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Velocity Logging and Its Geological and Geophysical Applications

H. R. Breck, S. W. Schoellhorn, R. B. Baum

AAPG Bulletin

... by well geophone data alone, and are rapidly replacing the conventional well velocity survey. Other geophysical applications include seismic reflection...


Abstract: Interferometric Assessment of Clamping Quality of Borehole Geophones; #90224 (2015)

Yoones Vaezi and Mirko van der Baan

Search and

... of deep experiments due to proximity to the treatment zone. Borehole geophone strings are typically clamped to the observation wellbore wall using...


Abstract: Seismic Amplitude Measurement for Primary Lithology Estimation (SAMPLE): Case Histories From Tertiary Western Basins

G. S. Gassaway

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... from the reflection amplitude variation versus shot-to-geophone offset within a CDP gather (Gassaway and Richgels, 1983). From a crossplot...


Abstract: Future Opportunities for Exploration in Papua New Guinea

Andrew Grainge

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... that was chosen. Their success in obtaining coherent data was mainly due to extensive acquisition parameter testing and attention to geophone coupling...


Microseismic Event Location Using Multiple Arrivals: Demonstration of Uncertainty Reduction

Zhishuai Zhang, James W. Rector, Michael J. Nava

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... location. This will eliminate the necessity for polarization which has large uncertainty due to poor geophone-borehole coupling, multiple arrivals...


Abstract: Problems and Application of the Seismic Refraction Method in Civil Engineering Projects in Malaysia

Lim Beng Kung

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... and terrain are taken into consideration in the planning of the layout of the geophone spreads and shot points. Constraints by rugged and hilly terrain...


Abstract: Refraction Profiling across the Shoreline: A Modified Seismic Technique

Leong Lap Sau, Low Weng Leng, Samat Ishak

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... by an electrically triggered multi-electrode sparker In the sea water moored a pre-selected distance from the first geophone planted on land. Initial tests...


ABSTRACT: Shallow Shear-Wave Seismic Velocity Testing in Jackson, Mississippi

David T. Butler, III, and James B. Harris

GCAGS Transactions

... continuous core from the upper 30 m (~98 ft) of the hole. Downhole S-wave seismic data were acquired using a threecomponent borehole geophone system...


Vertical and Lateral Seismic Resolution and Attenuation: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

R. E. Sheriff

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Reflections from this zone arrive at a geophone so as to constructively interfere. The radius of this zone is often taken as the horizontal resolution...


2.2 Basement Involved: 2.2.4 Cratonic Basins: Acre and Upper Amazon Basins, Brazil


AAPG Special Volumes

...), and the geophone array was 69 m (226 ft) long with 24 equi-spaced elements. UPPER AMAZON BASIN This seismic line is located in the Upper Amazon Paleozoic Basin...


Microtremor Studies in Roosevelt and Beowawe Geothermal Areas: ABSTRACT

Alfred L. Liaw, Wayne Suyenaga

AAPG Bulletin

... microtremor activities and existing geothermal reservoirs. A 256-element modified eight-arm geophone array was deployed to monitor microtremors...


Shear and Compressional-Wave Surface and Downhole Tests in Southern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Corbin, David W. Bell, Stephen H. Danbom

AAPG Bulletin

... energy with depth by using a downhole geophone. To achieve these objectives, an expanding reflection profile (ERP), a walkaway noise analysis, and a VSP...


ABSTRACT: A Fiber Optic Permanent Reservoir Monitoring System; #90061 (2006)

Steve Maas and Rune Tenghamn

Search and

... in the ensuing two years, including optical hydrophone, geophone and accelerometer designs. Both field and pressure chamber testing verify the integrity of all...


ABSTRACT: VSP and Seismic Integration: Enhancing Reservoir Characterization; #90115 (2010)

Udeme Udofia and Lawal N. Kurfi

Search and

... geophone and external source in contrast with the configuration of surface sources and receivers for the surface seismic. This unique quality of borehole...


ABSTRACT: Intersection of Geoscience and Technology in the Development the Bakken Unconventional Oil Reservoir, Sanish/Parshall Field Area, Mountrail County, North Dakota; #90122 (2011)

Mark Williams, Orion Skinner, Mark Sonnenfeld, and Lyn Canter

Search and

...’ horizontal wells with up to 30 stage artificial fracture stimulations. A permanent 152 square mile subsurface geophone array designed to monitor...


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