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Fluid Flow

Gerard Middleton, John B. Southard

Special Publications of SEPM

... starts to develop at the fluid (Figure 3.20) . head of the planar channel bottom and grows upward toward the At some point downstream the boundary layer...


Depositional Processes of Submarine Debris Flows in the Miocene Fan Deltas, Pohang Basin, SE Korea with Special Reference to Flow Transformation

Young K. Sohn

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... around the flow head because high pressures cannot be sustained underneath the gravelly material. Detailed sedimentological measurements and estimation...


New insights into Ordovician oil shales in Hudson Bay Basin: their number, stratigraphic position, and petroleum potential

Shunxin Zhang

CSPG Bulletin

..., Red Head Rapids Formation with conodont samples located in place. C: The two very thin layers of black shale near the top of the outcrop; the layer...


Currents in Submarine Canyons and Other Types of Seavalleys

Francis P. Shepard

Special Publications of SEPM

... the head of large outflow of water from Santa may explain the advance of internal Santa Cruz is located in Canyon where Barbara Channel This waves...


Abstract: Least Squares Pre-Stack Time Migration for Imaging and Reconstruction of Converted Waves; #90224 (2015)

Aaron Stanton

Search and

...) artifacts due to crosscorrelation of diving-waves, head-waves, or backscattered waves. The attenuation of artifacts is achieved via preconditioning using...


Delivering a Step-Change in Imaging from Indonesias First Ocean Bottom Node 3D Seismic Survey at Tangguh

Christopher Birt, Hery Prastowo, Danang Priyambodo, Simon Wolfarth, Johnathan Stone

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of 20km were recorded to provide diving waves needed for detailed velocity inversion. The dense wide-azimuth design resulted in a high fold of over...


Mechanisms of Groundwater Flow and Oil Migration Associated with Leduc Reefs

Ken J. Hugo

CSPG Bulletin

.... The hydraulic head pattern is similar to the hydraulic head pattern for Nisku deposition. The pattern is similar because the effect of a lower hydraulic...


The Composition, Structure and Erodability of Subtidal Mats, Abaco, Bahamas

A. Conrad Neumann, Conrad D. Gebelein , Terence P. Scoffin

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... sand waves are bare at low tide. The belt of arcuate sand waves is bounded at the head of the bay by a short beach and a muddy mangrove shoreline. Low...


Regressive Carbonate Ramp Sequence in the Kinblade and West Spring Creek Formations of the upper Arbuckle Group: I-35 South, Arbuckle Mountains, OK.

Andrew Cullen

Oklahoma City Geological Society

...’s first reflection seismic data were acquired on August 9, 1921 at the town of Dougherty 5mi to the east. After a visit to the scenic turnout, head...


Gas Pits in Non-marine Sediments

John H. Maxson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...------------------------ drowned mouths of small tributaries to the Colorado River. The head of the lake in December, 1939, was at Separation Rapids...


Equilibrium Shelf Sedimentation, Rio De La Plata Shelf, Puerto Rico

Orrin H. Pilkey ,, James V. A. Trumbull , David M. Bush

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., which is subjected to open-ocean waves formed by the trade-wind system and to swell systems formed by North Atlantic storms. Some indication of north...


Part 3: Support Data (A)

Francis P. Shepard, Neil F. Marshall, Patrick A. McLoughlin, Gary G. Sullivan

AAPG Special Volumes

... at Redondo because the usual supplies of sand from the north were blocked and because waves were converging just north of the canyon head (Shepard...


Mid Cretaceous Source Rock Enigma

Rasoul Sourkhabi

GEO ExPro Magazine

... at the core-mantle boundary (a 100-200 km thick thermal boundary known as the D-layer), and thus rapid convection of the outer core to restore...


Authigenic Vivianite in Potomac River Sediments: Control by Ferric Oxy-Hydroxides

P. P. Hearn, D. L. Parkhurst, E. Callender

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... the head of the embayment (stations 5 and 15 in Fig. 1). This area is distinguished by a surface layer of coarse quartzose sand approximately 10 cm...


Models for Marine Evaporite Basins and Evaporite Environments: Chapter 1

Brian W. Logan

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Evaporative outflow lowers the water level from sill to basin head. This slope forces inflow: [EQUATION (1)] where d is mean depth, r is the friction...


Heterogeneity within Carbonate Reservoirs - Guidelines from Modern Analogs

Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

Search and

... reservoir properties. An upper layer of muddy ooid sand, some 20 km (12.4 mi) wide and from 4 to less that 1 m (13 to less than 3.2 ft) thick, thins...


Lateral Fluid Flow in a Compacting Sand-Shale Sequence: South Caspian Basin

John D. Bredehoeft , Rashid D. Djevanshir , Kenneth R. Belitz

AAPG Bulletin

... pressure. Pore-pressure data from the South Caspian basin demonstrate that large differences in excess hydraulic head exist between sand and shale...


The Effects of Topography on Sedimentation from Particle-Laden Turbulent Density Currents

Marcus I. Bursik , Andrew W. Woods

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... flow phenomenon in a two-layer flow: Journal of Fluid Mechanics, v. 47, p. 241-256. WOODS, A.W., BURSIK, M.I., AND KURBATOV, A.V., 1998, The interaction...


Overcoming High Watercut and High Free Gas Content on ESP Well Using VSD a Field Study

Bastian Wismana, Adi Matondang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., including highly viscous wells, high wtercut wells or high free gas wells. The effect of varyung frequency can be seen by preparing new head-capacity...


Physiography and Sedimentary Processes of La Jolla Submarine Fan and Fan-Valley, California

F. P. Shepard , R. F. Dill , Ulrich Von Rad

AAPG Bulletin

... depressions around isolated erratics suggest the ero ive effect of relatively weak currents in some places but, for the most part, the muddy floor seems...


Acquisition and Interpretation of Horizontal Well Logs

Kyel Hodenfield, Bill Scanlan

Pacific Section of AAPG

... this to the continued reading of the faster layer, even after the layer has left the borehole. Figure 14. Effect of intersection of a subhorizontal well and a siderite...


Wave and Current Orientation of Shells

J. Stewart Nagle

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... patterns. Field Experiments After studying the effect of waves and currents on shell orientation under controlled laboratory conditions, it was necessary...


A Novel Casing Antenna System for Crosswell Electromagnetic Telemetry in Pad Drilling

Shubin Zeng, Qiuzhao Dong, Jiefu Chen

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of electromagnetic waves between adjacent wells, i.e. crosswell wireless communication, which can lead to a substantial saving of operational time...


Field Trip Guidebook: Tidal Sedimentation in the Cornwallis River„Avon River Estuaries, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia: Sedimentology, Morphology, and Natural History

Ian S. Spooner, G. Yeo

Atlantic Geoscience Society Special Publications

... and the minimal input of sediment from terrestrial sources. By contrast, the two major estuaries at the head of the Bay (the northern Chignecto Bay...


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