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Properties of Water in Clay Mineral Systems: ABSTRACT

Philip F. Low

AAPG Bulletin

... develops in a shale from which water cannot escape when the geostatic pressure increases or when S decreases owing to the conversion of montmorillonite...


Evaporite Diapirism in the Sverdrup Basin: New Insights and Unsolved Problems

W.M. Schwerdtner, Kirk Osadetz

CSPG Bulletin

... by lithostatic pressure before the Eurekan orogeny (Gould and DeMille, 1964, p. 750; Schwerdtner and Clark, 1967). The possibility of geostatic diapirism before...


Mechanism for Emplacement of Piercement Diapirs

Richard S. Bishop

AAPG Bulletin

... equilibrium the pressures at the bottoms of the two columns are equal: EQUATION (1) or EQUATION (2) where ^ggr is the geostatic pressure gradient (e.g....


Hydrology of Deep Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Jones

AAPG Bulletin

... sediments, generally lithified and commonly metamorphosed. Observed rock transformations required input of heat in an environment of pressure ranging...


Relationships Between Pore Pressure, Stresses, and Present-Day Geodynamics in the Scotian Shelf, Offshore Eastern Canada

N. A. Yassir , J. S. Bell

AAPG Bulletin

...Relationships Between Pore Pressure, Stresses, and Present-Day Geodynamics in the Scotian Shelf, Offshore Eastern Canada N. A. Yassir , J. S. Bell...


2.0 Abnormal Pore Fluid Pressures: Definition, Terminology, Observations

P. E. Gretener

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The limiting value for geopressures is the total overburden stress (lithostatic or geostatic pressure of some authors). When that stage is reached...


A Carbonate Vein in Limestone: NOTES

Matthew H. Nitecki

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... gradually with precipitated calcite, giving rise to cement. As the process proceeds, the pressure becomes geostatic. Later, as the thickness...


Numerical Simulations of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation „ A Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach; #41689 (2015)

Michael Baranowski, Timothy Masterlark

Search and

... and fluid pressure conditions that include geostatic and tectonic loads, and time dependent fluid pressure loading. They are incapable of modeling branching...


Use of Hydraulic Head and Hydraulic Gradient to Characterize Geopressured Sediments and the Direction of Fluid Migration in the Louisiana Gulf Coast

Jeffrey S. Hanor , Janet E. Bailey

GCAGS Transactions

... on the basis of increases in pressure gradient or geostatic ratio, that is, in situ fluid pressure divided by total depth. Fluids and sediments having geostatic...


Oil-Gas Productivity of the Permo-Triassic Sediments of South Mangyshlak

D. S. Orudzheva, L. I. Morozov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... is thought to be related not to infiltration processes but to an increase in degree of metamorphism of the Triassic sediments from great geostatic...


Time of Formation of Upper Cretaceous Oil and Gas Pools

A. V. Merkulov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... pool the formation pressure exceeds the geostatic by 60-70%, a geologically more recent time of accumulation of the liquid is indicated. Characteristic...


1.0 Introduction

P. E. Gretener

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The TOTAL OVERBURDEN PRESSURE (GEOSTATIC OR LITHOSTATIC LOAD) at a depth of 10,000 feet will be in the relatively narrow range of 9,500 to 11,000 psi...


Stress Fields, A Key to Oil Migration

Jean du Rouchet

AAPG Bulletin

... pressure, on the order of the geostatic load. This pressure may permit the opening of tensile fractures if it is greater than the least compressive...


Summary: Projective Well Log Interpretation

Sylvain J. Pirson

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

... as an indication of the proximity to geostatic pressure barriers. Electrical response of fine grain sediments to multidirectional sedimentary compaction...


Hydrodynamic Environment at Sedimentary Stages of Hydrogeologic Cycles

M. S. Burshtar, D. A. Nazarov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... lithofacies composition, degree of compaction, and the geostatic load of the overlying sediments. The parameter H is a quantitative index of both extra...


Sleipner Fluid Dynamics; #80111 (2010)

Bert van der Meer

Search and

... to the weight of the overburden column. Geostatic pressure Depth Grain pressure Hydrostatic or fluid/pore pressure 7 Sleipner - Fluid dynamics Golden...


Large-Scale Fluid Migration Driven by Salt Dissolution, Bay Marchand Dome, Offshore Louisiana

R. Stephanie Bruno,, Jeffrey S. Hanor

GCAGS Transactions

... in this and other cross sections show the limit of well control. Figure 4. Geostatic ratio (fluid pressure/depth) of pore fluids in section A-A. End_Page 101...


Fluid-Release Mechanisms in Compacting Marine Mudrocks and Their Importance in Oil Exploration

Maurice C. Powers

AAPG Bulletin

... weight of the overburden (geostatic or lithostatic pressure) for the depths considered. In this cas , the total overburden of rock would be in a state...


Geology of the Upper Jurassic Sediments of the Foreland Folds of the Checheno-Ingush Assr and Evaluation of their Oil-Gas Prospects

P. G. Romanov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... in the Cretaceous and the sub-halogen Upper Jurassic may have been similar. They formed under considerable geostatic pressure, they have plastic shields...


The Origins of Abnormal Fluid Pressures

Norman E. Smith, H. George Thomas

Houston Geological Society

... to Hubbert and Rubey (1959), #48, p 115: where S = total vertical stress, or geostatic overburden pressure, in psi, p = fluid pressure in psi, and σ...




Fort Worth Geological Society

... of geostatic pressure, which determines extent of pressure solution, extent of grain rearrangement, and extent of grain deformation; and  (5) the thermal...


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