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AAPG Archie Series, No. 1, Chapter 6: Petrophysical Properties of Thinly Bedded Formations

Q. R. Passey, K. E. Dahlberg, K. B. Sullivan, H. Yin, R. A. Brackett, Y. H. Xiao, and A. G. Guzmán-Garcia

AAPG Special Volumes

... logging tools measure conductivity via induced current loops concentric with the borehole. Therefore, the direction of current flow is perpendicular...


Groundwater Investigation Using Combined Geophysical Methods, #40914 (2012)

Amarachi R Alisiobi, B. D. Ako

Search and

... of potential differences are acquired at successively larger electrode spacing while maintaining a fixed central reference point. The induced current...


Application of Petroleum Exploration/Development Methods to an Environmental Remediation Project, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

John C. Osweiler, Daniel P. Hunt, David E. Mizell

Tulsa Geological Society

... with an oscillating electric current, which induces electrical currents into the formation below. The effects of the induced current are detected and measured...


An Integrated Approach to the Sedimentological Analysis of Some Lower Cretaceous Shoreface and Delta Front Sandstone Sequences

Thomas F. Moslow, S. George Pemberton

CSPG Special Publications

.... Figure 4. Core photograph of a storm-induced, current-generated, laminated, storm bed (A) at base of the core slab, grading up into a ripple laminated...


Fluid and Sediment Dynamics on Continental Shelves

Donald J. P. Swift and Alan W. Niedoroda

Special Publications of SEPM

... solid. Like a spinning skater who pulls his arms in, the cube will experience an increase in angular momentum per unit volume, to the point where its...


AAPG Archie Series, No. 1, Chapter 10: Modeling Log Responses in Thinly Bedded Reservoirs

Q. R. Passey, K. E. Dahlberg, K. B. Sullivan, H. Yin, R. A. Brackett, Y. H. Xiao, and A. G. Guzmán-Garcia

AAPG Special Volumes

... penetrates a thin-bedded formation with relative dip angle θ. Induction logging tools measure conductivity via induced current loops concentric...


Weathervaning Characteristics of Tankers Connected to Single Point Moorings

A. T. Brumley, A. E. Potts

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... Length Between Perpendiculars MDO Mean Drift Operator Mxyd Drift Yaw Moment Mxyw Wind Yaw Moment Mxyc Current Yaw Moment Sbow Bow Wave Energy...


Gypsum Deposits of the Northern Front Range

J.A. Story, D.H. Howell

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... seas connected with a normal marine sea; rapid evaporation in the partially enclosed portions of the seas induced a current toward the evaporating...


Estimates of Sand Transport on the New York Shelf Using Near-bottom Current Meter Observations

P. E. Gadd, J. W. Lavelle, D. J. P. Swift

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., AND T. CLARKE, 1976, Wind induced current flow in the New York Bight apex: a possible predictor of contaminant dispersal: unpublished report. NORDIN, C. F...


Artificial Intelligence for Production Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs

Oscar Molina, Camilo Mejia, Jerry Webb, Rebecca Nye

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... conclusion given that most of the production from multi-fractured horizontal wells comes from the stimulated rock volume, as indicated by the unit-slope...


Direct Detection of Oil and Gas with the “Petroflex” Electrical Survey

Don L. Mount

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

... contrasts in the earth’s strata from reflected energy of an induced electric current. Through this principle, the Petroflex survey seeks direct...


Direct Detection of Oil and Gas with the “Petroflex” Electrical Survey

Don L. Mount

South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

...’s strata from reflected energy of an induced electric current. Through this principle the Petroflex survey seeks direct surface evidence of the presence...


Processes Affecting Sand Transport on a Storm-Dominated Shelf

Christopher E. Vincent

CSPG Special Publications

.... Wind-induced current flow in the upper Hudson Shelf Valley, Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 83, p. 6073-6082. Niedoroda, A. W. and Swift, D. J. P...


Application of the Dual Porosity Concept for Well Log Interpretation of Jatibarang Volcanic Tuff

Soewono, Setyoko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... For the Jatibarang field, the Induction Log has been selected to record the formation resistivity. The induction induced current principally tends to flow...


Henry Mountains Symposium

M. Dane Picard

Utah Geological Association

... to his discovery of induced current by giving his name to the unit of inductance...the henry.” As the first Secretary of the Smithsonian, Henry...


Sand Waves on Browns Bank observed from the Shelf Diver

Georges Drapeau

Atlantic Geology

... current and the wave-induced current moved in the same direction. The analysis of sand waves carried out by Stride (1963) is particularly relevant. He...


Physical Processes and Fine-grained Sediment Dynamics, Coast of Surinam, South America

John T. Wells, James M. Coleman

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and tide frequencies, even though tidal currents exceed 50 cm/sec (Fig. 3B) and wave-induced current surges exceed 65-80 cm/sec for durations of a few...


Meteorological Influences on Fecal Coliform Pollution in the Mississippi Sound

David F. Ufnar,, Jennifer A. Ufnar, T. West White, Jason T. Townsend, Dawn Rebarchik, R. D. Ellender

GCAGS Transactions

... vigorous wave-induced current conditions. The mainland beaches of Mississippi Sound are the product of numerous nourishment projects over the last...


The Tsunamite Problem

G. Shanmugam

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... tsunamites not only for sediments transported by the tsunami wave itself, but also for tsunami-induced current deposits. This usage is much the same...


Shallow Marine Environments - A Comparison of Some Ancient and Modern Examples

J. C. Harms, J. B. Southard, R. G. Walker

Special Publications of SEPM

... narrow and strongly influenced by a powerful boundary current, the Agulhas current (Fig. 8-17). Surface velocities of these currents reach 1 to 2 m per...


The constructive functions of tropical cyclones and tsunamis on deep-water sand deposition during sea level highstand: Implications for petroleum exploration

G. Shanmugam

AAPG Bulletin

... movements and forces developed by wave-induced slides in the Mississippi delta: Journal of Petroleum Technology, v. 27, p. 500514.Bianchi, T. S., M...


Control of Clay-Mineral Stratigraphy by Selective Transport in Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sediments of Northern Cascadia Basin--Juan De Fuca Abyssal Plain: Implications for Studies of Clay-Mineral Provenance

Bobb Carson, Nicholas P. Arcaro

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...- and wave-induced current velocities generally decrease in an offshore direction (Sternberg and Larsen, 1976), larger particles are preferentially...


An Introduction to Continuous Electric Logging while Drilling

Jan L. Arps

GCAGS Transactions

... an AC current source and causes an induced current to flow in the drill collar section surrounded by this coil. A short distance below...


Upper Silurian Reef Mounds on a Shallowing Carbonate Ramp, Devon Island, Arctic Canada

Owen A. Dixon, Gary C. Graf

CSPG Bulletin

... mound facies. The Douro-Barlow Inlet transitional sequence begins with unit 1 at the base. x = rare (< 5% of rock volume, based on visual estimates...


Environments of Subaqueous Gypsum Deposition

B. Charlotte Schreiber

Special Publications of SEPM

... brine ponds, growth of gypsum is initiated in the In shallowest marginal parts where evaporation is highest per volume The deposits then extend outward...


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