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Fuels and People

Dean A. McGee

Oklahoma City Geological Society

.... Then in 1942, a major new source of energy, the nucleus of the atom, and a new energy fuel, uranium, became a reality. Unlike the fossil fuels where...


Is Increased Investment in LNG Capacity A Positive or Negative Trend for A Global Low Carbon Energy Transition?

Chandra Irawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... renewables to make it more affordable. On the other hand, switching the fossil fuel towards cleaner one is considered more reasonable, and natural gas...


An Overview of Coal Water Mixture (CWM) as New Unconventional Energy Potency, and Indonesia Coal Fields for Case Studies; #80333 (2013)

Rieza Putra, Julia Alibazah, and Datin Umar

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... crisis faced by numerous country in every parts of the world, including Indonesia. The dependence to fossil fuels, especially oil and gas, should...


ABSTRACT: Alternative Energy-Driven Oilfield Waste Water Reclamation

Nathan R. Hutchings, Eric W. Appleton

GCAGS Transactions

..., primarily by reducing fossil fuel energy consumption and reducing the need for heavy equipment such as tractors and tankers to haul off the waste water...


ABSTRACT: Biomass combustion process and pollution identification by petrographic methods

Marta Jach-Nocoń, Iwona Jelonek, Adam Nocoń

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... mainly on fossil fuels. More recently we have tested these techniques on wood pellet mixtures. We have applied this analysis to detect undesirable...


Abstract: Geologic characterization and historical context for the Gas Seepage Project (GaSP) study areas in the Maritimes Basin, Canada

Fiona Henderson, Elliot McLauchlan, Grant Wach

Atlantic Geology

... 4R2, Canada 2. Eosense Inc., 1 Research Dr., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 4M9, Canada Fossil fuel sites are susceptible to the release of methane...


ABSTRACT A Comparative Characterization of Produced Water from Conventional and Unconventional Fossil Fuel Resources, #90104 (2010)

Alley Bethany; Beebe Alex; Rodgers John H.; Castle James

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...ABSTRACT A Comparative Characterization of Produced Water from Conventional and Unconventional Fossil Fuel Resources, #90104 (2010) Alley Bethany...


Abstract: Is Middle East Really Fully Explored?; #90247 (2016)

Ahmad Saqer Al Suwaidi

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..., fossil fuel is an exhaustible resource. Like other basins of the world, the basins of the Middle East too have reached its creaming curve where new finds...


Environmental Effects of Geothermal Energy Development--Summary: Geothermal Energy

Richard G. Bowen

AAPG Special Volumes

..., are the fossil-fuel plants. Like other thermal power plants, the geothermal plant involves the production and use of steam, expanding it through a turbine...


Cogeneration: A Profitable Way to Save Energy in the Petroleum and Gas Industries

R. L. Van Housen

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., feedstock characteristics, size of plant and even the plant vintage. The increasing costs of fuel and power continue to be the major driving forces...


ABSTRACT: Coalbed methane production in Botswana

Vincent O. Lekula

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... in the world and in Botswana it has over decades remained the only fossil fuel resource known to exist in the country, following the establishment of its...


Northwest Shelf Gas--Its Role in Western Australia's Energy Economy

J. B. Kirkwood

AAPG Special Volumes

... gas accounts for more than 70% of the state's fossil-fuel resources which contrasts with only 4% for Australia as a whole. Thus, faced...


Abstract: What Do the Numbers Say? Global Statistics and Trends „ Implications for Australian Oil and Gas

Christof Rühl

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...% to 18%. Natural gas is projected to be the fastest growing fossil fuel, and coal and oil are likely to lose market share as all fossil fuels expe...


ABSTRACT: Energy Myths and Current Realities; #90111 (2010)

Scott Tinker

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... independent in the next 50 years.  “Renewable energy” can reduce dependence on fossil fuels significantly in the next 25 years.  The economy will adapt...


Developing Coal Bed Methane CBM Project as a Truly Sustainable Venture: Strategies, Technologies and Methodologies

Vilas Tawde, Ishaan Chellani, Rishabh Sharma

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... momentum. Methane (CH4) being the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel, its share in energy basket should increase while considering its Global Warming...


The Organic Geochemistry and Structure of Coal: Tracking Chemical Transformations from Plant Remains to Economic Fossil Remains

P. G. Hatcher

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...The Organic Geochemistry and Structure of Coal: Tracking Chemical Transformations from Plant Remains to Economic Fossil Remains P. G. Hatcher 15th...


Abstract: Innovation in the Gas Industry: Shell's Approach

Marjan van Loon

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... a large pa rt of the world's energy demand. Natural gas is the cleanest burn ing fossil fuel, it has a clear environmental advantage and it is abundantly...


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