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Pulsed Fracturing in Shale Reservoirs: Geomechanical Aspects, Ductile-Brittle Transition and Field Implications

M. Reza Safari, Raju Gandikota, Uno Mutlu, Missy Ji, Jonathan Glanville, Hazim Abass

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... network is maximized [2]. New equipment technology can provide next-generation pressure pumping technology that could help overcome some...


Numerical Evaluation of Bulk Geomechanical Properties of Fractured Coal with Changing Net Effective Stress Conditions

Travis R. Mitchell, Ruizhi Zhong, Ray Johnson Jr., Christopher R. Leonardi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

.... Furthermore, the effect of 30%, 60%, and 100% depletion are described via modelling of the pore pressure variation, matrix shrinkage, and changes...


Genisis of Hydrocarbons in the Mahakam Delta and the Relationship Between Their Distribution and the Over Pressured Zones

J. L. Oudin, P. F. Picard

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Empirically, the overpressured zone resists the migration of fluids and internal processes will increase the pressure. Eventually geostatic pressure...


Mechanism of Salt Migration in Northern Germany

F. Trusheim

AAPG Bulletin

... example of geodynamic salt structures, i.e., structures essentially produced by tangential compressive pressure, to be precise, by "Saxonian tectonics...


Geometry and Defpomational Environment of the Cieneguilla-Quitman Range in Northeastern Chihuahua, Mexico, and Western Trans-Pecos Texas, USA

Donald F. Reaser

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of 2000 m.” These thicknesses (molasse deposits) suggest that geostatic pressure was as much as 500 bars during folding of that part of the Jura...


Lacq Gas Field, France

E. Winnock , Y. Pontalier

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the reservoir on the flanks, whereas the top was unaffected because of a lower geostatic pressure and an increase of gas pressure. FLUID General: Under...


On the Character of Thrust Faults With Particular Reference to the Basal Tongues

P. E. Gretener

CSPG Bulletin

... of the matrix pressure. In the limiting case where the pore pressure equals the overburden pressure or geostatic load, the overburden is essentially...


Subaqueous Landslides as They Affect Bottom Structures: Appendix 5-4

D. B. Prior, J. M. Coleman, J. N. Suhayda, L. E. Garrison

AAPG Special Volumes

.... A., Bryant, W. R., and Richards, A. Pore pressure measurements in underconsolidated sediments. Offshore Technology Conference, Paper No. 3168, pp...


Porosity Variation in Carbonates as a Function of Depth: Mississippian Madison Group, Williston Basin

Alton Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

... map of Miller and Strauz (1980). The present-day vertical effective stress was calculated by subtracting the pore pressure from the geostatic load...


Frigg Field--U.K. and Norway Viking Graben, North Sea

F. E. Heritier, A. Conort, E. Mure

AAPG Special Volumes

... reached values close to the geostatic pressure. Due to the anomalous distribution of stresses in the shale cover over the Jurassic fault block (i.e....


Exploration for Deep Geopressured Gas: Corsair Trend, Offshore Texas

H. A. Vogler , B. A. Robison

AAPG Bulletin

... fluid pressure (Jones, 1976), and results from trapped pore fluids supporting both the overlying water column and some portion of the geostatic load...


Reservoir Diagenesis and Convective Fluid Flow: Part 1. Concepts and Principles

J. R. Wood, T. A. Hewett

AAPG Special Volumes

.... 325-328. Bruton, C. J., and H. C. Helgeson, in press, Calculation of chemical and thermodynamic consequences of differences between fluid and geostatic...


Role of Paleohydrogeological Factors in Formation of Regional Zones of Oil-Gas Accumulation

R. I. Bykov, S. B. Vagin, V. P. Gavrilov, Ya. A. Khodzhakuliyev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... In the sedimentation stage of the Jurassic hydrogeologic cycle, the hydrodynamic conditions were determined by the difference in geostatic load an the depressions...


Paleotemperatures in the Gulf Coast Using the Esr-Kerogen Method

Walter C. Pusey, III

GCAGS Transactions

..." of the kerogen. Other factors, such as the type of kerogen, nature of the clay matrix, geostatic pressure, and length of time exposed to temperature...


Dissolution of Salt and Perturbation of Subsurface Temperatures by Salinity-Driven Free Convection at the Bay Marchand Field, Offshore Louisiana

Jeffrey S. Hanor, R. Stephanie Bruno

GCAGS Transactions

... in lithostratigraphy, formation water salinities, temperature, geostatic ratio (fluid pressure/depth), and in situ fluid densities. They calculated spatial...


Distributary-Mouth Bar Development and Role of Submarine Landslides in Delta Growth, South Pass, Mississippi Delta

John F. Lindsay , David B. Prior , James M. Coleman

AAPG Bulletin

.... A. Bennett, and A. F. Richards, 1978, Pore pressure measurements in underconsolidated sediments: OTC-3168, Annual Offshore Technology Conference, Houston...


Oil Migration Limitations Suggested by Geological and Geochemical Considerations

James A. Momper

AAPG Special Volumes

... the total pressure of the overburden plus the tensile strength of the rock parallel to the bedding. Therefore, somewhat less pressure than geostatic...


Exercises Part C: Deformed Eastern Niger Delta

Deborah E. Ajakaiye, Albert W. Bally

AAPG Special Volumes

...% of that normally associated with compacted shale but also gives rise to a geostatic disequilibrium which results in a lateral movement...


Geology and Diagenetic History of Overpressured Sandstone Reservoirs, Venture Gas Field, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... gradient is 0.89 X the average geostatic gradient and 1.9 X the normal hydrostatic gradient. Detailed plotting of pressure vs. depth shows...


Porosity--Depth Trends in Deeply Buried Upper Jurassic Reservoirs in the Norwegian Central Graben: An Example of Porosity Preservation Beneath the Normal Economic Basement by Grain-Coating Microquartz

Mogens Ramm,, Arne W. Forsberg, Jens S. Jahren

AAPG Special Volumes

...-burden stress (i.e., the net stress = geostatic stress - pore pressure). The bulk volume reduction is due to reorientation, cleavage, and fracturing...


Fundamental Transcurrent Faulting in Northern Rocky Mountains

Jan G. Smith

AAPG Bulletin

... of deformation may be attributed to such factors as the rate of deformation, confining pressure (overburden), viscosity, temperature, et cetera...


Basin Evaluation by Integrated Two-Dimensional Modeling of Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Hydrocarbon Generation, and Migration (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... at Bekapai. Pressure changes from hydrostatic to geostatic in a transition zone that is less than 300 m thick at Handil and about 1000 m at Bekapai...


Piercement Structures in the Arctic Islands

Don B. Gould, George de Mille

CSPG Bulletin

... domes resulting from halokinesis or geostatic loading. Some of the piercement structures in the eastern part of the basin are large and domal, but most...


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