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Schmitz Torreon-Puerco (Gas), T. 24 N., R. 1 W., NMPM, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

C. N. Needham

Four Corners Geological Society

... 552, plates 1 and 7. Fassett, J. E., 1974, Cretaceous and Tertiary rocks of the eastern San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, in Ghost Ranch: New...


Geologic Excursions in the California Desert, Field Trip Guidebook, Frontmatter and Roadlog 1

John D. Cooper, R. K. Dokka, A. F. Glazner

Pacific Section SEPM

.... Km. ,BACK COVER PHOTO: View looking west at Calico folds in Barstow Formation, Calico Ghost Town parking lot. GUIDEBOOK GEOLOGIC EXCURSIONS...


Straight Canyon Dakota (Gas), T. 31 N., R. 16 W., NMPM, San Juan County, New Mexico

Marion J. Malinowski

Four Corners Geological Society

..., and sedimentology, in Ghost Ranch: New Mexico Geological Society 25th Field Conference Guidebook, p. 239–249. Molenaar, C.M., 1977, Stratigraphy...


Desert Day

M. Dane Picard

Utah Geological Association

... some areas may receive no rain for years at a time. The low rainfall is closely related to the high temperatures. Ghost rains fall high above the desert...


Panther Dome: A Minor Orogen of the Canadian Cordillera

C. Warren Hunt

CSPG Special Publications

... are: Ghost River (?), Rundle, Spray River (both members), and Kootenay. The Ghost River formation is not confirmed in the Union Canadian Homestead...


Air Photo Stratigraphy of the Nordegg Area

Fred C. Brechtel, Larry E. Swayne

CSPG Special Publications

... on Plate VII, where the equivalent (Flume formation) section is designated. Plate VII. Formation and Photo Appearance TWPS. 38, 39, RGE. 18 Ghost River...


Diagenesis of Knox Group (Cambro-Ordovician) Carbonates Exposed Along Alligator Creek, Bibb County, Alabama

E.C. Batchelder

GCAGS Transactions

... are preserved in the coarser crystals by dolomitized micritic rims, or as darker ghosts in the shape of the allochem within one or more crystals. Ghost...


Petrology of a Partially Dolomitized Reservoir: Blackjack Creek Field, Santa Rosa County, Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

GCAGS Transactions

... or ghost images (Figures 9 and 10). Lloyd et al (1986) in an examination of nearby Smackover Jay field also observed ooids, peloids, bryozoa, ostracods...


Extended Abstract: Sub-seismic Resolution in the Eagle Ford Enabled by Multi-Attribute Analysis Using Instantaneous, Geometric, and Spectral Decomposition Self Organizing Maps

Patricia A. Santogrossi

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... on this “ghost” on the Top Eagle Ford horizon pushed 16ms or 8 samples down into the High resistivity EF Shale objective, the multiplicity of faults that can...


Extended Abstract: Sub-seismic Resolution in the Eagle Ford Enabled by Multi-Attribute Analysis Using Instantaneous, Geometric, and Spectral Decomposition Self Organizing Maps

Patricia A. Santogrossi

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... on this “ghost” on the Top Eagle Ford horizon pushed 16ms or 8 samples down into the High resistivity EF Shale objective, the multiplicity of faults...


Fixation of Uranium: Chapter 8

John W. Gabelman

AAPG Special Volumes

... continuous migration is found in the relation of rolls to the present and former water tables. In Wyoming, in particular, "ghost" roll fronts (Anderson...


Abstract: Harmonic Decomposition of a Vibroseis Sweep Using Gabor Analysis; #90174 (2014)

Christopher B. Harrison, Gary Margrave, Michael Lamoureux, Art Siewert, and Andrew Barrett

Search and

.... These harmonic effects cause a correlation-ghost forerunner or a tail at both positive and negative correlation times if the harmonically distorted sweep...


