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Refraction Solutions by Wavefront Targeting: ABSTRACT

Frederick L. Schenck

AAPG Bulletin

... travel time data when the velocity is known by applying End_Page 1775------------------------------ Huygens' principle in reverse. Targeting...


Abstract: Regular Grids Travel Time Calculation … A Practical Huygens Wavefront Expansion Approach; #90187 (2014)

Zhengsheng Yao, Mike Galbraith, and Randy Kolesar

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... principle. Considering a family of Huygens circles, centered at points along the current wavefront and with the first order discrete finite difference...


Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretations Using Diffraction Seismograms

Richard K. Snavely , A.K.M. Sarwar

GCAGS Transactions

... OF DIFFRACTION MODELING This section summarizes the diffraction modeling method used for seismic interpretations in this study. Huygens' principle...


Multifocusing Stack Technique for Subsurface Imaging, #40749 (2011)

Sunjay Sunjay,

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... reflector'' scenario, Figure 2). Exploding Reflector Huygens principle states that wave motion can be described by exploding secondary sources along...


Highest Possible Resolution (HPR) Stratigraphic Seismic Imaging Case Study … Deep Reef Platform

Norman S. Neidell

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... N.S. Neidell & Assoc., Houston, TX ([email protected]) GGS- Spectrum, Inc., Houston, TX 3 Tsunami Development, Houston, TX 2 Abstract Huygens...


Abstract: Practical Implementation of SRME for Land Multiple Attenuation; #90187 (2014)

Juefu Wang and Shaowu Wang

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... Method SRME is derived based on Huygens principle that every point to which wave reaches becomes a new source of spherical wave, and the sum of new waves...


Application of Traveltime Tomography and Kirchhoff Migration Methods to Improve the Seismic Cross-Section Resolution on 2D Land Seismic Data

Harmita Lestari, Nur Ayu Anas, Muh. Resky Ariansyah, Sabrianto Aswad, Heri Winarto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Basic legal principles include Snellius’s Law, Huygens’s Principle, and Fermat’s Principle (Shearer, 2009). * ** Bolt (1976), mechanical waves...


Characteristics of the Free Surface Multiple Attenuation Using Wave Field Extrapolation; #40504 (2010)

Patrícia P. Ferreira, Marco Antonio, Cetale Santos, and Luiz Landau

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...), and Berkhout and Verschuur (1997). Forward Wave Field Extrapolation In 1883, Kirchhoff described, mathematically, the Huygens Principle by solving...


Stop Treating Diffractions as Noise … Use them for Imaging of Fractures and Karst; #120057 (2012)

Mark Grasmueck, Tijmen Jan Moser, and Michael A. Pelissier

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... is based on adequately recording and processing of the basic point scatterer response. Reflections are automatically included. Following Huygens...


Remote Sensing of Hydrocarbons on Titan

John M. Curchin, Roger N. Clark

AAPG Special Volumes

... Cassini-Huygens: Corpus Christi, Texas, Southwest Research Institute, p. 3435.Hueso, R., and A. Sanchez-Lavega, 2006, Methane storms on Saturn's moon...


High Resolution Diffraction Imaging of Small Scale Fractures in Shale and Carbonate Reservoirs

Alexander M. Popovici, Ioan Sturzu, Tijmen J. Moser

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

....” By Huygensprinciple a reflector can be represented by a series of point diffractors that are positioned on its surface. In the second category...


ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic Stand-Off at the 49th Parallel, 1956. In Memory of Laurence L. Sloss

J.G.C.M. Fuller

Petroleum History Institute

... drivers everywhere, except in Houston, Texas. Data included here is partially derived from the Cassini Huygens satellite to the moon Titan of Saturn...


ABSTRACT: The Extraterrestrial Origin of Oil - or are we fossil fools and Thomas Gold was, like his name, a four nine five pure genius

William A. Heck

Petroleum History Institute

... Huygens satellite to the moon Titan of Saturn and is not in real time because it takes 40 minutes for the signal to reach the earth. This paper was reviewed...


ABSTRACT: The Prehistory of Subsurface Exploration, 1533-1799. Order, the Great Chime and Symphony of Nature

J.G.C.M. Fuller

Petroleum History Institute

... can follow it along with cab drivers everywhere, except in Houston, Texas. Data included here is partially derived from the Cassini Huygens satellite...


Rudimentary European Petroleum Geology, in a Context of the Advance of General Geology: Chapter 2

Edgar Wesley Owen

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the earth] charged with phlogiston [hypothetical principle of fire], which cannot be mixed with water, and which, when pure, are soluble in oils; exposed...


Mountain-Building Chronology and Nature of Geologic Time Scale

Edmund M. Spieker

AAPG Bulletin

... principle in the determination and interpretation of orogenic dates; second, review some of the critical evidence on the matter that has been found...


Introduccion a la Exploracion Geofisica Metodo Sismologico (IN SPANISH), Introduction to Geophysical Exploration. Seismic Method.

Santiago Hernández Sánchez Mejorada, Carlos Castillo Tejero

Boletín de la Asociación Mexicana de Geólogos Petroleros (AMGP)

... recubrimiento. MEXICANA DE GEÓLOGOS PETROLEROS 525 SANTIAGO H E R N Á N D E Z S . M . Y CARLOS CASTILLO T E J E R O Principio de Huygens Como...


Nuclear Power and Associated Environmental Issues in the Transition of Exploration and Mining on Earth to the Development of Off-world Natural Resources in the 21st Century

Michael D. Campbell, Jeffrey D. King, Henry M. Wise, Bruce Handley, James L. Conca, M. David Campbell

AAPG Special Volumes

... xenon, the principle is the same. A nuclear engine would simply produce a higher thrust by causing xenon to become a plasma, instead of an ion...


The use of spectral recomposition in tailored forward seismic modeling of outcrop analogs

Mark Tomasso, Renaud Bouroullec, David R. Pyles

AAPG Bulletin

... using both 1-D convolution and 3-D Huygens modeling techniques.It is apparent when looking at a real-world seismic volume that a spectrum of frequency...


The Role of Nuclear Power in Space Exploration and the Associated Environmental Issues: An Overview, #80053 (2009)

Michael D. Campbell, Jeffery D. King, Henry M. Wise, Bruce Handley, and M. David Campbell

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..., Titan, by Cassini and its probe Huygens also allowed additional steps to be taken and lessons learned. Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons...