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AAPG Studies in Geology No. 58, the Geology of Cuba - Ch.6 Hydrocarbons

Georges Pardo

AAPG Special Volumes

... a similar behavior. Geostatic pressure is certainly indicated by the asphalt dikes in the Domingo* sequence.Domingo* SequenceAs previously mentioned...


Time of Migration and Accumulation of Oil and Gas: A Panel Discussion, Continued from the July-August Journal

Mr. Gussow

CSPG Bulletin

... easily if we had had more seeps to lead us to them. My feeling is that, with the geostatic load, fractures at depth cannot remain open unless...


Subsidence and Its Control

J. F. Poland

AAPG Special Volumes

... = effective stress (effective overburden pressure or grain-to-grain load) p = total stress (geostatic pressure) uw = pore pressure (fluid pressure or neutral...


Salt Diapirism in Southern Iran

M. A. Ala

AAPG Bulletin

... to the geostatic load. The overlying sediments, on the other hand, normally contain pore water, so that the pressure at the base of the sedimentary column...


Geopressures and Hydrodynamics in the Gulf Basin Tertiary

Calvin A. Parker

New Orleans Geological Society

... (i.e. geostatic gradient) -is effective stress (grain-to-grain pressure) p is fluid pressure, or force per unit area at the surface of the solids...


Piercement Domes in Canadian Arctic: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Wm. C. Gussow

AAPG Bulletin

.... It is suggested that this is a "piercement ice dome" and has nothing to do with frost heaving, but is the result of geostatic load on what is probably...


Geohydrology of Buried Triassic Basin at Savannah River Plant, South Carolina

I. Wendell Marine

AAPG Bulletin

... pressuring--role of temperature in development of abnormal-pressure zones: Am. Assoc. Petroleum Geologists Bull., v. 56, no. 10, p. 2068-2071. End_Page 1836...


Geotechnical Applications in Soft Sediments: Section 2

Wayne A. Dunlap

AAPG Special Volumes

... might be taken as an indication that the duration of earthquake stressing is too short to cause pore water pressure buildup of a magnitude to cause...


Production Optimization in Subang Gas Field Using Reservoir Simulation

Amelia Dwi Saputri

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... structure by a graben. Initial gas in place is 970 BSCF with initial pressure 1777 psia and CO2 content 21.53 %. Subang field was drilled from August 1994...


Development of the Bengkalis Depression, Central Sumatra and Its Subsequent Deformation – A Model for Other Sumatran Grabens?

P. J. Moulds

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... shown this to be due to the relationship of geostatic pressure to horizontal stress from compression. Where no major horizontal stress is present...


Geologic Occurrence of Intrusive Gypsum and Its Effect on Structural Forms in Coahuila Marginal Folded Province of Northeastern Mexico

James R. Wall , Grover E. Murray , Teodoro Diaz G.

AAPG Bulletin

...) gravity or density (geostatic) movements of the evaporites were secondary in the area. The Coahuila Marginal Folded Province of Northeastern Mexico...


Notes on Hydrocarbon Trapping Mechanism in the Aru Area, North Sumatra

Mulhadiono, Marinoadi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., may encourage exploration efforts in the Aru area. BERG. R.R., 1975: capillary Pressure in Stratigraphic traps, AAPG Bull. V.59 No.6, pp. 939-956...


Compaction and Porosity Evolution of Pliocene Sandstones, Ventura Basin, California

John C. Wilson, Earle F. McBride

AAPG Bulletin

... an increase in geostatic pressure, i.e., the weight of overburden. In addition, compression by tectonic forces can overprint the effects of burial compaction...


Geological and Geochemical Models in Oil Exploration; Principles and Practical Examples

P. Ungerer, F. Bessis, P. Y. Chenet, B. Durand, E. Nogaret, A. Chiarelli, J.L. Oudin, J.F. Perrin

AAPG Special Volumes

... description of the formation of hydrocarbons and computes the pressure regime of the fluids. Thus it determines the amount of petroleum expelled from...


Paleogeography and Oil Potential of the Bazhenov Formation of West Siberia

S. I. Filina, M. V. Korzh, M. S. Zonn

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... formation pressure; 27-outline of first order structures; 28-oil fields; 29-oil shows. The source of the organic matter was largely planktonic marine...


Pembina Oil Field — In Retrospect

A. R. Nielsen, J. W. Porter

CSPG Special Publications

... is effected by the diagenetic nullification of primary porosity as a result of geostatic pressure and attendant solution processes. This diagenetic...


Stratigraphic Capture: A Depositional Process Facilitating Fluid and Gas Movement Between Porous and Permeable Beds

John B. Echols, Don Goddard

GCAGS Transactions

... behind the flow is a difference in density, or formation fluid (gas) pressure because of the geostatic/hydrostatic gradient, between the individual...


Regional Variations in Physical and Chemical Properties of South Louisiana Oil Field Brines

Jeffrey S. Hanor , Janet E. Bailey , Madeline C. Rogers , L. Riley Milner

GCAGS Transactions

... of overpressured sediments and fluids and on the probable directions of hydraulically-induced advective flow than do pressure or geostatic ratio. The Hanor...


Origin of Fracture Porosity--Example from Altamont Field, Utah

Wayne Narr , John B. Currie

AAPG Bulletin

... in temperature, pore pressure, weight of overburden, or tectonic loading. Hence geologic processes acting on a sedimentary unit should be analyzed...


Current Status of Geodynamic Bases for Prediction, Prospecting, and Exploration for Oil and Gas

K. A. Kleshchev, V. S. Shein

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... hydrodynamic model of the basin. Geostatic pressure with an anomalous fluid dynamic system and temperatures exceeding 100°C. Transitional from...


Hydrogeology and Simulation of Ground-Water Flow and Land-Surface Subsidence in the Chicot and Evangeline Aquifers, Houston Area, Texas

Kasmarek, Mark C. Strom, Eric W.

GCAGS Transactions

... that for sediments in confined aquifers where the geostatic pressure remains constant, compaction (or expansion) of the interbedded clay...


Geomechanical modeling of stresses adjacent to salt bodies: Part 2Poroelastoplasticity and coupled overpressures

Maria A. Nikolinakou, Gang Luo, Michael R. Hudec, Peter B. Flemings

AAPG Bulletin

... show that with time, the pressure field dissipates and expands. The dissipation process takes millions of years, which suggests that pore-pressure...


Secondary Porosity Development and Subsequent Reduction, Overpressured Frio Formation Sandstone (Oligocene), South Texas

Sandra J. Lindquist

GCAGS Transactions

... or induced reservoir pressure changes and fluctuating reservoir fluid chemistry. Recementation was locally extensive and able to substantially reduce...


Turbidite Origin of Glaciolacustrine Sediments, Woodcock Lake, Pennsylvania

Samuel S. Harrison

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in the geostatic pressure (effective stress), resulting in a decrease in shear strength and possibly even liquification of the coarsergrained portions...


Hydrodynamics of the Fountain and Casper Formations, Laramie Basin, Wyoming

Richard W. Davis

Wyoming Geological Association

...) would tend to close under geostatic pressures. Data Analysis Shut-in pressure data from drill-stem tests and static water level data from water wells...


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