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Reservoir Properties of Sediments of the Upper Cretaceous of the Dagestan Foothills

S. A. Bedcher, L. V. Smirnova, T. V. Petrova, N. K. Bogdanova

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... that the decrease in volume of the cavities in these rocks accompanying increase in depth of occurrence is due to increase in geostatic pressure...


Possible Mechanism for Formation of Oil and Gas Pools in Traps of the Basement

G. G. Ar’ye, V. L. Shuster

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

..., concentrated in the clayey sediments, are introduced into the sandy varieties due to compression from geostatic load. These sandy sediments...


Deep-Sea Trenches and the Compression Assumption: REPLY

William F. Tanner

AAPG Bulletin

... (ignorance of initiation of diapirs as a result of tensional localization of the effects of geostatic pressure); bad seismology (misinterpretation of seismic...


Natural and Artificial Cracking of Oil Source Rocks and Unconventional Reservoirs, #41436 (2014).

Wallace G. Dow

Search and

... the internal pressure generated by volume-increase reactions due to the conversion of kerogen to solid bitumen and then to oil and gas exceeds the geostatic...


Contributions of Compaction And Aquathermal Pressuring to Geopressure and the Influence of Environmental Conditions: DISCUSSION

T. W. Miller, C. H. Luk

AAPG Bulletin

... properties of pore fluids also play an important role in aquathermal pressuring. These properties can change significantly with temperature, pressure...


Diagenetic Pathways in Sedimentary Basins: Chapter 6: DIAGENESIS AND BASIN HYDRODYNAMICS

Wendy J. Harrison, Regina N. Tempel

AAPG Special Volumes

... consequences of differences between fluid and geostatic pressure in hydrothermal systems: American Journal of Science, v. 283-A, p. 540-588. Chen, W...


Hydrodynamic Framework of Eastern Algerian Sahara--Influence on Hydrocarbon Occurrence

Andre Chiarelli

AAPG Bulletin

.... FOOTNOTE 7. Geostatic pressure is the combined weight of the formation matrix (rock) and fluid (water, hydrocarbon) overlying and exerting a total...


Geothermal Resource Assessment of the Gueydan Salt Dome and the Adjacent Southeast Gueydan Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Taylor A. Gray, Jeffrey A. Nunn

GCAGS Transactions

... and results in estimates of pore water salinity that are erroneously low. Pressure Geostatic ratios were determined from mud weights using the following...


Chapter 1

Mark W. Longman

AAPG Special Volumes

... such as viscosity and density, geostatic and displacive fluid pressures, and rock wettability. A "permeability" trap as referred to here may be formed...


How Plant and Animal Remains Become Oil and Gas: A Geochemical Perspective; #40829 (2011)

Wallace G. Dow

Search and

... internal pressure. When the pressure exceeds geostatic, the rock ruptures, oil and gases are expelled, the fractures close, and the source rock returns...


Piercement Structures in Canadian Arctic Islands: ABSTRACT

Don B. Gould, George De Mille

AAPG Bulletin

... resulting from halokinesis or geostatic loading. Ordovician salt is known to exist in the Cornwallis fold belt which presumably extends under the basin...


Hydrodynamics and Overpressuring in the Jeanne D'Arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada: Possible Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

A. L. Rogers, N. A. Yassir

CSPG Bulletin

... consolidated (i.e., hydrostatic pressure), termed the equilibrium depth (ze), Ze = (G.z - u) / G - H where G is the geostatic gradient, H is the hydrostatic...


Field-Scale Numerical Modelling for Compaction, Subsidence and Stability Analysis of the Faults and Reservoir Caprock for the Entire Life of South Senoro Field

Ahmadreza Younessi, Romi Sagita, Reynaldi Mikhael Chrislianto, Krishna Pratama Laya, Ricky Helbet

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...., 2020; Luo et al., 2023). However, the 3D static geomechanical model only represents a specific reservoir pressure, that is, the condition at which...


Oil-Gas Prospects of Non-Traditional Reservoirs in Lower Carboniferous Sediments of Aral-Ustyurt Area

A. Ye. Abetov, S. T. Khusanov, D. D. Orudzheva, P. U. Akhmedov, B. S. Rakhmatov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... characteristics of clayey rocks, according to Nesterov (1993) at great depth an increase in geostatic pressure does not lead to substantial change in content...


Geomechanical Modeling of Stresses Adjacent to Salt Bodies: Uncoupled Models; #40777 (2011)

Gang Luo, Maria-Katerina Nikolinakou, Peter B. Flemings, and Mike Hudec

Search and

... in an elastic medium, and then subtract an assumed pore pressure after the calculations are complete, (2) simulate effective stresses in an elastic medium...


The Role of Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Lithology, and Structure in Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Constance Bayou, Deep Lake, and Southeast Little Pecan Lake Fields, Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Frank W. Harrison, III

GCAGS Transactions

...The Role of Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Lithology, and Structure in Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Constance Bayou, Deep Lake, and Southeast Little...


Origin of Salt Domes in Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

H. Robert Ensminger , James E. Matthews

AAPG Bulletin

... and to begin to migrate as a result of geostatic pressure differential. Accumulation of sediment over a basement high would cause a differential...


Possible Igneous Analog of Salt Dome Tectonics, Clark Mountains, Southeastern California: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

B. C. Burchfiel , Gregory A. Davis

AAPG Bulletin

... of 2.98 g/cc). In such cases the upward movement of mobile rocks has been attributed t lateral pressure differences produced by geostatic loading (Halbouty...


Geological Aspects of Abnormal Reservoir Pressures in Gulf Coast Louisiana

George Dickinson

AAPG Bulletin

... pressures known approach 90 per cent of geostatic pressure, that is, of the pressure caused by the weight of the overburden. Several hypotheses have been...


A Geomechanical Approach for Evaluating Hydraulic Stimulation in Complex Stratigraphies

William Dershowitz, Hooman Hosseinpour, Mark Cottrell

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., for example, on the cover of JPT (April, 2019). The mechanics of hydraulic fracturing is sensitive to the combination of local in situ stress and pressure...


Source Material, Compaction History and Hydrocarbon Occurrence in the Cagayan Valley Basin, Luzon, Philippines

Noe L. Caagusan

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... shown that there is a zonc through which the fluid pressure increases faster than the rate of increase of the geostatic pressure (Fig. 18...


Genetic Aspects of Oil-Gas Occurrence in Maykop Sediments of Dagestan Foothills

B. A. Sokolov, N. Sh. Yandarbiyev, V. A. Konyukhova

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... behind this concept was the inversion of formation pressure in the interval of occurrence of the Maykop and Upper Cretaceous due in all probability...


Using Pressure Data to Build a Stratigraphic Framework in the Deepwater Ranggas Field, Kutai Basin … East Kalimantan

Ida Njoman Widya Dharmasamadhi, Sena W. Reksalegora

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of those pressure measurements is the basis of this study. The work is part of a larger effort to construct a field-wide geostatic model in the absence...


Petroleum Systems and Structural Styles in the Santiago Fold and Thrust Belt: A Salt Related Orogenic Belt

Antenor M. Alemán, Robert Marksteiner

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... is induced by net stress (geostatic and pore pressure), however; chemical compaction is generally induced by vertical lithostatic stress producing...


The Karkinit Basin of the Black Sea - Northwestern Part of the Tethyan Region (geodynamic development, mud volcanism and gas exhalations); #90017 (2003)

Konstantin A. Kleschev

Search and

... submerged deposits provides the development of their vertical migration at a pressure exceeding the geostatic pressure. It causes the formation...


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