, H. Farmer, J. Oliver, and S. Kaufman

AAPG Special Volumes

..., the Humboldt would seem to be a normal rather than reverse fault since the sedimentary units are offset down to the east. Other weak reflections, possibly...


The Detection of Gaseous Hydrocarbon Accumulations by Seismic Interference Patterns and Lateral Velocity Variations

M. A. Buskala

Wyoming Geological Association

... Into A Definable Pattern. The best known source for a diffraction is along a fault plane where beds of differing velocities are in juxtaposition...


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