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Osha Canyon Formation (Pennsylvanian), New Morrowan Unit in North-Central New Mexico: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Harvey R. DuChene , Barry S. Kues , Lee A. Woodward

AAPG Bulletin

... Guidebook, Ghost Ranch, p. 145-158. DuChene, H. R., 1973, Structure and stratigraphy of Guadalupe Box and vicinity, Sandoval County, New Mexico...


Classifying Reservoir Carbonates When the Status Quo Simply Does Not Work: A Case Study from the Cretaceous of the South Atlantic, #51419 (2017).

Paul Wright, Andrew Barnett

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... this for these important Cretaceous carbonates involves identifying ghost matrices by comparing the same grain frameworks between units with preserved matrices...


Quantitative Petrographic Study of Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks, Caballo Mountains, New Mexico

Karl W. Stauffer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... enough, only "ghost" outlines of the original allochems may remain (3). The growing crystals may form embayments varying from gently curved to sharp...


Regional Stratigraphic Analysis of Devonian System in Wyoming, Montana, Southern Saskatchewan, and Alberta: Stratigraphy

John M. Andrichuk

AAPG Special Volumes

... and southern Saskatchewan; the Ghost River formation of the Alberta Mountain Front; and the basal Devonian unit (including a few Devonian-type beds...


Regional Stratigraphic Analysis of Devonian System in Wyoming, Montana, Southern Saskatchewan, and Alberta

John M. Andrichuk

AAPG Bulletin

... Saskatchewan; the Ghost River formation of the Alberta Mountain Front; and the Basal Devonian unit (including a few Devonian-type beds of undetermined age...


Stratigraphy and Oil and Gas Production of Northwest New Mexico

James E. Fassett, Emery C. Arnold, James M. Hill, Kay S. Hatton, Louie B. Martinez, David A. Donaldson

Four Corners Geological Society

..., David A. Donaldson 1978 46 61 Arnold, E. C., 1974, Oil and gas development and production, eastern San Juan Basin, in Ghost Ranch: New Mexico...


Characterizing the Fracture Network at Yucca Mountain, Nevada Part 1. Integration of Field Data for Numerical Simulations

D.S. Sweetkind, L.O. Anna, S.C. Williams-Stroud, J.A. Coe

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... photogrammetry site within the ESF (Fig. 4) and the USW UZ-7A exposure, a vertical cut across the Ghost Dance fault (Fig. 7), are shown. © 2009 Rocky Mountain...


Summary of the Devonian Stratigraphy of the Alberta Rocky Mountains

D. J. McLaren

CSPG Special Publications

... stratigraphy. A very definite sequence of faunas is discernible, and may be divided into zones named after typical and common fossils (McLaren, 1953). Ghost...


Sediment source regions and paleotransport of the Upper Jurassic Norphlet Formation, eastern Gulf of Mexico

Bryan Hunt, Delores M. Robinson, Amy L. Weislogel, and Ryan C. Ewing

AAPG Bulletin

..., Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA: Sedimentology, v. 47, no. 6, p. 1069–1080, doi:10.1046/j.1365-3091.2000.00341.x. Ajdukiewicz, J., P. Nicholson, and W...


The Petroleum Industry in Trade Cards, Trading Cards, and Comic Books

Jeff A. Spencer

Petroleum History Institute

... several covers with creative oil well gushers, as did an issue of Casper, the friendly ghost. INTRODUCTION Trade cards and cigarette cards were highly...


The Permo-Carboniferous Section at Mount Greenock

J. W. Hawryszko, R.S. Hamilton

CSPG Bulletin

... ghost texture could be discerned in the dolomites to determine the original limestone type. Where ghost texture was indiscernible, the color...


Broadband 4D Seismic Provides New Level of Detail

Yulia Biryaltseva, Tor Vegar Mårdalen, Per-Harald Saure-Thomassen, Marta Wierzchowska, Anastasiya Tantsereva, Julien Oukili

GEO ExPro Magazine

... not identical, processing sequences. Free of the receiver ghost, the P-UP data only requires full source deghosting. For H-REC, both source and receiver...


Cambrian and Ordovician of South-Western Alberta

F. K. North

CSPG Special Publications

... to the Middle Cambrian transgression as the Ghost River formation bears to the Upper Devonian transgression which later surpassed it. This basal...


The Non-Metallic Mineral Resources of the Cochrane-Canmore Area Alberta

J. G. Matthews

CSPG Special Publications

... is at Radnor, and the remaining one is on Ghost River, six miles north of Chiniki. Undoubtedly, there are more. In all cases the tufa has been...


Chertification of Crinoids May Yield a Product Resembling "Dedolomite"

Gerald H. Kuslansky , Gerald M. Friedman

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... (A and B) in a matrix of chert (C) and dolomitic chert (D). The near circular, dolomite-free area is a crinoid ghost. The calcite rhombs share a common...


History of New Mexico Geological Society, 1947-1976: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Stuart A. Northrop

AAPG Bulletin

... economics--"The incremental book," in Ghost Ranch, central-northern New Mexico: New Mexico Geol. Soc. Guidebook 25th Field Conf., p. 61-64. Hiss, W. L...


Resolution and Accuracy of Short-Offset Processed 3D Seismic Data for Seabed Mapping in Deep Water in Makassar Straits, Indonesia; #41036 (2012)

Nikolay Nenov, Francesco Paone, Andrea Marceglia, and Ed Ferris

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... resulting from the precise de-ghosting of both the receiver ghost (via dual-sensor streamer) and the source ghost (via time and depth distributed...


Carbonate Facies Model and Paleogeography of Tendehhantu Formation, Northern Kutai Basin, Indonesia, #50746 (2012)

Dadan P. Amiarsa, Idham A. Kurniawan, Artedi Susanto, Kristian N. Tabri

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... is shown in the Gunung Sekrat area and the origin people call Tendehhantu (Ghost Hill). Karstification has occurred quite intensive in this area due...


Hydrocarbon Occurrences on the Western Margin of the Queen Charlotte Basin

T.S. Hamilton, B.E.B. Cameron

CSPG Bulletin

... of the Sandilands Formation in the subsurface, attesting to its wide distribution (Cameron, 1987). The Lower Pliensbachian Ghost Creek Formation (Fig. 2...


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Reservoir Characterization of the Coastal Entrada Erg-Margin Gas Play, Utah (OFR-459)

Thomas H. Morris, John H. McBride, Will D. Monn

Utah Geological Survey

... reflection surveys were completed in locations where the case study outcrop extended into the subsurface. For reservoir quality information of the outcrop...



C. A. Biggs

Montana Geological Society

... of Idaho, part of the Water Canyon formation of western Montana, and the Ghost River formation of western Alberta. Though no concrete evidence...


Modern Technology Reveals New Opportunities in the North Sea

Cyrille Reiser, Euan Anderson, Frances Matthew

GEO ExPro Magazine

... xPro OCTOBE R 2011 GEO ExPro OCTOBER 2011 EO xPr O CTOB E 011 xPr OC TO BE 01 P C B 11 surface ghost by wavefield separation, allowing capture...


Clari-Fi’: Broadband Data from Conventional Streamer Acquisition

Nic Woodburn, Tom Travis, Hassan Masoomzadeh, TGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

...’s proprietary Clari-Fi imaging technique represents a robust methodology which deals first with the ghost effect, and then solves for the earth...


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