Oil Fields in Railroad Valley Nevada; #20376 (2016)

Louis C. Bortz

Search and

... 2,514,570 6 419,095 Dg Thc 300’ 200 10.7 Ghost Ranch 1996 662,626 4 165,657 Dg ? 160 ? Sans Spring 1993 279,130 3 93,043 Tov 150’ 160...


Recognition of Felsic Volcanic Rocks and Hydrothermal Alteration in Moderately to Highly Metamorphosed Parts of the Flin Flon Volcanic Belt

K.E. Ashton, E. Froese, and A. Legault

Saskatchewan Geological Society

...), and the Zn±Pb-Cu deposits (e.g. Western Nuclear, McIlvenna Bay, Chisel, Lost, Ghost) occur in dominantly calc-alkaline felsic volcanic sequences. Thus...


Out Into the Surf and Beyond: the Why, How and Where of Offshore Oil Exploration from Bristol Bay to Point Loma from the 1890s to the 1980s

L. Rogers Hardy

Petroleum History Institute

... and high sea states, found an active home along the coast from Alaska to Orange County. The 1950’s also saw seismic reflection productivity improve...


Pliocene Shallow-Water Sediment Gravity Flows at Moss Beach, San Mateo County, California

Thomas J. Wiley, Ellen J. Moore

Pacific Section SEPM

... that of the juxtaposed inhalent and exhalent siphons of nuttallii. The ghost shrimp, Callianassa californiensis (Dana), is found living in modern habitats...


Overcoming Historical Biases: An Integrated Geological and Engineering Assessment of the Coniston Prospect, Exmouth Sub-Basin

N. Smith, C. Dempsey, M. Jackson, J. Preston

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., of 2 m and 2.25 m respectively, enabled the ghost notch in the recorded spectrum (i.e. the zone of destructive interference of the upgoing wavelet...


Late Quaternary History of Southwest Alberta: A Progess Report

Stuart A. Harris, R. R. Waters

CSPG Bulletin

.... Parris, J. H., 1975, The nature, extent and regional significance of an unglaciated zone between the Ghost and Red Deer River valleys, Alberta...


Modern Algal Mats in Intertidal and Supratidal Quartz Sands, Northeastern Massachusetts, U. S. A.

Barry Cameron, Diane Cameron, J. Richard Jones

Special Publications of SEPM

... may appear as hazy or ghost like flat pebble clasts in flat pebble con glomerates if the surrounding sands are coarser Slightly undercut and elongated...


Permo-Triassic Reservoirs of Prudhoe Bay Field, North Slope, Alaska

H. P. Jones , R. G. Speers

AAPG Special Volumes

... as the contacts are at similar depths on opposite sides of fairly major faults. Also, they ay be a reflection of changes in lithologic...


A Relict Triangle Zone at Benjamin Creek Gas Field, Southern Alberta Foothills: Geometry, Kinematics and Preservation

Roland G. Dechesne, James W. Muraro

CSPG Bulletin

...------------------------ Figure 1. Regional geologic map modified after Ollerenshaw (1978) showing the region from the Ghost River to Limestone Mountain...


Petroleum Source Rocks, Organic Maturation and Thermal History of the Queen Charlotte Basin, British Columbia

R.M. Bustin

CSPG Bulletin

... in grabens and half grabens, which are evident on seismic reflection lines (Rohr and Dietrich, 1992), the nature of volcanism (Hyndman and Hamiliton, 1993...


Seismic Geomorphology, Depositional Elements, and Clinoform Sedimentary Processes: Impact on Unconventional Reservoir Prediction

Hernan M. Reijenstein, Henry W. Posamentier, Alejandro Bande, Felipe A. Lozano, Ricardo Fabián Domínguez, Ryan Wilson, Octavian Catuneanu, Sebastian Galeazzi

AAPG Special Volumes

... of an aeolian dune field: Jurassic Entrada and Todilto Formations, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA: Sedimentology, v. 47, p. 1069–1080. Arregui, C., 1993...


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