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Sedimentology, Geochemistry, and Mechanical Stratigraphy of an Early Kimmeridgian Carbonate Mudstone in an Arabian Intrashelf Basin

Septriandi A. Chan, John Humphrey, Baqer Albensaad, Muhammad Usman, Khalid Alramadan, Yaser Alzayer

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...), log-based methods (Young’s modulus (E*), Poisson’s ratio, and UCS), and automated scanning (impulse-hammer and ultrasonic wave velocities...


Seismic Stratigraphic Model of Depositional Platform Margin, Eastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: Section 3. Stratigraphic Models from Seismic Data

William E. Galloway , Marshall S. Yancey , Arthur P. Whipple

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The impulse-response plot displays the distribution, polarity, and strength of reflecting interfaces in the vertical time domain. Filtering...


Anisotropy Kinematics Clarified through Regime Rrays Model

William J. Vetter

Search and

...“ in the conventional ray theory sense are involved in wavefront progression when triggered by idealized impulse excitation at a point source in an anisotropic...


Anisotropy Kinematics Clarified through Regime Rrays Model

William J. Vetter

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...“ in the conventional ray theory sense are involved in wavefront progression when triggered by idealized impulse excitation at a point source in an anisotropic...



Günther Fiedler

Asociación Venezolana de Geología, Minería y Petróleo (AVGMP)

...l coordinates and obtain the tangents of the azimuth by the formula: We find in the record of the vertical seismograph whether the first impuls...


Debt of Geology to the Petroleum Industry

E. DeGolyer

AAPG Bulletin

... industry has served the science in many ways. It has given a considerable impulse to the study of geology in the schools and universities. It has...


Viking Deposition: DISCUSSION

Floyd K. Beach

CSPG Bulletin

... impulse if on shore? Would not a faulting uplift on shore of the order of 10 feet initiate a violent tsunami in a shallow sea? We have no "time machine...


Characteristics of Extraction of Oil from Stratum DI of the Bavly Field

A. M. Zinatullina, I. G. Poluyan

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... the neutron-gamma method and in 1962 using neutron-neutron impulse logging it was possible to subdivide the stratum according to the character...


Imaging of Shallow Coal Structures Using 2D6C Mini-SOSIE

Shaun Strong, James Alderman, Steve Hearn

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Geophysics, 10, 156-163. Layotte, P., 1983, Marthor: an S-wave impulse source: SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 1983, 418-421. White, J., S. Heaps...


Prestack Depth Imaging Within the Makassar Straits, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Chris Willacy, Suryadi Oemar, A. Edy Hermantoro, Paul Gilleran

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... information for migration purposes. The Kirchhoff migration method is essentially the summation of a series of impulse responses which overlap in space...


Oil-Gas Distribution and Prospects of the Supra-Salt Sediments of Orenburg Region

G. V. Leonov, V. S. Dubinin

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... by a drop in pressure in a fault zone, where density is decreased by 5-7 percent as a result of the fracturing. The initial impulse of flow of salt...


Abstract: Carbonate Fracture Case History from Russia and Implications for HTD Plays in North America; #90172 (2014)

Inga Khromova, Brian Link

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... propagation. This type of migration may be compared a with conventional migration with it’s impulse response rotated by 900. DWM uses the same input data...


Abstract: Rank-Reduction-Based Trace Interpolation; #90172 (2014)

Stewart Trickett, Lynn Burroughs, Andrew Milton, Larry Walton, Rob Dack

Search and

... midpoint Offset Azimuth Otherwise one gets poor cancelation of overlapping migration impulse responses, resulting in migration artifacts (Gardner...


Abstracts: Accurate Declipping Hybrid Algorithm for Ground Penetrating Radar Data; #90173 (2015)

Akshay Gulati and R. J. Ferguson

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... for the targeted subsurface form a synthetic aperture, whose impulse response is a spatially variant curve in the space-time domain. A common set up for GPR...


Abstracts: Application of Fractional Fourier Transform in Cepstrum Analysis; #90173 (2015)

K. H. Miah, R. H. Herrera, M. van der Baan, and M. D. Sacchi

Search and

... cepstrum with different fractional orders of the FRFT. Introduction Seismograms are often considered to be the convolution of the impulse response...


3D Acoustic and Elastic Wave Modeling on a High Performance Computing System, #40899 (2012)

Suhas Phadke, M. Ramanjulu

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... today. The basic problem in theoretical seismology is to determine the wave response of a given model to the excitation of an impulse source...


Lacustrine Shale Gas Exploration in Yanchang Exploratory Block, China; #10510 (2013)

Xiangzeng Wang, Lixia Zhang, Chengfu Jiang, Binghua Sun, Chao Gao, Bojiang Fan, Chao Guo, Yongping Wan, Jianbo Sun, and H. Hu

Search and

... collected from sandy interlayer, sandy shale and sheer shale, were measured using the impulse method. The result shows that, the porosity and permeability...


The Use of Multiple Hypotheses as a Risk Mitigant Get A Second (Or Third) Opinion! Using Multiple Hypotheses, #70408 (2020).

Peter Cockcroft

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... as reading some of these opposing views. Regardless, it's important to evaluate the information as rationally as possible and avoid one's impulse...


Seismic Profile Through Patrick Draw-Table Rock Area, East Flank Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

Robert T. Ryder, Myung W. Lee, Warren F. Agena, Robert C. Anderson

Wyoming Geological Association

... from the field (Figure 6). They reasoned that the 5-ms time difference between the small negative impulse response accompanying the top...


Colorado-Utah Salt Domes

Thomas S. Harrison

AAPG Bulletin

... external movement the impulse. Doubtless the saline structures owe much of their growth to "loading." The weight of superincumbent strata within...


Sedimentologic and Morphologic Evolution of a Beach Ridge Barrier Along an Indented Coast: Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Duncan M. Fitzgerald, Christopher T. Baldwin, Noor A. Ibrahim, Stanley M. Humphries

Special Publications of SEPM

... The radar profiles were taken at the eastern half of the island along dip and strike transects Fig 4 The impulse radar system Details of beach have...


The Changing Mineral Situation

C. K. Leith

Tulsa Geological Society

... mineral conscious and are making special efforts to develop their national supplies. Many uneconomic things are being done on that impulse. Uneconomic...


Key Aspects of Multi-Azimuth Acquisition and Processing

James Keggin, Ted Manning, Walter Rietveld, Chris Page, Eivind Fromyr, Roald van Borselen, Mazin Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migration impulse response. This shows the well known elliptical response for a finite offset input. For azimuthal anisotropy with a major axis at 45...


Computerized Volume Determinations from Aerial Surveys

Maurice X. Pia

Utah Geological Association

... or break, he presses the record button on the finger tip control panel. The electronic impulse generated by the vertical encoder on the tracing table...


Experience in the Use of Seismic Stations with Magnetic Recording

B. I. Bespyatov, A. I. Khramoy

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of various groups with an impulse regimen of seismic oscillations carried out by the Lower Volga Branch of VNIIGeofizika has shown that for effective...


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