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Slope Control on Submarine Channel Widths

Dave Waltham

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... significance of head and body spill from a channelized turbidity current: Geological Society of America, Bulletin, v. 83, p. 1151–1156. Komar, P.D., 1973...


Dielectric Permittivity of Evaporite Minerals

Search and

... imaging. The difference in the dielectric permittivity leads to a reflection of the electromagnetic waves travelling in these layers. The GPR technique...


Modern Evaporite Deposition in Coastal Peru

Robert C. Morris, Parke A. Dickey

Tulsa Geological Society

... precipitated at the present time in the saline environment near the head, and halite at the extreme upper end of the Bocana (fig. 2). Black muds are found...


Point-Bar Deposits, Old River Locksite, Louisiana

D. E. Frazier, A. Osanik

GCAGS Transactions

... migration of sand waves during bar deposition. History of river development in this area is well known; it was therefore possible to relate measured...


Turbidity Currents and Sediments in North Atlantic

D. B. Ericson , Maurice Ewing , Bruce C. Heezen

AAPG Bulletin

... on the shelf must have been exposed to the churning effect of storm waves. As previously mentioned in this paper, there is in most cores a marked decrease...


Permeability estimation from transient vadose zone pumping tests in shallow coastal-plain sediments

K. L. Dixon, R. L. Nichols

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... semiconfining layer ranged from 2.7 1010 to 2.01 d. The results from these tests can be used to establish a general range of air permeabilities for shallow...


Laboratory Investigation of the Relationship Between Actual and Apparent Product Thickness in Sands

Duane R. Hampton

Pacific Section of AAPG

... of kerosene was known, a was the volume stored in the observation wells and head tanks. The remaining kerosene was in the active layer, or was a residual...


Fluid Mechanics

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Special Publications of SEPM

... P / a z ) is thus negative, because z increases in the up direction, and the volume will be translated upward . The combined effect...


Case Study of the Effects on Coal Seam Gas Well Production with Installation of Well Head Compression (Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Type): Early Outcomes of an Australian Trial of Four Wells in the Bowen Basin

Terrance Presley, Evilia Kurnia, Basia Wronski

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

...Case Study of the Effects on Coal Seam Gas Well Production with Installation of Well Head Compression (Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Type): Early Outcomes...


Philmont Country: The Rocks and Landscape of a Famous New Mexico Ranch

G. D. Robinson, A. A. Wanek, W. H. Hays, M. E. McCallum, John R. Stacy

Other Technical

... on Cimarron Creek. Photographs by J. R. Stacy 14. Near the head of a typical stream in the mountain country. Photograph by M. E. McCallum 15. Waterfall...


Sediments of the Eastern Mississippi Delta

P. C. Scruton

Special Publications of SEPM

... because the rate at which sediments are supplied is faster than the combined effect of the rate at which they are removed by waves and currents...


Gas-Bearing Structures of Southern France

Daniel Schneegans

AAPG Bulletin

... FEATURES OF OIL AND GAS POOL Because of the Cenomanian unconformity the structure of Saint Marcet shows two layers of geology. The upper layer...


Stratigraphic Predictions of Continental Margins for the U.S. Navy

James P. Syvitski, Lincoln Pratson, Damian O'Grady

Special Publications of SEPM

... processes i e boundary layer transport of sediment by tides and waves to less than the critical angle for the generation of oversteepened delta front failures...


Deposition of Sand in Shallow Seas and Application to Reservoirs in the Western Interior Seaway

Roger Walker

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

... a sequence of events involving storm waves liquefying the substrate and/or suspending sand at the shoreline, a storm surge tide (hydraulic head...


Prospectivity of volcanic basins: Trap delineation and acreage de-risking

Max Rohrman

AAPG Bulletin

... with all sorts of artifacts (mode conversions, head-waves), any attempt at sub-basalt amplitude analysis is currently an extremely hazardous...


Submarine Sand Dunes and Sedimentary Environments in Oceanographer Canyon

Page C. Valentine, Richard A.Cooper, Joseph R. Uzmann

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... Size and topography probably have an effect on the strength of tidal and storm currents and internal waves that pass through these two canyons...


Artesian Salt Formations

Bailey Willis

AAPG Bulletin

... of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the writer became acquainted with the opinion which prevailed among them to the effect...


From WHP to BHP Using Machine Learning in Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells of the Vaca Muerta Formation

Agustín Terminiello,Matías Nasca, Juan Filipich, Donald Mc Intyre, Pablo Crespo

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the bottom hole pressure using production data and well head information. Dynamic gradients should be run periodically in the wellbore to build vertical lift...


Styles of Failure in Late Holocene Highstand Prodelta Wedges on the Adriatic Shelf

A. Correggiari, F. Trincardi, L. Langone, M. Roveri

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... acts as a weak layer for sediment failure. Failure occurred in variable water depths from the northern slope of the modern Po prodelta (10-20 m water...


Deltaic Processes

James M. Coleman, David B. Prior

AAPG Special Volumes

... range, tidal currents within the lower river channel, and the ability of waves and other forces to obstruct the outlet. Among the more important...


Lingulide response to severe storms recorded in Middle Triassic strata of northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, Sarah E. Greene


... marine habitats, thus diminishing the effect of biotic crises (Robertson, 1989; Wignall and Hallam, 1992; Schubert and Bottjer, 1995; Zonneveld et al...


Abstracts: Synthetic Microseismic Files; #90173 (2015)

J. Wong, P. M. Manning, L. Han, and J. B. Bancroft

Search and

... by ray-tracing (RT) and convolution, or by 2D finite-difference (FD) modeling. The RTmodeled seismograms include direct and head-wave arrivals...


Experiments on Wedge-Shaped Deep Sea Sedimentary Deposits in Minibasins and/or on Channel Levees Emplaced by Turbidity Currents. Part II. Morphodynamic Evolution of the Wedge and of the Associated Bedforms

Benoit Spinewine, Octavio E. Sequeiros, Marcelo H. Garcia, Rick T. Beaubouef, Tao Sun, Bruno Savoye, Gary Parker

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of trains of the upstream-migrating sediment waves known as cyclic steps, similar to those commonly observed on channel levees and also along...


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