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Memoir 71, Chapter 17: Feasibility of Detecting Seismic Waves Between Wells at the Fractured Twin Creek Reservoir, Utah-Wyoming Overthrust Belt

Jorge O. Parra, Hughbert A. Collier, and Burke G. Angstman

AAPG Special Volumes

...Memoir 71, Chapter 17: Feasibility of Detecting Seismic Waves Between Wells at the Fractured Twin Creek Reservoir, Utah-Wyoming Overthrust Belt Jorge...


Abstract: Quantifying the Uncertainty of Elastic Facies Classification; #90319 (2018)

Keith Edwards, Muneera F. Al-Awadhi, Abdelrahman Abdeltwab

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... those facies map in an elastic parameter domain. Elastic parameters are based on properties that control how elastic waves propagate in the subsurface...


Fracture identification by reflected guided borehole radar waves

Binzhong Zhou, Jianjian Huo, Iain Mason, Qing Zhao

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... to differentiate fractures from bedding boundaries down the borehole using the borehole guided waves. This is demonstrated by both synthetic and real...


An Example of 3-D AVO for Lithology Discrimination in Widuri Field, Asri Basin, Indonesia

Steven W. Smith, Larry Danahey, Romina Himawan, William E. Harmony, H. Lee Gilmore, John W. Armon, Tony L. Bowman, Wayne Smith

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in the Lower Miocene Talang Akar Formation (Figure 2). Seismic amplitude mapping at the Base Upper Gita horizon in Figure 3 reveals a system of meandering...


Feasibility Study Methodology for Fracture Analysis Studies Using Seismic Azimuthal Amplitude Variation: Application in Southern Mexico

Alexis Ferrer Balas, Nahum Campos, Jesus Garcia Hernandez

GCAGS Transactions

... angles at reservoir level using existing horizon interpretation. More improvements may be considered for the convolutional feasibility about compliance...


Use of Seismic Refraction Techniques for Investigating Recent Landslides in a Tropical Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Matthew C. Larsen

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... beneath active landslides. One of the objectives of this work is to determine the feasibility of using seismic data to estimate the depths and dimensions...


Abstract: Using Innovations in Managed Aquifer Recharge to Improve Coal Seam Gas Water Management; #90234 (2015)

Shaun Kies

Search and

...Abstract: Using Innovations in Managed Aquifer Recharge to Improve Coal Seam Gas Water Management; #90234 (2015) Shaun Kies AAPG Datapages/Search...


Application of Geophysical Methods in Phosphate Exploration Southeastern Idaho

James W. Cooksley Jr.

Utah Geological Association

... methods have been successfully used by several companies. Feasibility studies pertinent to the application of electrical resistivity and induced...


Abstract: Extending Existing Technology to Explore Near Surface Geology With New Techniques in Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation; #90310 (2017)

Marianne E. Parsons, Darren Burrows, Chris Van Galder

Search and

.... A discontinuous portion of the Wabiskaw succession is above the oil sand. This study was initially approached using feasibility models. With input...


Abstract: On the Road to 3D Seismic Imaging of Massive Sulphide Deposits in a Sediment-Hosted Permafrost Environment; #90174 (2014)

Laura Quigley, Yijian Meng, Bernd Milkereit, and Emmanuel Bongajum

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... and Emmanuel Bongajum* University of Alberta, AB, Canada Summary In this report, we investigated the feasibility of using seismic reflection techniques...


Multi-Component Seismic (3C) Data Acquisition … A Case Study from Oil India Ltd. Operational Area in Upper Assam Basin, #40728 (2011)

K. L. Mandal, A. K. Khanna, Dr. R. Dasgupta

Search and

... campaign in the fields, a feasibility study has been carried out using well log data and review of available seismic data to understand the suitability...


Marine Multicomponent Seismic – The New Issues in the Developing Revolution

Jason Robinson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Englemark, F., 2000. Using converted shear waves to image reservoirs with low-impedence contrast. The Leading Edge, pp. 600-602. Gaiser, J., Loinger, E...


Abstract: Sensitivity Analysis and Application of Time-lapse Full Waveform Inversion: Synthetic Testing, and Field Data Example for Monitoring An Underground Gas Blowout, The North Sea, Norway; #90254 (2016)

Hadi Balhareth, Martin Landro

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... of the full waveform inversion (FWI) technique is paving the way for robustly incorporating head waves as well as diving waves into reservoir...


The Value of Microseismic Monitoring and Interpretation of Microseismic Event Hypocenters … Myths, Misconceptions, Realities, and Opportunities

Erkan Ay, Nigel Payne, Joel Le Calvez, Herve Denaclara

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... (DTS), production logging, borehole imaging, downhole video. Far field monitoring including surface tilt-meter, downhole tilt-meter mapping, hybrid...


Geosteering in a Thin Facies Layer Through Proactive Collaboration Process of Reservoir Interpretation

Adrean Pudyaksa, Hendri Harsian, Takefumi Shibuya, Ni Made Wilasari, Olivia Azwar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... it was run without any prior knowledge of horizontal drilling. A feasibility study suggested the electromagnetic based reservoir mapping while drilling...


The Success Application of Weighted Stack AVO Attribute for Feature Imaging in Horst Trend Area, Arthit Field, Thailand; #20341 (2016)

Ratchadaporn Uttareun, Phansakorn Kaewprain, Prang Sinhabaedya, Noppadol Boonsawang, Helge Ivar Sognnes, Kittipong Srisuriyon

Search and

... interval to be drilled was situated in unit 2E. Both WSAVO and RMS amplitude attributes were generated along Horizon A using the same window length (30 ms...


Abstracts: Feasibility of 4D Multicomponent Seismic Methods for Monitoring CO2 Storage in the Redwater Leduc Reef, Alberta; #90173 (2015)

Taher M. Sodagar and Don C. Lawton

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...Abstracts: Feasibility of 4D Multicomponent Seismic Methods for Monitoring CO2 Storage in the Redwater Leduc Reef, Alberta; #90173 (2015) Taher M...


Abstract: Numerical Modeling of Shear-wave Splitting and Azimuthal Velocity Analysis in Fractured Media; #90172 (2014)

Zimin Zhang, Don C. Lawton, Robert R. Stewart

Search and

... the feasibility of using multi-component and repeated (time-lapse) seismic methods for crack mapping and monitoring, rock-physics modeling...


Abstract: Tomography of a Velocity Modeland Location of Microseismic Events with P, Sv and Sh Waves; #90224 (2015)

Malgorzata Chmiel and Thomas Bardainne

Search and

... This abstract demonstrates the feasibility of a joint use of P- and S-waves with surface monitoring network. Using the best quality microseismic events...


Try Before You Buy!

Lars Zühlsdorff, Trond Haugland

GEO ExPro Magazine

... studies using the point-spread function, and time-lapse feasibility modelling, where the focus is on production-related changes between a base case...


Abstract: SS-wave Reflections from P-wave Sources in Azimuthally Anisotropic Media; #90187 (2014)

James Gaiser and Richard Verm

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.... The purpose of this study is to re-examine the feasibility of recovering SS-waves generated by P-wave sources in azimuthally anisotropic media. We...


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