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AAPG Studies in Geology No. 58 - Overview

Georges Pardo

AAPG Special Volumes

... to the weight of accumulating overburden. The water bore much of the overburden load, which generated near geostatic pore-fluid pressure. The resultant...


The Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Canadian Sedimentary Basins — A Synthesis

R. G. McCrossan, J. W. Porter

CSPG Special Publications

... and to the northeast along the northwest coast of Banks Island. Geostatic loading and attendant faulting appear to be responsible for numerous flow and diapiric...


Recent Advances in Petroleum Geochemistry Applied to Hydrocarbon Exploration

B. P. Tissot

AAPG Bulletin

... of geostatic stress from the solid rock matrix to the enclosed pore fluid (Meissner, 1978) The internal pressure buildup would overcome the capillary...


Reservoir Modeling in the Bunyu Tapa Gas Field — an Integrated Study

Ramatias Ramli, Susanto Budi Nugroho, John Bradfield, Steve Hansen

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... structures that look like horsts on seismic but are in fact a result of geostatic vertical and lateral load adjustment. For these reasons the inter coal...


Geothermal Exploration from Deep-Well Data

William F. Tanner

GCAGS Transactions

...). This is not a statement that boiling water occurs at drillable depth; on the contrary, geostatic pressures at very shallow depths are sufficient to prevent boiling...


Wall-and-Basin Structure: An Intriguing Tectonic Prototype in the Central Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

J.T. Van Berkel, W.M. Schwerdtner, J.G. Torrance

CSPG Bulletin

..., one sees chains of coalescent domes typically obtained in diapiric experiments that simulate geostatic loading. Does this suggest that the bucklefold...


Geologic Evolution and Petroleum Resources of the Baltic Basin: Chapter 31: Part II. Selected Analog Interior Cratonic Basins: Analog Basins

G. Ulmishek

AAPG Special Volumes

... plausible, especially considering the predominant geostatic pressure in thick Silurian shales devoid of permeable rocks and the hydrostatic pressure...


Petroleum Habitats in the Mesozoic-Cenozoic of the Continental Margin of Brazil

F. Celso Ponte, J. Dos Reis Fonseca, A. V. Carozzi

CSPG Special Publications

... high trends; 2. structural traps (faulted blocks and geostatic anticlines) in regional depressions; and 3. stratigraphic traps (Figs. 4, and 5). Figure...


Exercises Part B: Deformed Western Niger Delta

Deborah E. Ajakaiye, Albert W. Bally

AAPG Special Volumes

... to a geostatic disequilibrium which results in a lateral movement of the undercompacted shale. Shale tectonic movements induce growth faults, stretch faults...


Reconnaissance hydrocarbon geology of the Anadyrsky, Khatyrsky, and Penzhinskaya Guba Cenozoic sedimentary basins, northern Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

William Harbert, Sergei Sokolov, Alexander Heiphetz

AAPG Bulletin

...%. Geostatic load, granular size, and sorting of the sandstone show no correlation to permeability or porosity, suggesting that the development...


Structural and Igneous Geology of the Henry Mountains, Utah

Charles B. Hunt

Utah Geological Association

... magma tends to transmit the pressure readily and can readily enter all cracks in the strata, whereas a viscous magma tends to spread less widely...


Mechanism of Extension and Rifting at the Antarctica Continental Margin

G. W. Moore, S. L. Eittreim

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... the geostatic h e a d at the crustal d e t a c h m e n t s w a s reduced. T h e 4 5 0 - 5 0 0 k m slides that formed first w e r e d e a c ­ tivated w h e...


Field Trip Guidebook: Tidal Sedimentation in the Cornwallis River„Avon River Estuaries, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia: Sedimentology, Morphology, and Natural History

Ian S. Spooner, G. Yeo

Atlantic Geoscience Society Special Publications

... that throughout this period the mudflat was becoming progressively consolidated by normal geostatic and ice loading. In 1985, the first evidence of salt marsh...


Mesozoic Epicontinental, Flyschoid and Molassoid Depositional Phases of Yukon’s North Slope

F. G. Young

CSPG Special Publications

... and/or geostatic in origin. This history of sedimentation and associated tectonics parallels the classical geosynclinal cycle established in the Alpine...


Conventional Hydrocarbon Reserves of the Western Canada Foreland Basin: Chapter 6

J. W. Porter

AAPG Special Volumes

... or geostatic structures had been present or had been developing on the flank of the Western Canada foreland basin at the time that migration was occurring...


Regional Geology of Eastern Canada Offshore

Grey H. Austin

AAPG Bulletin

..., believed to have resulted from salt flowage in response to geostatic load within the fault-bounded feature. Many other smaller halokinetic structures...


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